What Can You Make In A Coffee Maker

It may appear that your coffee machine is narrowly focused on brewing your essential morning caffeine and little else, making it seem like a singular-function device in the kitchen. However, this straightforward gadget harbors endless potential. In contrast to the majority of chefs who depend on stoves, ovens, grills, and microwaves for meal preparation, a coffee maker can become a crucial method for heating food when other appliances are not an option.

Check out some of the fun and interesting things you can make with your coffee maker.

  • You Can Brew Tea

Place a few tea bags in your usual coffee basket. After you’ve hit brew, you are all set to go.

  • You Can Make Scrambled Eggs

We did indeed say scrambled eggs. Think about it: your coffee pot’s burner is essentially a miniature hotplate. Prepare a world-loneliest breakfast on it by using the world’s smallest range top.

For this to work right, you’ve got to use a tiny one-egg frying pan. You won’t be able to remove the egg bits otherwise.

  • You Can Boil Eggs

Well, if you prefer your eggs soft-boiled rather than scrambled, you can also do that with your coffee maker. Make sure you pay attention, as this recipe requires a bit of effort.

Pour 3 cups of water into the reservoir of the coffee pot. Run the brew cycle all the way through. To run a second cycle, pour back the heated water into the reservoir straight from the carafe. As a result, the water will be even hotter.

Adding three eggs is now possible. If you want the yolk to be hard, you may leave it in ultra-hot water for up to 30 minutes. Have fun!

  • You Can Cook Ramen Noodle Soup

The ultimate college meal. In your coffee pot, throw a package of delicious ramen noodles. In order to fill the machine, add the recommended amount of water (which, based on what we’ve consumed, is typically a cup).

  • You Can Grill Cheese Sandwiches

Use cooking oil to spray down that burner. Take two pieces of cheap white bread and butter on both sides. You can add one or two slices of American cheese to the middle, then top that with the hotplate.

Good grilled cheese is made this way.

  • You Can Cook Instant Oat Meal

No matter why you decide to make instant oatmeal in the coffee pot, the fact is that you can easily do so too. It’s easy; just fill the reservoir with water, put the oatmeal in the carafe, leave the basket empty, and let it brew. Breakfast is ready in minutes.

  • You Can Steam Vegetables

Whatever the case may be, fill the reservoir with as much water as your machine is capable of holding. In a basket, place the chopped vegetables. Start brewing. The vegetables can be left at that stage for another brew cycle if they are too al dente to your liking. Eventually, they’ll soften up.

  • You Can Cook Mashed Potatoes

Prepare potatoes by cutting them into small chunks prior to boiling. They will not cook evenly if they are not the same size.

In the coffee pot, boil them for as long as you can. Put the potatoes in a separate bowl after they have become soft enough to be mashed. Unless you like broken coffee pots, do not attempt to mash your taters in your coffee maker.

You should have no trouble mashing the potatoes. Cook them again until they’re tender if they’re too tough. Stir butter, salt, and pepper into the mixture.

Apparently, gravy can also be made in a coffee pot, but we haven’t tried it.

  • You Can Make Delicious Pancakes

With the technique we learned when making the previous item, you can make some really tasty mashed potatoes as well.

Let us know whether you’d like to make pancakes from scratch or from an already-made mix. Regardless of how you prepare it, make sure that you follow the instructions on your box (or your grandmother’s recipe).

We could end up in a mess with this one. So, we cover the hot plate with non-stick foil. It’s easy to clean up that way.

  • You Can Make Poached Chicken

Measure the water you will use for cooking. Level your pot so that it covers the bottom entirely, but not so that your chicken is completely submerged. In the bottom of a carafe, usually, there is a little less than half an inch of water.

Fill the reservoir with that amount. I’m going to cook a lot with that. The chicken can now be added. One or two chicken breasts can be cooked in a coffee pot at once. So keep the carafe from overfilling as much as possible.

Before laying down your raw chicken, you may want to brush it with butter. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the settings.

Salt, pepper, and whichever herbs you have on hand should be used to season the chicken. You can then hit brew. On this side, let the chicken cook for at least 15 minutes. Add a little stirring every now and then. After 15 minutes on the stove, flip the chicken over and let it cook for another 15 minutes.

It’s as simple as that! Using the stove will become a thing of the past.

The Final Verdict

These tips and tricks will help you transform your coffee maker from a single-use tool into a multifaceted cooking appliance, whether you’re cooking in a hotel room or dorm without a kitchen or just want to push your coffee maker to the limit.