How To Operate A Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn coffee machines are an excellent choice for coffee lovers of all walks of life. They’re affordable, easy to use, and versatile enough to satisfy all kinds of morning caffeine needs. Learn how to set up your Bunn coffee machine and troubleshoot it so making your morning coffee is a breeze. When it comes to making coffee, you want the best, most efficient coffee machine available. If you are looking for a quality option, the Bunn products are a popular option. However, how does a Bunn coffee maker work?

If you’re buying a Bunn, you should know that Bunn-O-Matic, the company behind it, invented pour-over drip coffee makers. It was the founder of the company, George R. Bunn, Jr. who invented them, and he is the one who invented the flat-bottom fluted coffee filter as well. As you know, both of these inventions are still being used today, and they have largely contributed to coffee-making.

Many people are still mildly confused about how to operate their Bunn and we don’t blame them. Pour-over drip coffee brewers do seem a bit tricky to operate mostly because they operate differently from, let’s say, automated coffee machines. However, it’s not hard to learn the ways of a Bunn and we can simplify the learning process for you.

Briefly about Bunn coffee makers

There are different Bunn coffee makers, but there’s no difference in the way they brew the coffee. A Bunn coffee maker is made to brew a carafe of about 10 cups with a unique brewing mechanism. A Bunn coffee maker’s design is inseparable from the brewer’s brewing mechanism. In general, these coffee makers have a large reservoir in the back and a brewer funnel in the front.

The front base of the coffee maker is a carafe warmer; the carafe sits here while and after a brew session. When brewed, the coffee is sprayed with hot water—a process helped by the showerhead of a Bunn. When you purchase a Bunn, you get it as preset. The coffee maker doesn’t ‘travel’ to you alone, however; you do get a glass or a thermal carafe with it as well.

Types Of Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn has a whole line of Speed and Velocity Brew coffee makers, which, as the name implies, get you your coffee fast. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here (Speed Brew / Velocity Brew). There are several different models available, from a 10-cup brewer to a single-cup machine. Bunn also offers a coffee machine with a thermal carafe instead of a regular glass container, which helps keep your coffee warm for longer. They also have commercial options for restaurants called pour-over brewers. However, since most homes don’t need a professional-grade coffee maker, we will look at how the regular single or multiple-cup Bunn coffee maker works.

BUNN Coffee Maker Set Up

Before you can enjoy your new Bunn coffee maker, you need to set it up. To do that, you’ll need to fill the hot water tank with two full carafes of cold water. Importantly, Bunn manuals warn not to plug in your machine until you go through this entire set up process. Plugging it in before that might damage it permanently.

First, gently slide the empty funnel into the brewer. Second, fill the carafe with cold water, pour it into the brewer and reposition the carafe on the warmer plate with the lid closed. Wait three minutes, then fill the carafe with cold water again and repeat the process. Wait until all of the water flows into the carafe, pour it out and reposition on the warmer plate.

Now you’re ready to plug it in. Turn on your Bunn coffee maker by pressing the switch to the “on” position, and wait 15 minutes for the water to warm up. You only have to do this during the setup. Keep your coffee maker on if you’re using it regularly, but switch it off if you’re planning to be away from it for an extended period of time.

Brewing coffee with a Bunn coffee brewer

Once your Bunn brewer is ready to brew, you can turn the heating switch on. It will take the brewer’s heater about 15 minutes to heat the water inside the tank. After 15 minutes, take your favorite coffee and put it in a suitable paper filter. Use more or less coffee depending on your preferences. Then, put the filter with the coffee into the brew funnel and place the funnel into the funnel guide if it’s not there already.

If your Bunn brewer has a warmer switch, turn it on. This switch has nothing to do with the brewing process, but it will warm up the warming plate and keep the coffee in the carafe hot. It is important to remember to turn the warmer off when the carafe is empty or almost empty. If you don’t do this, the heat can damage your carafe, and no one likes a cracked carafe. The last thing you’ll need to do before you brew your coffee fills the carafe with cold filtered water. Open or slide the brewer’s lid to the side and pour the water into it. Then, put the carafe underneath the brew funnel and close the lid. You should have a full carafe of coffee ready in a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a variety of ways to effectively clean Bunn coffee machines. Obviously, the more often you clean the machine, the less deep cleaning it will need. Learn to trust your taste buds as they will reveal when it’s time to clean your machine. By maintaining a regular cleaning routine will ensure that every mug of coffee that comes from your bun coffee machine remains to taste great, But the only way to ensure this is to clean your machine regularly. Some parts of the routine will only need to be tackled once a month with your spray head at least every couple of weeks.

To ensure that your machine remains healthy for use, free from contaminants such as bacteria, and provides you with a great-tasting mug of coffee, treat it with a little TLC. Obviously, there are a wide variety of different chemicals you can use, but we would advise first trying to clean your Coffee machine using the natural methods listed above. Lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar are highly effective in removing mildew and descaling any coffee pot. Lemon juice s also very effective at removing hard water stains. I hope you enjoyed our article on how to effectively clean your Bunn coffee machine.