How to Install Filter in Keurig Coffee Maker?

How to Install Filter in Keurig Coffee Maker?

The Keurig coffee machine ranks as a top favorite for brewing an ideal cup of coffee. It operates by filtering water through individual plastic pods, offering single-serving coffee shots. Additionally, every Keurig comes equipped with a small charcoal filter that purifies the water used in brewing your morning coffee.

So these filters have a lot to do with your coffee. But what if you do not replace them for a long time? Your coffee yield will become less, and it will not taste good. So for that, you need to replace the filter every two months. So if you are planning to replace the old coffee filter with a new one, read this guide till the end. Here we will tell you how to replace the Keurig water filter.

Steps To Place the Water Filter in Keurig Coffee Maker:

Step 1: Take away the top part of the Water Reservoir.

The water container is usually found on the left side of the brewer in just about all Keurig models. The water filter can be accessed by completely lifting the reservoir’s cover. It does not matter if the reservoir is full or empty. You can replace the filter.

Step 2: Pull out the Filter

Note that the handle part of the top filter handle will be pierced in the water reservoir. So for that, grasp it firmly for pulling out of the reservoir. Moreover, the base of the filter-holder might be tucked into the groovings of the coffeemaker’s water reservoir, so for that, you ought to shake the filter-holder in place. Besides, you can also remove it by quick pull.

Most Keurig coffee makers come with a black filter that has a round timer at the bottom. In lower models of Keurig, the filter is short and transparent, although, in other high-end models, the coffee filters are tall and thin.

Step 3: Discard the used filter of the Coffee Maker

Squeeze the hooks at the base of the filter unit with your thumb and finger. Slide the lower filter clamp downwards to remove it; now pull out the dirty filter and  Toss it in the garbage can in your home.

Step 4: Buy the New Filter

Suppose you do not already have the new filter for the Keurig coffeemaker purchase the filter package. You might not know, but Keurig coffee filters are not available separately, and for that reason, you must buy the whole package of the coffee filter. You can either purchase it online from the Keurig store or the local Keurig stores.

Amazon and Walmart are among the major stores that sell Keurig products, so purchasing online will not be a problem for you. And don’t worry about the filter package cost because it is pretty reasonable and inexpensive rather than buying individual filters. Chances are, you only need a max of $10 to buy the filter package.

Step 5: Soak the Filter in Water

It is best to soak the new coffee filter in the water. This way, you can get the best out of your water filter. Doing so, you will need a cup or bowl that is half-filled with water. Now get the Keurig coffee filter and soak it into the water for about 5 to 10 minutes.

While soaking the filter, make sure it is thoroughly soaked into the water. Note that when you first drop the filter in water, it will float on the water surface, but it will start to sink into the bowl once it absorbs the water. This might need not more than 10 minutes. For the ultimate coffee, taste washes off the filter once it is done soaking in the water. A quick rinse of 1 minute will get the job done for you.

Step 6: Wash the Filter Holder

On the lower side of the filter holder, there will be a fine net surface. Clean any debris or particles that have accumulated over regular use by rinsing with normal water. Provide the bottom filter holder’s corners a quick wash as well.

Step 7: Place the Filter in the Filter-Case Component

Insert the clean filter in the filter holder so that the curved top side is standing up straight. Now properly adjust the base filter holder in the room under it. The mesh end of the bottom filter holder must provide coverage for the plane base of the fabric filter. After that, clasp the filter holder’s two edges together across the filter.

Step 8: Adjust the Replacement Dial for the next Filter replacement.

The filter replacement unit’s replacing dial is positioned on the tip of the arm. It’ll show figures from 1to 12, which is approximately the size of your knuckle. Note that these numbers from 1-12 are the numbers on months. You can turn the dial around, so the marker indicates two months forward of the current month. For example, if it’s September (month nine), adjust the replacing dial to 11which is 11. Now, in the next two months, the Keurig coffeemaker will use this preset to activate its automated alert. Nevertheless, you must personally schedule the alert as well.

Your Keurig features an option that reminds you to replace the filter system every two months. Users can switch on the alert using the digital panel unless they have successfully set the replacing filter clock 2 months prior. Now Choose “Water Filter Reminder” from the “Settings” menu. and press Choose “Enable.”

Note that the Keurig device’s interface might change a little according to its type and version. The digital reminder feature might not even be available in older devices that are before Keurig 2.0.

Step 9: Put the Water Filter unit back into the Water Reservoir of the Coffee Maker.

Now that you have completely assembled the filter unit put it back in place to the water reservoir. The outer part of the filter holder will clasp together to the reservoir when you press it firmly downwards. Moreover, if you have trouble putting it back together, check the grooves on the base of the filter holder. Then, after properly aligning the grooves and raised plastic, try again to clasp it, and this way, it will fit into place.

Bottom line:

So this was all from our guide to replace the water filter of the Keurig coffeemaker. We explained every point in detail so that you get an idea of how to change it. Although it might seem a bit tricky for the first time, once you replace it successfully for the first time, it will be no problem for you. Moreover, you can read the user manual as well for better guidance.