How To Descale Braun Coffee Maker

Find Out How To Descale A Braun Coffee Maker 


One of the most satisfying feelings is waking up in the morning to a nicely brewed cup of coffee. You know, the flavor all around, stimulating the taste buds to savor every drop of coffee. Yeah, that’s amazing and I doubt if there is anything as refreshing as that. And for a good cup of coffee, one of the best coffee makers to use is a Braun coffee maker. But then, after some use, it just might not deliver as it used to, and that’s most likely because it needs to be descaled. Descaling is the process of removing calcium build-up in your coffee maker. It is something that you can’t avoid, and if you think it’s tasking, then I’d gladly tell you that it’s not. It’s not tasking at all. This can be achieved easily, you only need to follow through on how to descale a Braun Coffee maker, which we will cover in this post. 


How Often Should I Clean My Coffee Maker 


The efficiency of your coffee maker cannot be guaranteed without regular cleaning. Not cleaning your coffee maker puts it at risk for early damage and poor performance, which will make your coffee less enjoyable. It is recommended by the manufacturer that a Braun coffee maker should be cleaned at least once in three months, or as often as possible. The level of scale build-up will determine how often it needs to be descaled, and the level of scale build-up depends on how much mineral deposit you have in your water. So the more the minerals, the more you will have to clean your coffee maker. The frequency of cleaning your coffee maker can easily be determined because it has a clean feature, which sends you a signal when it’s time to get it cleaned. The clean light comes on and does not go off till you get it clean. So once the clean light is on display, you should know that you have to clean your coffee maker as soon as you can. 


What You Will Need


As earlier stated, the process is easy, so what you will need to get the Descaling done, are also easily accessible, and they include ;

  • White vinegar or Braun descaling agent.
  • Two soft materials 
  • Warm soapy water 
  • Access to a tap and sink

After getting these ready, let’s get right into how to descale a Braun Coffee maker. 


Easy Steps To Clean Your Braun Coffee Maker 


  1. Get all the needed materials ready. Especially the vinegar or the Descaling agent. You can decide to use either of the two. But vinegar is less expensive and easily accessible. 
  2. Clean the body of the coffee maker by dipping one of the soft materials into the warm soapy water. You don’t want to have water all over your coffee maker so you should only dampen the material. Clean the coffee maker all over to remove any dirt or stains. Make sure the materials are non-abrasive. You don’t want to get your coffee maker scratched. Get the second material and dry the body of the coffee maker. 
  3. Wash all the removable parts of the coffee maker to remove any coffee stains or residue. 
  4. Remove the charcoal water filter. It shouldn’t be in there during the cleaning process. 
  5. Measure out the desired amount of vinegar and dilute with water in two parts water and one part vinegar proportion. Pour out the vinegar into the reservoir and close the lid. 
  6. Press the clean button and the brew button, let the coffee maker clean deeply. This will take about fifteen minutes. 
  7. Once it’s done cleaning, pour out the vinegar and replace it with clean water. Pour the clean water into the reservoir and run another brew cycle to rinse out the coffee maker. Repeat this up to two times to make sure your coffee maker is properly rinsed. 
  8. At this point, your coffee maker is clean and ready to brew you another amazing pot of coffee. Simple right? 


The process of cleaning your Braun coffee maker is easy, and overall, it takes only about 45 minutes to complete. Once you’re done cleaning, the clean light will go off, to come on when your coffee maker is due for cleaning again. 


Tips To Maintain Your Coffee Maker


Proper maintenance is the key to making sure your coffee maker works for as long as possible. And proper maintenance is a day-to-day thing. Let’s talk about how you can maintain your coffee maker. 

  1. Clean all the removable parts of your coffee maker after every use. I’m sure you don’t want any leftover coffee ground changing the taste of your fresh coffee. And regular cleaning helps to keep the coffee stains out for as long as possible. 
  2. Never immerse your coffee maker in water. It is not good for it. 
  3. Turn it off when it’s not in use. If your coffee maker is not in use, it has no business staying on. Do well to turn it off when it’s not in use. 
  4. Always wipe down the body whenever it’s wet. You try as much as possible to avoid spillage on your coffee maker, but if you can’t, it is also okay if you wipe it down and keep it dry. 
  5. In case of damage, get it fixed as soon as you can. Or call the manufacturer to seek help. 




To keep the efficiency of your Braun Coffee maker in check, it is a notable fact that you must descale the coffee maker. Descaling will remove any mineral deposits or molds in your coffee maker. And if you ask me, I’d say the time and effort required to do this is worthwhile. After Descaling, your coffee maker brews you a fresh pot and the taste is as good as ever. Make the effort to always descale your Braun Coffee maker as soon as you can. You will be glad that you did.