How To Use A Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker

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If you are a coffee expert who takes every cup of coffee seriously, you will find that it is not easy to find the perfect coffee drinker at home. Buying a new machine, such as a BUNN coffee maker, is a serious task. Especially when you value the taste of your morning drink more than your family. Well, maybe not your family, but you know what we mean.

It takes time to find the perfect coffee maker, and if you’re really determined, do some research. BNN is an example of a coffee maker that aims to make every cup of coffee perfect, partly because most coffee shops, diners, and cafes use them. They have a lot to offer in terms of products, so we recommend you break it down a bit. And it will help you decide which coffee maker will suit your needs.

How Do Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker

Compared to other coffee makers, making coffee is much easier. You have to put water in it and turn it on. Never change a sharp tip before pouring water into the tank. This can damage the heating coil. After that, you have to wait for the water to warm up. Generally, you will need two or three bins of coffee or a cafe of water to fill the tank, depending on your model. You will see that some water will carry it to the wine basket. This is when you know the water tank is full.

It will take 15 to 30 minutes for the water to heat up completely. When you have to, add some more water according to how much coffee you need. After the cold water has taken its place, the hot water will come out on the wine basket. A bun coffee maker is simple and easy if you live a busy life. You can also prepare plenty of coffee on the go.

How Long Do BUNN Coffee Makers Last?

Most BUNN Coffee makers come with a warranty between two and three years, depending on the model. However, the overall durability of these machines tends to vary based on the brand. Some of the coffee appliances last for many years through heavy use. There are others that do not stand up to the same amount of wear and tear, and simply die after a year or two.

The warranties typically exist to ensure that you get a new coffee maker or necessary part if your machine happens to break within the first year. If you want a better idea of how long specific models last, look at and read the reviews online from other people who have purchased them. You can generally get a good average from those.

Why Is My BUNN Coffee Maker Leaking?

It is not always easy to tell why a coffee maker is leaking. There can be many reasons so you will have to walk through some troubleshooting processes. A BUNN coffee maker may leak due to normal wear and tear, poor maintenance practices, too much coffee, or improper handling. If you notice that your machine is leaking near the tank especially, you should have it checked by a professional or send it for repair. If you are still under warranty protection, consider returning the machine for repairs or a replacement.

Parts Of Bunn Coffee Maker

First, we want to introduce you to its parts name for a better connection with this coffee maker.

  • Brewer Funnel Lid
  • Glass Carafe Lid
  • Internal Hot Water Tank
  • Glass Carafe
  • Thermal Carafe Lid
  • Warmer Plate
  • Spray-head Power On Light
  • Warmer Switch
  • Vacation Switch

How To Assemble Bunn Coffee Maker Parts And Get Ready For Brewing

  • First, put a brew funnel into the funnel guide.
  • Lift the brewer lid and pour a carafe of water into the brewer (Water must be filtered)
  • Now put the carafe under the brew funnel and wait while water fills the tank.
  • It takes 5 to 6 minutes to fill both the carafes.
  • Close the lid after filling each carafe and plug in the brewer.
  • Now press the “on” Button which is left side of the machine.

How to Clean A Bun Commerical Coffee Maker

Although the plenty of reasons for cleaning the coffee maker but the major reason to clean the machine is your health. We recommend cleaning the coffee maker after every short and long brewing. It saves you from bacterias and dust too.
Here are some steps.

#1. Faster Brew Time

Brewing regularly deposits the minerals and bacterias in your coffee maker, It harms your health and makes the machine slow to brew. The minerals make the water flow slow so you have to wait for a lot for the coffee. Cleaning the machine regularly maintains the water flow and prepares a healthy cup of coffee in a short time.

#2. Batter Testing

When the temperature of the water is not up to the level, it changes the taste of coffee. The dirty machine can also damage the internal parts. So better to clean deep each part of the coffee maker after each brewing.

#3. Proper Function And Longer Lifespan

As we have mentioned that cleaning the machine allows it to perform well although it is water flow or brewing speed. A clean coffee maker gives you better output and the machine works longer without miss-functioning. If you care about your machine, it makes your morning enjoy full for many years.

How To Clean A Bunn Coffee Maker

It is a must to clean the coffee maker parts if you want to spend some enjoy full years with your machine. It does not mean to clean the coffee maker with soap and water. The bacteria and dust will be there if you will clean it like this way. It needs deep cleaning after every 2 months.

Firstly, wash the outer portion and carafe with a mild dishwasher 2-3 times so that the coffee and minerals leave totally the carafe. wash the funnel 2-3 times to make it spotless. It is a normal process of cleaning. Now shift to deep cleaning parts as the brewer and pots. Unplug the coffee maker and clean these parts by using vinegar.


It is Comparatively, Bunn coffee makers are demandable much in the market because of their brew timing. They are more trusty in the market because of company goodwill. The company is old so it made trust as well. It provides easy maintenance compared to other brands. The function of the machine is so much easy as a child can also play it. Now after learning how to work with the Bunn coffee maker, you have made an expert. So feel free and pass comments.