How To Descale Ninja Coffee Maker

Investing in a quality coffee brewer is only the beginning; maintaining its condition is equally important. Similar to other electronic appliances, Ninja Coffee Bar systems require consistent upkeep. For instructions on how to efficiently clean a Ninja Coffee Bar, continue reading this detailed guide. Many of us, being avid coffee enthusiasts, prefer to kick off our mornings with a freshly brewed, aromatic, and richly flavored cup of coffee. However, a coffee maker that isn’t clean can result in a compromised taste of your coffee. If you’re noticing a difference in your coffee’s flavor, it might be time to carve out a moment in your hectic schedule to clean your coffee machine thoroughly.

Like all coffee machines, the Ninja Coffee Bar needs regular cleaning and descaling to work well. When the cleaning indicator comes on, you may wonder how to clean the Ninja Coffee Bar — quickly and easily. The good news? With the push of a button, it cleans itself! Keep reading for our complete guide to Ninja Coffee Bar cleaning, from the water reservoir to the carafe.

When to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?

To find out when your coffee maker needs a thorough cleaning, you simply have to check the clean button located at the bottom right of the unit. When it illuminates, it means your machine requires cleaning. However, you can still make a pot of coffee, but don’t forget to wash it as soon as possible.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning Process

So you have made up your mind to get on with the cleaning process? Good decision – here is what you’ll need and how you can do it the right way:

What You’ll Need

  • Hot Water
  • Soapy Water
  • Descaling Solution
  • Toothbrush
  • White Vinegar (if you are using vinegar instead of descaling solution)

The recommended descaling solution for the Ninja Coffee Bar system is the Ninja Coffee Bar® Brewer Descaling Solution. This liquid contains citric acid that helps to dissolve calcium buildup and basic lime efficiently.

Make Sure Carafe is Rightly Placed

The first step is to make sure that the carafe is rightly positioned so that the descaling solution can move towards it once the cleaning cycle is completed. For best results, select the ‘Full’ setting from the options menu.

Prepare and Add the Descaling Solution

The next step is to get your descaling solution ready. Usually, instructions are there on the descaling solution bottle so you can simply follow those guidelines. Add the descaling solution to your coffee brewer.

The Clean Cycle

The next step is to begin the clean cycle. This process breaks up all the calcium residue in the machine tubes. The descaling solution runs through the major parts of the machine during this step. This process may take several minutes, so you do not have to necessarily attend to the machine during the clean cycle. Additionally, no need to press any other buttons or interfere with the brewer during this process.

The Flush Cycle

Not all Ninja Coffee Bar systems come with the ‘flush cycle’ option. This process is all about running empty cycles with clean water. If your brewer does have this option, fill your carafe and the reservoir with clean water. Once you see the ‘Flush’ icon on the display, press the ‘Clean’ button and the flush cycle will initiate. If your brewer does not have this option, simply fill the reservoir with water and run an empty cycle with water. It is advised to run at least 2-3 empty cycles using clean water to completely get rid of any unwanted taste of the descaling solution.

The Final Rinse

The final step is to clean the rest of your Ninja Coffee Bar components. Remove the reservoir, carafe, and mesh filter and use hot, soapy water to clean these parts. Once done with the above steps, your coffee brewer is good to go!

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Like other coffee brewers, the Ninja Coffee Bar system can be cleaned using white vinegar, too.

For this, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the water reservoir with two cups of white vinegar and the rest with water (around 43 oz in total).
  2. Press the ‘Clean’ button on your coffee machine.
  3. Once the clean cycle is complete, rinse the reservoir and carafe with hot water. Repeat this process at least twice to make sure there is no vinegar leftover as that can give you a real bad taste.

Descaling Solution or Vinegar?

It is recommended that you use a descaling solution instead of vinegar as the latter leaves a strong odor and might require you to rinse at least two to three times to get rid of the odor and taste. In contrast, descaling the solution makes the rinse relatively easier.
Additionally, the manufacturer recommends a descaling solution over vinegar for your Ninja Coffee Bar machine’s longevity.

Brief Overview of Ninja Coffee Bar

Looking to cut down on your coffee shop expenses? – Getting a Ninja Coffee Bar system could help you do that! It is a decent choice to quench your coffee thirst at home, work, or any semi-commercial setup. With all the basic functionalities of a coffee brewer, this machine will give you flavorful and aromatic cups of coffee in a hassle-free manner.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this, then it means you have read through our guide and by now you know how to clean a Ninja Coffee Bar the right way. It might require you to take some time out of your daily routine, however, it will be worth your time. A few ingredients are all you need and you will be able to clean your Ninja coffee brewer at home, without any professional or technical assistance whatsoever. Cleaning your coffee brewer directly affects the taste of your beverage, depending on how regularly you do it. Moreover, it also has a positive impact on your machine life. Enjoy a tasteful coffee cup with a cleaner Ninja Coffee Bar!

Cleaning your Ninja Coffee Bar is not difficult. You don’t need much- just some time and some vinegar or descaling liquid. You’ll notice a big difference once you clean your machine. Your coffee will have better flavor, your machine will last longer, and you’ll get rid of that annoying clean light once it pops up! Vinegar works well for touch-up cleanings, but you’ll really want that descaling liquid for a big clean out every 3 months or so.