How To Run Clean Cycle On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart is one of the most famous and well-known coffee makers in the world today. They are in millions of homes around the world and make some of the best coffee. But, one of the most common problems with these coffee makers is how to turn off the clear light on the Kissnart coffee maker. Clear light may come on, but you may not know how to turn it off. It happened to my friend, and I couldn’t find any clear articles on how to do it. So, fortunately, we are here to help. Here’s our in-depth guide on how to turn off clear light on a Cuisinart coffee maker.

One of the best-selling electric coffee makers is the Cuisinart 12-cup model. Although Cuisinart started with food processors in the late ’70s, the company has since come up with thousands of kitchen utensils, backed by icons like Julia Child and James Baird. Since then, Cuisinart’s products have adhered to universal design principles, making them more accessible to people of all abilities. Not surprisingly, many of the brand’s home appliances, including its coffee makers, add it to the “best” lists each year.

If you have a Cuisinart coffee maker, you see this annoying little “clear” light on to remind you that now is the time for a two-year cleaning mission. Or, maybe you’re looking for a quick solution to clean your electric coffee maker without having to dig into the old manual. (Let’s be honest, you probably recycled this thing years ago.) Either way, we’ve broken down eight simple steps to get a reminder of a cleansing light so that it doesn’t glow and you Get rid of calcium and bacteria.

Tips for cleaning your Cuisinart coffee maker

  • The interior of your Cuisinart coffee maker is affected by the build-up of guns and minerals, no matter how many times you use the machine. That’s why regular cleaning is not only important to enjoy fresh and tasty coffee with every wine – it’s important.
  • No matter what Cuisinart model is sitting in your kitchen, once you start dealing with the cleaning process, you will soon realize that you need more than one approach.
  • Water reservoirs and heating elements are frequently exposed to calcium deposits, while residues from wet fields accumulate in baskets and ground coffee filters. It seems like a lot of work is needed, but you can clear both in a moment.
  • And the best part? You do not need to purchase any special cleaning products or desalination solutions. All you need for your Cuisinart spike and spawn is warm and soapy water, vinegar, filtered water, a soft sponge, and a clean cloth.
  • Whether your fancy maker rings an alarm when it’s time to disqualify or you’ve seen the chocolate build up in storage, vinegar will clean and sanitize the tank. Fill the tank with dilute vinegar, run the wine-making cycle, and viola!

How To Run Clean Cycle On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Step 1: Empty the coffee maker

Once you’re ready to clean the sweet machine that keeps you awake every morning, take out the dishes and the filter basket.

Step 2: Make a mixture of vinegar and water

Using one part vinegar in two parts water, fill the tank. For example, if you have 12 cups in stock, fill the pot with eight cups of water and four cups of vinegar and throw it in the store.

Step 3: Run the machine

If there is a “Clear” button, press it. This process will take longer than a normal brew cycle for a coffee caravan. The machine will beep a few times after the cleaning period is over. If there is no “Clear” button, press the “Brew” button. For deep cleaning, turn off the coffee maker for about an hour, then turn it on again and let the cycle end.

Step 4: Cycle the rinse

To rinse, fill the reservoir with water and alcohol only. Repeat at least once to get rid of any vinegar solution.

Step 5: Allow the machine to cool

After a thorough cleaning of the system, plug the coffee machine in for about half an hour until it cools to the touch.

Step 6: Wash the carafe, filter, and base

Using warm, soapy water and a dishcloth or sponge, clean all the removable parts of your coffee maker as well as the base. If there are stains on the warming plate, clean them with dish soap and a rag or soft sponge. Do not use harsh scrubbing pads on your coffee makers, such as steel wool or SOS pads.

Can I Clean A Coffee Maker Without Vinegar?

Absolutely! Anything with an acetic constitution can help with the decalcification process and kill any kind of mold that may be hiding in little corners. Just make sure to run a couple of extra cycles through your coffee maker with just water. Here are a few suitable cleaning substitutes for vinegar:

Dish Soap

To use dish soap, you will need to be able to disassemble your whole machine, including hoses. After disassembling and cleaning each individual piece, you can put it back together and run a couple of full brew cycles with just water.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a direct substitute for white vinegar, so you can simply use the same one-to-two ratio listed above. Bonus: Your house will smell amazing as the coffee pot runs through the cycles.


Hard alcohol is a great alternative cleanser. Vodka works particularly well. Use a one-to-three ratio of vodka to water. Flush the system three to four times with water afterward (unless you’re into Russian coffee).

Baking Soda

One of the most common household staples, baking soda is a tried and true cleaning product. Clean your coffee maker with baking soda by using a one-to-three ratio of baking soda to warm water, allowing it to dissolve before pouring the mixture into the coffee maker. Otherwise, follow through with the steps above.


So, there you have it, our guide on how to turn off clean light on Cuisinart coffee maker! In conclusion, make sure you have actually cleaned out your machine, tried turning the machine on and off fully again, and you should also try doing a water cycle through your machine.

But, if all else does fail, you should definitely contact Cuisinart support as they are lovely people willing to help you find the fix to your problems. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope we were able to help you, have a great day, and enjoy your CozyCoffee!