How Do I Clean My Ninja Coffee Maker

Every machine needs cleaning; the same is for your ninja coffee maker as well. It needs to be clean regularly. You may wonder how I clean the Ninja Coffee maker when the cleaning indicator turns on.

Here is good news for you.

It will just need your 60 minutes to deep clean Ninja Coffee Maker with one button.

Yes, you read it right.

Here is a guide on How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?

What is a Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja coffee maker gives you a complete brewing system. With it, you can brew multiple sizes of filter coffee with all brew strengths. The Ninja maker can also foam milk for you by using the built-in milk frother.

The material of the carafe which comes with Ninja Coffee Maker depends on the model you choose. It can either be thermal or glass

Do we Need to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker Regularly?

Yes, it is essential to clean your coffee maker regularly to get a fresh cup of coffee every day. Every time you have to rinse the permanent filter, filter holder, and carafe when you use them.

Indeed, we don’t like to spend our time rubbing and scrubbing the machine. So, why not make it easier and never allow brewed coffee to be in the carafe for too long. If you spill the coffee on the heating pan, wait until it cools down and wipe it off. Don’t leave it for tomorrow.

Use soap and water to wash the coffee inside your carafe. If you have a glass carafe, then avoid scratching on it. Use a sponge or soft bottle brush. You can get it from Ninja. If not, then buy them from the grocery store.

Once done with the interior, it’s time for the exterior of the machine. It would be good if you wiped down the outer side as well. For that, use a cloth or damp paper to wipe out stains and dust. Remember to be careful with the warming plate as it is a delicate part of your coffee maker.

 How Can we Make Ninja Coffee Maker Cleaning Solution at Home?

Instead of buying a solution from a store, you can also make a Ninja Coffee Maker solution at home as well. Take white vinegar, water, and 16 ounces travel mug line. Pour all ingredients into the mug. Make sure to fill the mug to the maximum line with water.

Can we Dish Wash Ninja Coffee Maker?

Some components of Ninja Coffee Makers are dishwasher safe, not all of them. You can dish wash frothing whisk, glass carafe, water reservoir, brew through the lid, and coffee scoop easily.

Does the Milk Frothier Need Cleaning as Well?

Oh yes! In fact, it needs regular cleaning. You don’t want your coffee to be ruined just because of a dirty milk frothier. If not, then every time you use it, rinse it with warm water. After that, hold it and keep it on for approximately 20 to 30 seconds.

 How Can we Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker?

It’s time to deep clean the Coffee maker. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get a deep clean Ninja coffee maker:


Preparation time-2 minutes

Active time-4 minutes

Cleaning cycle-1 hour

Total time-1 hour 6 minutes.

Equipment Needed

Ninja coffee maker

Material Required

Filtered water.

White vinegar (or descaling solution)


  1. Prepare The Ninja Coffee Maker for Cleaning

Start cleaning by preparing the coffee machine for it. In empty water,  reservoir pours the solution. Read the instructions on the solution bottle and then dilute it accordingly.

In case you are using vinegar, then fill the travel line mug up to 16 ounces. After that, add water to the mug until you reach the maximum line.

  1. Place Carafe Under Filter Basket

Now place the empty carafe under the filter basket and select the full carafe brewing cycle.

  1. It’s Time for The Cleaning Cycle

For the cleaning cycle, press the clean button. The machine will automatically start the cleaning process, and the clock will start the count down. The whole process will take 60 minutes.

Remember not to unplug or turn off the machine during the cleaning cycle. The clean light will turn off when your machine has finished cleaning.

  1. Wash The Water Reservoir

Once the cleaning cycle has been completed, remove the water reservoir and wash it with clean water. Also, wash the carafe and filter to completely remove the descaling solution.

  1. The Last Cycle

Again fill the water reservoir, but this time with fresh water. Replace the carafe. Select the full carafe classic brew option and allow it to brew as normal.

Once done, throw the rinse water.

That’s it!

Your Ninja Coffee Maker is descaled, clean, and ready for the next cup of coffee.

What is a Tip for Deep Cleaning Ninja Coffee Maker?

When we use hard water, the chances are more that the clean light may come back more often than usual. If you have not cleaned the Ninja coffee maker for a while or you have never ever deep clean, then it’s time to go for it.

To deep clean the coffee maker, you just need to pause the process a couple of times to allow the descaling solution to real combat those hard water mineral deposits.

What Does a Descaling Solution Do?

Every day the water we brew coffee with can have a lot of minerals like magnesium and calcium. With the time these minerals coat the coffee maker from the inside, result in clogging the tubes and filters. With the help of the descaling solution, we can remove the clogging of tubes, clean the inner parts, and also ensures that your coffee maker runs smoothly.

Now how does this work?

With vinegar and descaling solutions, you can dissolve the minerals that are left by water. For this, they first charge the mineral particles by attracting them to water particles and then make it easy for them to rinse off.

Bottom Line

Ninja coffee maker needs to be clean on a daily basis. However, deep cleaning should be done once or twice a week to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. However, the deep cleaning process takes up to one hour, but in the end, it’s all worth it.