How Old Is My Bunn Coffee Maker

Nearly 160 years ago, Jacob Bunn inaugurated his inaugural grocery store in Springfield, Illinois, within the United States. A youthful Abe Lincoln was among the initial patrons of the establishment. Being the recipient of the fifth legacy, Bunn has established itself as a global partner, a dependable vendor, and has managed to gain the confidence of customers from various locations.

In 1957, Bunn invented filter paper and used it for business. Since then, Bunn has always spearheaded the development of beverage equipment. Even as society enters the digital age, Bunn’s excellent technology team keeps moving forward, fusing the latest science and tech. The company makes everything from coffee makers to bean grinders to hot drinks machines, iced tea machines, juice machines, and slush machines.

Bunn is very trusted by professionals around the world. Bunn entered the domestic market in 2006 and got endorsements from McDonald’s and KFC.

Its excellent appearance design, high quality, and low chance of failure have gotten Bunn’s users’ high praise. Bunn’s equipment produced the finished product, unique taste, and got after high-quality, a wide range of customers’ love. Especially in the USA, Bun helped the coffee develop, let more people know about it, and also let more people drink it.

Privately owned, the company continues to be a family business today. Arthur Bunn established the Bunn beverage equipment company in 1988 with his father. Over the years, the Bunn portfolio has grown from just coffee makers into dispensed beverage equipment that can make espresso, tea, juice, granita, filtered water, and so much more.

What Is The Age Of My Bunn Coffee Maker

The date code of your Bunn Home coffee maker will be requested when you contact customer service. You’ll find your date code on various parts of your coffee maker, depending on which model and when it was made. You’ll find the date code in six digits.

Adjusting Bunn Coffee Makers

After you turn on your coffee maker, the water will run for a while before it shuts off on its own. Having too much water pressure in your coffee maker can cause it to overflow. Too little water pressure in your coffee maker will only make half a pot of coffee before it shuts off.

Step 1

Ensure your coffee maker is working before adjusting its settings. Depending on your model, fill the tank up to the recommended level. Your Bunn coffee maker may have a water line attached to it. Make sure it is providing water properly.

Step 2

You’ll want to make sure the “Set/Lock” switch is in the “Set” position. The switch is on the switchboard and can be accessed by removing the back of the coffee maker.

Step 3

When you click “Start/Brew”, you will hear three clicks. Release the button after hearing the clicks. Holding down the button for two seconds will not change the setting. Click the “Start/Brew” button one or two times in succession once the clicks have been heard and the button is released to increase the brew level. Every press of a button releases two seconds more water. 

Step 4

For every two seconds less, you should press the “Start/Brew” button once or twice to release water. Release the button after three seconds. This will reduce the release of water. 

Step 5

Hold the “Start/Brew” button for three clicks, and then release it. Turn the “On/Off” switch at the back of the appliance to “Off” once the water level is at the level you want for all future brewing. It will then remember that this is the brew time and will keep repeating this amount until it is changed.

Having Trouble Heating The Bunn Coffee Maker

If your coffee maker is incapable of heating the water to the maximum level, you’ll need to troubleshoot it to find out what is causing the issue. Usually, it is either the heating element malfunctioning or the thermostat is not operating that is causing this issue. Additionally, there is a possibility that the Bunn coffee maker will malfunction if one or more components are defective, such as the control board, thermal fuses, and the water heater switch.

If your Bunn coffee maker is not heating up properly, the best possible thing you can do is get in touch with Bunn Customer Service. Depending on the problem, you can ask them what step to take next and how you can solve the issue. When the Bunn coffee maker becomes defective, there are usually some parts of the coffee maker that need to be repaired or replaced.


Bunn manufactures high-quality products in strict accordance with high standards. Keeping the company’s purpose of “honesty, integrity, courtesy, and quality”, Bunn has earned thousands of customers. Five generations of family entrepreneurship have built Bunn into a reliable brand you can count on for high-quality beverage equipment and exceptional post-purchase support wherever you serve.