Where to Buy CV1 Coffee Maker

Where to Buy Cv1 Coffee Maker

Perhaps you’ve had to use a cv1 coffee maker in your travels. You love its quick operation, and the quality coffee it makes. So, you want to buy one for your home or office.

This brings us to the most frequently asked question on the internet as regards cv1 coffee maker. “Where to buy cv1 coffee maker”? Cv1 coffee maker makes great cup of coffee and it is easy to clean.

You can buy it from online stores like Amazon, Ebay and courtesyproducts. You can get it too from the manufacturer’s website- cafévalet and a nearby store.

What is CV1 Coffee Maker?

Cv1 coffee maker is a coffee maker by Café Valet. The “CV” is an acronym for Café Valet. You would be wondering what the “1” besides CV means. “1” means that the coffee maker provides single cup brewing coffee.

You are likely to find cv1 coffee makers in hotels. Most people have their first experience with cv1 coffee maker during their travels. And they want to have the same machine for their home or office.

This coffee maker is popular because it can quickly make an outstanding cup of Joe. It is easy to use and easy to clean up. Actually, there is nothing to clean up with cv1 coffee maker. CV1 coffee maker is another way of saying “portable Café Valet one cup coffee maker”.

Features of Cv1 Coffee Maker and Where to Buy it

CV1 works specifically with proprietary Café Valet disposable brew basket and coffee filter. This disposable brew basket and coffee filter makes it easy to use without mess.

This coffee maker makes sure that there is no ground to clean up also no breakable glass or waste to clean. Just throw away the disposable basket and the coffee filter. It makes quality cup of coffee with ease and without mess.

It takes just a little space, which makes it an ideal addition to hotel rooms, offices, apartments, dorm rooms, and homes.

Cv1 is a single serve coffee system, which can brews 10 ounces of cup of coffee within few minutes.

It is wired to brew directly into the cup of coffee. It shuts off automatically after it brews completely. You don’t need to go back and forth to check if the brewing is complete or not.

It does not come with a heating plate to save energy. Besides, it uses less energy than most four-cup coffee maker. It uses just 500 watts of energy.

It is  UL certified. Cv1 coffee maker is perfect for home, office, dorm room or anywhere else you want to brew a coffee. You can take the advantage of its small footprint to take it along with you to everywhere you go. It is easy to use, quick and leaves no mess. You can order for this coffee maker from online stores. it is also available in shops that sells coffee makers.

Where You Can Buy Cv1 Coffee Maker for Your Home, Office, or for a Loved One?

After a quick research, we found out that, you can buy cv1 coffee makers from Amazon, eBay, courtesyproducts. And you can order directly from the manufacturer. You can as well purchase it from a physical store.

However, the products are listed differently in the webstores. For instance, you may not find a coffee maker listed as cv1 coffee maker on Amazon. This is the reason we made it clear what cv1 really means, to make your shopping easy.

Amazon listed the product as Café Valet single serve coffee brewer. This product title is the same as cv1 coffee maker, but it was spelled out. At EBay, it is straightforward. It is listed as “cv1 cup drip coffee maker”.

It is  listed on courtesy products as “CV1 one-cup coffee maker”, which also means it is a single serve coffee system.  On the manufacturer’s website, it is listed as “single-serve drip coffee”.

Though, listed under different product title, these products have one thing in common, the brand symbol “cv1”. Once you see cv1 on top of a coffee maker, no doubt, that is a cv1 coffee maker.

Of course, you can likewise get it from a physical store that sells coffee makers.

How You Can Buy Cv1 Coffee Maker

As earlier mentioned, you can buy cv1 coffee maker from online stores such as Amazon, EBay and courtesyproducts. You can also buy from cafévalet directly.

Visit the website you want to buy from, input the appropriate product name into the search box. From the search results, you can choose your favorite coffee maker.

For instance, you want to shop from Amazon. Go to amazon.com, type into the search box “cv1 coffee maker”. You may not see a product listed as cv1 coffee maker, but you will see “café valet single serve coffee brewer”, it is the same things as cv1 coffee maker.

On eBay too, type cv1 coffee maker on the search box. It will display every product titled cv1 coffee maker instead of Amazon that is listed as café valet. On courtesyproducts webstore, search for “one-cup coffee maker”.

If you want to buy cv1 coffee maker from café valet directly, search for “single serve drip coffee”. You can as well buy the coffee maker from a coffee maker shop near me.

How To Use the Cv1 Coffee Maker After Buying it

The coffee maker is right out of the box operation. It does not require installation or electrical wiring after purchase. Just plug and play.

Follow the steps below to start using the coffee maker after purchase:

  • Insert the disposable brew basket and coffee filter into the coffee maker
  • Pour a cup of cold water into the reservoir
  • Place your cup below the brew basket
  • Activate the start button
  • Wait for some few minutes

While you wait, you can attend to some other important things. Be rest assured that the coffee maker will automatically shut off once it completes brewing.

  • Once it completes brewing the coffee, remove the single drip coffee and enjoy!
  • Throw away the disposable brewing basket and coffee filter.


Cv1 coffee maker is a single serving drip coffee. It is quick and easy to use. It saves energy and uses less energy. It shuts off automatically after completely brewing a coffee. It is compatible with different coffee packs including Starbucks and Seattle’s best coffee.

Cv1 coffee maker is the choice of most people because it is takes just little space, easy to use and easy to clean up.

Where to buy cv1 coffee maker? You can buy cv1 coffee maker from online stores like Amazon, eBay, courtesyproducts or from cafevalet. You can as well buy from a coffee maker shop near me.