Who Makes the Hottest Coffee Maker

Have You Ever Wondered Who Makes the Hottest Coffee Maker?

If temperature is one of the top considerations in your choice of coffee maker, then this post is for you.

It is true that there are a lot of great brands of coffee makers out there. But, some of them just might not meet your temperature requirements.

While some appreciate their coffee cold, others like it hot, and a few love it extra hot. This is all dependent on what you want, and your choice of coffee maker directly influences it.

How Hot is the Hottest Coffee Maker

A hot coffee is brewed at any temperature around 195°F to 205°F. That’s because it is only then that the flavor is fully released, and it is healthier.

Anything lower than that might not release enough flavor, and anything hotter might taste bitter.

It is quite obvious that not all coffee makers can achieve this. The hottest coffee maker is tagged the hottest, because they brew within this temperature range.

In this article, we’ll talk about three models of coffee makers that are found in this category.

Technivorm Moccamaster Cup One

The technivorm moccamaster cup one is a hand made model of coffee maker, made in the Netherlands. The brand is known for excellence, and how hot it brews, and that is why it made it into this list. It is a single serve coffee maker, that delivers great taste.


  • It brews at 200°F, which is hot enough to allow even release and distribution of the flavor.
  • It comes with two porcelain cups.
  • It automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty.
  • It allows you to use different cup sizes and shapes. It all depends on what you want.
  • They come in different colors, with beautiful hand made design.
  • You only need to wait for four minutes to get your cup of coffee.
  • Brews up to 30cl cup of coffee per batch.
  • It is pretty easy to use, and easy to wash as well.
  • It is five years guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • It has an attractive design.

Though this coffee maker might be a lot of things that you like, it definitely has some that you might not like as well. This includes ;

  • It only makes one cup of coffee at a time. So, it is not a good choice if you always have other people around.
  • It is quite pricey.
  • It’s brew basket gets clogged easily.
  • It has no flow control.

In summary, this coffee maker stands out as a superior option for your forthcoming purchase, particularly for those who prefer their coffee served piping hot. It offers good value for the price.

Cuisinart CPO-850

This is another excellent brand of coffee maker that will meet your temperature requirements if you love your coffee hot. It is a strong coffee maker that provides superior flavor extraction. It does meets the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s requirements. Which is definitely something. The level of control it gives the user is something amazing, and this is definitely something you will like to have.


  • It prewets grounds before brewing to allow adequate flavor extraction.
  • You can control the flavor strength to be either mild, medium or bold.
  • It has temperature control features, which allows you to set it to brew hot, or extra hot.
  • It has the ability to self clean.
  • Comes with a charcoal water filter to ensure you have clean water, even if you don’t use a water filter personally.
  • The parts are easily replaceable, in case of damage.
  • It has timing features, which goes on and off automatically. You can also preset it to start brewing even when you’re still in bed, especially good for days when you’re behind schedule.
  • It brews 8 cups of coffee. So it’s good if you are the type that entertains guests. Or if you work at home, and always want to keep a cup of coffee handy.
  • It has a pause and play feature that allows you to pause brewing and grab a cup.

Things you might not like

  • The LCD display gets dimmed over time. Though it is easily replaceable.
  • The thermal carafe could leak
  • If you need to return, you will have to pay shipping costs.

Overall, this coffee maker is a great choice if you love authentic coffee taste, but do not have the time to make it manually.

Bunn HB Heat N’ Brew

This is another great coffee maker that brews really hot coffee. It is a programmable coffee maker, that can be used easily.


  • It brews up to 10 cups of coffee per batch.
  • It brews at a temperature range of 197.6°F to 204.8°F. Pretty hot.
  • It has an auto warmer plate that turns on during brewing and goes off after two hours of brewing. So you don’t have to worry about your coffee getting cold.
  • Mostly made up of stainless steel.
  • Brews in just six minutes.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • It heats up water before brewing, this helps to preserve the taste of the coffee. Quite different from other coffee makers.
  • It is also certified by SCAA, which has some high standards for coffee makers.
  • It has an indicator that tells you when it needs to be cleaned.
  • It has a digital clock with programmable brew start time.

Things you might not like

  • It might be a little too tall if you’re considering storing on a contertop under a cupboard.
  • It does not have the pause and pour features, so to get a cup, you have to wait till it’s done brewing.


In conclusion, these three coffee makers that have made it into this list are a few great choices to select from. Especially since they are SCAA certified. You might want to say they are quite expensive, but they offer quality for their prices. Which is definitely not going to be a problem, if you like to consider what they have to offer, over the amount of money you have to spend to procure them. Do enjoy your coffee experience with these coffee giants.