🥇☕Best Cheap Filter Coffee Maker in 2024

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Faithful coffee users have very high expectations when it comes to their daily coffee fixes. Most coffee lovers are not interested in just a cup of coffee, but rather a fresh, delicious brew at all times. If you are new to coffee brewing, one of the best decisions you can make is to invest in the best coffee maker for home use. This will give you complete control of your coffee brewing experience, ensuring you have your coffee exactly the way you like it.

There are numerous types of coffee makers in the market. The type you choose should be able to meet your required coffee preferences. It should also fit your coffee maker budget and model preference.

Here is everything you need to know about buying the best coffee maker in the market.

Types of coffee makers

Single pod and K-Cup coffee machines

These types of coffee makers are some of the most convenient machines in the market for anyone interested in brewing coffee for one person at a time. Most models give you a choice between a regular coffee mug or travel mug capacity.

K-cup coffee comes prepacked in a disposable cup filter for easy brewing. This ensures you enjoy a rich, fresh cup of coffee with every k-cup you use. If you are interested in the best cheap filter coffee maker, the single pod variety may not be the best choice as these pods, and k-cup coffee variations are a bit expensive.

Multi-pot drip coffee makers

Traditionally, drip coffee makers work by allowing water to drip through a coffee bed and into a thermal or glass carafe. This will enable you to customize the taste of your coffee better than k-cup coffee makers. Because you are using your coffee, you can determine how much you want to use based on your preferred brew strength. Drip coffee makers are also the perfect choice if you want to brew for several people. It is the perfect choice for family gatherings of afternoon book club meetings.

Some drip coffee makers come with some of the new-age coffee machine technology like programmable features, compact sizes for small kitchen. Some features keep your coffee warm for longer while others offer mid-brew pause options if you can’t wait for the brewing process to complete to have your coffee.

Pour-over coffee makers

Just like the name suggests, pour-over coffee makers work by dripping hot water over freshly ground coffee in a filter where it steeps before filtering into a cup or carafe. This brewing method is ideal for people who prefer slow-brewed coffee as it can take a bit of time. You will also need to brew a cup at a time with this method.

If you enjoy being part of your coffee brewing process, this is one of the best manual methods to use. Most coffee lovers say that coffee made with the pour-over method tastes better because it brews for longer.

If you prefer the pour-over method coffee but hate the manual labor, you can opt for an automatic pour-over coffee maker. This machine is made with new age technology that takes the mess and strain out of the brewing process. With just a push of a button, your coffee will heat, steep and brew. What’s more, this automatic variety can brew for more people at one go. The only difference between an automatic pour-over machine and drip machine is the time it takes for water to filter through the coffee bed, as it takes longer in pour-over machines.

French press coffee makers

If you are looking for a home coffee maker to make pure, robust coffee at home, a French press coffee maker may be the best choice. This type of coffee machine requires effort and time from the users. They use the total immersion technology to saturate the ground coffee before filtering into a jar through a plunger.

Users who prefer the French press say that this equipment gives them complete control of the brewing process. You get to control the brew time, coffee strength and taste. These are also perfect for people who prefer their coffee iced. You can use them to brew iced tea too.

Vacuum/Siphon coffee makers

This type of coffee makers comprises two chambers placed on each other to make the complete brewing system. A filter and tube separate these two chambers. Coffee is poured into the first vessel while water is placed in the lower vessel. As the water boils, it releases steam which is pushed to the top chamber. After a while, heat reduces and the pressure drops. This forces the water in the top chamber to drop to the lower one passing through a filter. This process of pushing the water through the filter creates the coffee which collects in the bottom vessel.  This process takes less than ten minutes.

What to look for in a coffee maker

The price

How much a coffee maker costs can vary significantly from one machine to the other based on brand and features. If you need a coffee maker that will cost less in the long run, consider going for one with a permanent filter. This is the best cheap filter coffee maker since you will not spend more on disposable filters. Coffee makers with the ability to brew specialty drinks cost more.


There is nothing better than having a quick cup of coffee brewed on demand. Generally, K-cup coffee makers and single-serve coffee makers are some of the fasted in the market today. If you are looking for the fastest way to make your coffee from home, you should consider these types of machines.

Programmable coffee makers are also highly convenient. With a fully-automatic coffee maker, you will always have a cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning or evening. This is because you can set them to brew at your preferred time. This can be minutes before you wake up or get home from work.

Coffee preference

The best part about coffee machines this year is that the ability to find one that makes your coffee to your specifications. If you like your coffee steaming hot, there is a machine to ensure you enjoy exactly that. You can program your machine to make your coffee a little stronger or lighter. Some come with inbuilt coffee grinders for fresh coffee grounds at all times.

With the best coffee maker, you will be able to enjoy convenience, reliability and the best-tasting coffees right at home.