🥇☕Best Cone Filter Drip Coffee Maker in 2024

Coffee stands as a beloved drink across the globe. For many individuals, beginning their day without their morning dose of coffee seems almost unthinkable. With countless cafés scattered throughout urban areas, some folks opt to pick up a coffee while commuting to their jobs or in the midst of handling daily tasks. Nevertheless, brewing your own coffee at home remains one of the most gratifying ways to enjoy a superior cup. The convenience of automated drip coffee makers allows you to effortlessly prepare a piping hot cup of coffee each morning without any hassle.

If you are a lover of coffee in the market for a home coffee maker, one of the decisions you will need to make is whether to go for a coffee maker with a cone-shaped filter or a flat one. When choosing a home coffee maker, the filter choice you go for can make or break your home brewing experience.

As the name suggests, a cone coffee filter comes in the shape of a cone while a flat-bottom filter comes flat. Here is everything you need to know about these two brewing types and why cone-shaped brewing machines are a better choice.

How coffee filters work

Coffee filters are primarily used to separate brewed coffee from ground coffee. Most filters are made from disposable paper that is thin with pores to allow water to run through it when brewing the coffee. Ground coffee is placed on the filter, after which water is run through the coffee bed into a carafe or coffee mug. The type of filter you choose has an impact on the quality of your coffee.

Paper filters

These are the most common types of coffee filters in the market. They are commonly used in drip coffee makers. They are highly absorbent to ensure they remove most of the coffee bean oil and grounds to give you a smooth coffee extract.

Metal coffee filters

These are permanent coffee filters present in some coffee machines made of a mesh with holes. With this type of filter, the brewed coffee is more full-bodies when compared to paper coffee filters since the pores in metal filters are slightly larger. Therefore, they allow some coffee particles to pass through to the prepared coffee. Metal filters are ideal for coffee lovers who prefer to have their coffee with some oils for a richer taste.

How to use cone filters

The most common way paper filters are used is with drip coffee machines. Once the machine is set up in your home, you need to fill the water reservoir and insert the cone filter. Measure and pour your ground coffee into the filter and close the compartment. Turn on the machine and wait for it to complete the brewing process.

The pour-over method is also another way of using paper filters to brew your coffee from home. In this method, water is boiled separately and poured over a cone filter filled with coffee over a pot or jug. This allows the water to extract the coffee through the filter to brew your coffee.

Filter shape and how they affect brewing

With flat bottom filters, the most common issue experienced by users is uneven extraction of the coffee. This is because the coffee is spread over a flat surface, which may not be even. When water is filtered through the coffee bed, some parts of the coffee may not come into contact with the water, and thus ends up unbrewed. This will make the coffee weak and under-flavored.

Cone filters are the best choice for coffee machines because their cone shape acts like a funnel where water must flow through when filtering. The cone shape collects all the coffee in one place in the cone, thus ensuring maximum saturation and extraction. This way, the coffee harvested in the carafe is strong and full-flavored. Also, cone filters come with finer pores as compared to flat filters. This ensures the filtration process is slower, thus guaranteeing maximum extraction. Cone-shaped filters use less coffee when compared to flatbed filters.

The cost of filters

When choosing coffee maker filters, you may notice that cone filters are slightly more expensive than flatbed filters. Even so, the cost is mostly dependent on the quantity you want to purchase and the brand. Whether you go for bleached cone-shaped filters or unbleached ones, you should expect to pay more for cone-shaped filters. Even so, it is better to spend more to get the best coffee brews.

Compatibility with coffee makers

For you to be able to brew your best coffee at home, you need to ensure you go for a coffee maker that is compatible with cone-shaped filters. Unfortunately, filters are not interchangeable. There are distinct differences in the types of coffee machines based on the type of filter they use. Therefore, always consider the filter type when choosing a coffee machine for home use.

Recommendations for the best cone filter drip coffee maker

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

If you need a fix of coffee or tea in the morning, this coffee machine offers you a brewing system that can make both beverages on demand. The cold or hot brew system allows you to have your coffee the way you like it, whether you prefer it steaming hot or ice-cold without compromising on the taste. This home coffee maker can brew up to six brew sizes, making it ideal for making coffee for one person or a few people.

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

This is a one-touch coffee maker made with a steel carafe and stainless-steel exterior. The removable filter, carafe lid, and showerhead are dishwasher friendly. The 1500-watt water heater ensures your coffee is brewed steaming hot just the way you like it. It has a pre-infusion mode that ensures the freshly ground coffee beans are degassed before brewing. The thermal carafe can keep the coffee warm over the hot plate for longer while the auto-off feature ensures you can save energy.

Technivorm 59691 KB Coffee Brewer

If you are the kind of coffee maker who prefers to see what is brewing, this coffee maker comes with a glass carafe. This is a simple to operate home coffee maker that can brew a full carafe in under six minutes. It comes with a copper boiling element to ensure water is heated fast and ensures the brewing temperature remains above 196 degrees. This heating element has an automatic switch-off that activates whenever the water reservoir is empty. This machine will preserve the taste and quality of your coffee long after the brewing process is completed.


Cone filer drip coffee machines are the secret to brewing tasty, quality coffee at home. With any of the home coffee makers above, you can be sure that your coffee experience will change for the better. Another type of coffee maker you should consider is the nitro coffee machine for home.