How to Clean Sunbeam Coffee Maker

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Why Should I Clean my Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are kitchen champs. They brew coffee to let us start our day perfectly.

Usually, our coffee machines are kept in an open place which attracts dust. So, to ensure that it works perfectly, it needs to be clean.

Apart from dust, coffee machines accumulate mineral buildup. Most waters have minerals like magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Although these minerals are good for our bodies, they leave a residue in the coffee machine that ruins it as well as the morning cup.

How Often Should We Clean a Coffee Maker

Make it a habit of cleaning a coffee maker; if you want your coffee maker to work like a new one, give you the best-tasting coffee.

Daily cleaning-after every use, wash the removable parts of the coffee machine. These parts include the pot, the filter basket, and the lid. For oil-water residue, we can use hot soapy water. To scrub the pot, use a baby bottle brush in case your hand doesn’t reach the end. For scrubbing powder, use sprinkle salt or baking soda or use a dishwasher for them.

Monthly cleaning-Once in a month coffee maker should be descaled. Descaling helps to keep a coffee maker in the best condition. Some coffee makers have a light option which indicates that it needs cleaning. If you don’t have that model, then schedule the cleaning.

 What are the signs that your Coffee Maker needs Cleaning

There are sure signs which indicate that your coffee maker needs cleaning. Some of them are

How to Descale the Sunbeam Coffee Maker

You can find deposits in your coffee maker which are left from minerals like calcium or limestone. These deposits can affect the performance of your coffee maker.

Things you Need

White vinegar


Step 1-Take four cups of undiluted household white vinegar, which is 20 fl. oz., and pour it into the water reservoir.

Step 2-Now put a permanent filter or any empty 10-12 cup basket-style paper filter into the filter basket and close it.

Step 3-put the empty decanter back in the unit. Make sure it is centered on the warmer plate.

Step 4-Now press the SELECT button on your sunbeam coffee maker until the clean red light turns on.

Step 5-The cleaning cycle is automatic. It will take 45-60 minutes to complete the process.

Step 6- When the clean light will turn off, discard the solution.

Step 7-Rinse the decanter thoroughly with warm water.

Step 8-Now fill the reservoir with fresh, clean water.

Step 9- put the empty decanter back in the unit. Make sure it is centered on the warmer plate.

Step 10-Remove the paper filter which is used in the cleaning cycle, or if you have used a permanent filter, then rinse it thoroughly.

Step 11-Begin the brewing process and allow it to complete the brew cycle.

Step 12-Now discard the water and filter paper.

Your sunbeam coffee maker is now clean and ready to give you a fresh and delicious cup of coffee.

Tips for cleaning the Sunbeam Coffee Maker

  • Always turn off the coffee maker before starting the cleaning process. Also, allow it to cool down.
  • Take all removable parts like filter basket, permanent filter, decanter, and lid and wash them with a solution of hot water and mild liquid soap.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or maters and steel wool pads as they will leave scratches.
  • You can also use the dishwasher for the glass decanter and its lid, filter basket, and permanent filter. However, the filter disk is not dishwasher safe.

How to Clean the Decanter of the Sunbeam Coffee Maker

You can find a whitish stain on the decanter due to hard water, which later turns brown by coffee.

Follow these steps to remove decanter stains.

Step 1-Make a solution of vinegar and water by taking equal parts of both.

Step 2-Fill the decanter with this solution and let it stand in the decanter for 20 minutes.

Step 3- after 20 minutes, discard the solution and wash the decanter.

Tip: Don’t use any hard abrasive cleaners, which can leave a scratch on the decanter. As these scratches can break the decanter.

How to Clean the Bean Hopper of the Sunbeam Coffee Maker

Clean the bean hopper after 2-3 months if it is used frequently.

Step 1-Please turn off the coffee maker and unplug it.

Step 2-Note the current grind setting (to be used after cleaning)

Step 3-To close the hopper gates and unlock the hopper, turn it anti-clockwise.

Step 4-Now remove it from the grinder collar.

Step 5-Store all the remaining beans in an airtight container.

Step 6-Wash the hopper with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry.

How to Clean the Exterior of the Sunbeam Coffee Maker

The exterior of a coffee maker is as important as an interior. It should be cleaned as well as it is exposed to dust all the time.

Here is how you can clean the exterior

  • First, remove the coffee maker from the socket.
  • Now take off the reservoir and the drip tray.
  • Wipe the coffee machine using a damp cloth.
  • Then use a dry cloth to clean it.
  • Your Keurig 2.0 coffee maker is all clean from the exterior.

Bottom Line

Every machine needs to be clean, and the same is for coffee makers. You need to clean it on a daily basis after every brew. Wash all removable parts and also focus on cleaning the exterior of your sunbeam coffee maker. Descaling should be done after 2-3 months to remove mineral residue from the coffee machine. A clean coffee maker will perform better, and you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning.