How Many Watts Does A Small Coffee Maker Use

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Find Out How Many Watts Does A Small Coffee Maker Use


Every coffee maker uses electrical energy to function. Just as your body needs food, your coffee maker also needs power in form of electricity. And the amount of power a coffee maker consumes varies based on the type of coffee maker. This power is measured in a unit known as watts. And how many watts your coffee maker uses will determine how much the coffee maker adds to your electricity bill. For this reason, you might ask questions like how many watts does a small coffee maker use, which we will answer in this post. Although, the amount that the coffee maker contributes to your electricity bill might not seem like much, it can still be reduced to a minimum if you choose to. 


Better Understand What Watts Mean

Watts is the short form of wattage, the unit of measuring power. Both of them can be used interchangeably because they mean the same thing. It is derived by multiplying the Volts, by the Amperes, and this simple calculation results in how much you pay for your coffee maker. You are billed by how many units of electricity the coffee maker consumes, even if not directly. If you’re looking for a way to reduce how much you spend on electricity,then the coffee maker is a good place to start, because it is a frequently used appliance, and you can easily regulate how many times it’s being used, and that will help take a few dollars off your next bill. 


How Much Power Does My Small Coffee Maker Use

According to Energy Star, the average drip coffee maker uses about 100-150 kWh of energy per year, and this amounts to about $20 or less. It might not seem like a significant amount, but then, if you decide to donate the money saved off electricity to charity, there is someone out there that it might make a difference for. The amount of power that your coffee maker uses is peculiar to you, and it is determined by your machine type and your coffee habits. Let’s get into talking about energy requirements for various coffee maker types.


  • A small coffee maker uses about 550-900 watts per brew. 
  • A drip coffee maker uses power within the range of 750-1250 watts per brew, which could be more if the coffee maker has heating plates that use up to 60 watts every hour. 
  • A single-serve coffee maker uses about 300-500 watts per brew.
  • An espresso machine uses 1000-1500 watts per brew. 


Knowing how much power gets used by different coffee makers will help you to easily guess how much power your coffee maker uses. Though it might not be the exact amount, it is a starting point. To find out exactly how much power a small coffee maker uses per brew, check the specifications of the coffee maker, and simply multiply the Volts by the Amperes to get the exact amount of Power used. If you cannot go through that stress, you could decide to get a power meter that will do it all for you. Another thing that affects how much power your machine uses per day is the number of times you brew. 


How Best Can I Reduce How Much Power My Small Coffee Maker Uses


Reducing the amount of power used by your coffee maker to the minimum is very attainable. That’s because you’re actually the one in control of it. These easy tips will help you to reduce how much power is used 

  1. Buy an Energy Efficient Machine: there are many coffee makers out there that are tagged energy efficient because they use a little less amount of power, compared to others and still do what every other coffee maker does. If you’re looking for a way to minimize how much power is used, a great place to start is to buy a machine that naturally does not consume much power. Instead of regulating how much coffee your take, it’ll ne great if your coffee maker is energy efficient coffee. 
  2. Try Cold Brew: there are days when the temperature might be a little on the high side and you won’t want something hot, you can take advantage of those days and try cold brews. It will help to reduce power usage. After all, a hot cup might just make you hotter than you already feel. 
  3. Turn Off Your Machine: if you have the habit of leaving your machine on, it might be a good idea if you put it off when it’s not in use. Some coffee makers have heating plates that stay on even when brewing is over, and those heating plates use about 60 watts of power each hour.
  4. Smart Plug: this is a way of automatically controlling your coffee maker from your phone. The smart plug will analyze the amount of power used by your coffee maker, and how it’s being used. It will help you discover methods to reduce power usage in your coffee maker
  5. Clean Your Machine: A Coffee maker works best when it’s clean and free of scales. Always keep your coffee maker clean, so it keeps working efficiently. When there’s calcium build-up in your machine, it tampers with the efficiency of the machine, thereby taking more time to brew, and using up more power in the process. 
  6. Don’t Brew In Small Batches : you can also save a lot of power by brewing your coffee in large amounts rather than brewing every time you need a cup. Brew Large amounts and store them in a thermos. 
  7. Try Gas Stove: to avoid using electricity, you can choose to use a gas stove, but in this case, you would have to use a French Press or Pour Over. And there’s the increase in the gas bills. 



How much power a small coffee maker uses is not totally dependent on how much power the coffee maker naturally uses. It is mainly influenced by how its being used too. While finding out how much power does a small coffee maker uses, try grab how to minimize energy usage too, and you’d be surprised at how much Power you can save. It doesn’t apply to only coffee makers, but also every appliance you own.