How to Use a Bodum Coffee Maker

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Bodum coffee maker brews the tastiest and spectacular cup of coffee with the simplest brewing methods. All the models of bodum coffee maker are very simple to use. It is a French brand which is worldwide famous for producing the purely delightful brews which refreshes the mood. When the bodum coffee maker was made it raised the bar for other coffee maker brands that nobody can even touch. Bodum coffee makers like bodum French press, bodum Chambord French press and bodum BISTRO Coffee maker are famous all around the globe.

Every model of the bodum has spectacular features due to which all of the models are very easy to use. They all have features like automatic pour, auto- pilot mode and many more. Just put water in the water tank, boil it and put your desired coffee beans in it to ready the coffee. It is necessary to buy the right sized bodum coffee maker for your requirements. The classic Bodum comes in 0.35 liters (12 ounces), 0.5 liters (17 ounces), 1 liter (34 ounces) and 1.5 liters (50 ounces).

All of the pour over coffee makers of the bodum contains a fine mesh filter created of stainless steel. This amazing feature allows you to eradicate the requirement for the disposable paper filters. That feature allows you to make spectacularly amazing brews. The carafe is created with an amazing heat-resistant borosilicate glass that makes it superior to any other coffee makers. This qualitative glass allows you to enjoy your brews fully with the pure flavors. The wrap- around cuff in the bodum coffee makers provides you protection from burning your hand from the hot liquid that is also comfortable to hold.

There are 4 different sizes in every model of the bodum so we are going to discuss all the sizes and how to make coffee in them.

Bodum Coffee Maker, 0.35 Liters

Bodum coffee makers with the 0.35 liters size is the smallest in bodum coffee makers. It serves just one cup of coffee at a time. Whenever you make coffee in this model, always remember that part of the coffee will be consumed by the coffee maker and when you will get out the coffee it will be 0.35 liters which means 12 ounces. That’s one drawback in this model because you begin with less volume.

However, if you are in search of an adaptable combination then it is good idea to get the coffee maker of this size with a liter press. You can easily brew coffee with this model.

Bodum Coffee Maker, 0.5 Liters

The coffee maker with this size is comes with the capacity of 1 liter which 34 ounces. The output that you will get after brewing the coffee will be 0.5 liters which is 17 ounces. You can brew 2-4 cups from this size of bodum coffee maker which highly depends on size of the cups and how you prefer to enjoy your coffee. If that amount of size fits to your requirements then it is definitely a fine choice to buy a bodum coffee maker.

The benefit of this model is its low center of gravity, due to which it can be prevented from accidental knockovers.

Bodum Coffee Maker, 1 Liter

Bodum coffee maker with this size is considered as the standard size. It is pretty common on Europe and western countries. You will find it in the most kitchens of the people or at the offices where there are large amount of people. Bodum coffee maker of this size can serve at least 10-12 cups of coffee so you can enjoy your brews without any worry of coffee brewing limit.

The coffee maker serving this amount of coffee is very cheerful. You can take advantage of bodum coffee maker of this size without any drawback.

Bodum Coffee Maker, 1.5 Liters

The coffee makers with this size are the largest in the bodum coffee makers. Bodum coffee makers with this size are very expensive so whenever you use it, please be careful with it otherwise you can face highly expensive damage. It can brew coffee in a very high amount and can serve 9-12 cups of coffee. It comes with so many latest features so price will be worth to pay for it.

Knowing the sizes of the bodum coffee maker is very important because proportions matters while making coffee in different sizes. If you do not brew coffee regardless the portions then it can be pretty distasteful.

Here are the simple steps to follow to brew coffee in bodum coffee makers.

  • Place your bodum coffee maker on a heatproof, no-slip surface.
  • Add fresh ground coffee beans to the cone-shaped filter, us one bodum scoop or a roundtable spoon with low to medium grinded coffee beans for each cup you want to brew.
  • Use your finger to make small hole in a ground beans.
  • Pour a hot water of 93-97 degree in a pot and don’t forget to leave the space of at least inch at the top.
  • Plunger unit is recommended to place on the top of the pot. You don’t need to press it down, let the coffee brew for at least 4 minutes.
  • Use the circular brew motion to perfectly brew the coffee.
  • When coffee begins to brew on the top, then give it a pause of at least 30 seconds. Let the boiled ground beans release the gases that will improve the taste.
  • Open the coffee maker from the top and slowly pour the coffee.
  • Wait for the bodum coffee maker to cool itself and unscrew the filter assembly to wash it off until you use it next.


Bodum coffee makers come in the affordable prices depending upon the different sizes. They are very easy to use and provide you delightfully amazing taste of the coffee. Making coffee with different sizes of bodum coffee makers comes with different proportions  so you have to keep in mind to check the proportions for different bodum coffee makers.