How to Clean a Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker

Does your coffee maker take longer than usual to brew a cup of coffee? Does it smell moldy or mildew in any way? Does the brewed batch only fill half of your cup when you were expecting a full cup? Did you notice any extra grounds or granules in your cup of coffee? Does the coffee maker have visible mineral buildup? It’s time to clean your coffee maker if these signs appear. 

The same care and attention you give your hardwood floors are crucial to taking care of your small kitchen equipment. So, keep your coffee maker in good condition. Ultimately, it is what gives you the best start to the day.

Is it necessary to Clean A Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig one-cup coffee makers are simple, convenient to use, but they won’t last much longer without proper maintenance. Your Keurig coffee maker can accumulate minerals from your water and oils from the coffee as you use it. Mold or bacteria may grow inside your coffee maker, and the needle becomes blocked, preventing it from brewing correctly. You may notice a need to descale your machine more frequently if you have hard water.

You may be thinking about how to perform it properly and efficiently.

We can help you here! We have listed below is a guide to cleaning and descaling a Keurig coffee machine. It won’t take long for your coffee maker to be clean and efficient. Read down to see our quick cleaning guide:

let us discuss the following steps that can help us to Clean A Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker:

Step 1 Unplug And Turn Off The Machine

Make sure your coffee maker is fully turned off and unplugged before proceeding.

Step 2 Clean The Exterior

You can carefully wipe down your coffee maker’s exterior with a dishcloth or sponge dipped in warm, soapy water, so any coffee drips or stains can be removed.

Step 3 Empty And Clean The Drip Tray

Take the drip tray off, then wash it in the sink with soap and a sponge. It’s important to clean every edge of the screen since coffee drips may accumulate there.

Step 4 Clean The Needle On the Keurig

Cleaning the needle is necessary because coffee grounds can build up in it, keeping it from flowing and possibly growing mold. Clean it by hand by using a paper clip or safety pin, or you can use a brewer maintenance kit that comes with a rinse pod from Keurig.

Step 5 Start a Descaling Cycle

Start your coffee maker by plugging it in. Fill the water reservoir with white vinegar or Keurig descaling solution. Make sure to follow the directions on the solution bottle or to fill halfway with vinegar. Fill the remaining with fresh water. To use, place a mug below the brew head, open and close the lever, and press the brew button.

Step 6 Rinse Out The Water Reservoir

When the brew cycle is finished, throw away the solution and thoroughly rinse the water reservoir.

Step 7 Rinse For a Couple Of Cycles

Put water in the reservoir, place the cup under the brew head, and press the brew button. If you want to ensure that you won’t taste any lingering flavors of cleaning solution in your next cup of coffee, repeat this process 2-3 times.

Step 8 Cooldown The Coffee Maker

After cleaning the inside of the coffee maker, unplug it again for about 30 minutes so that it can cool down.

Step 9 Feel free to use your clean Keurig

You’re done! The coffee maker should now be clean and ready for your next brew.

How To Maintain Your Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker Regularly

1) After you have made a few cups of coffee, pour some plain water into a mug and then run it through. This will allow any leftovers from the filter area to be rinsed away before their subsequent use.

2) Try using filtered water in place of tap water if you have hard water or if your machine needs more frequent cleanings than is recommended.

3) Empty the reservoir and switch off your coffee maker before going on a trip or not using it for an extended period.

4) How do you clean a glass coffee pot? Make sure only to use natural cleaners, such as vinegar and salt. The salt makes it possible to remove burnt-on coffee stains or patches on the interior.


You can brew delicious coffee with Keurig’s inexpensive, compact coffee maker at the touch of a button. However, when it comes time to clean your Keurig coffee maker, the task of cleaning isn’t the most enjoyable, but doing so keeps your brewer going and is relatively easy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you clean your coffee maker properly to enjoy fresh coffee again!