How Do You Reset The Clean Light On A Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Cuisinart is one of the most popular and well-known coffee makers in the world today. They are in millions of households across the globe and produce some of the best coffee. But, one of the most common problems with these coffee makers is how to turn off the clean light on the Cuisinart coffee maker. The clean light may come on, but you may not know how to actually turn it off. This happened to my friend, and I couldn’t find any clear articles on how to actually do this. So, luckily we are here to help. Here is our in-depth guide on how to turn off the clean light on the Cuisinart coffee maker!

So you have bought a machine to satisfy your desire for coffee. You thought that your beloved Cuisinart Coffee Maker would be a good butler. A few days later, it tells you it needs cleaning. After you are done, the cleaning light is still blinking. Did it happen to you? Then you are not the only one. Many people are facing this problem and looking for answers.

How Often Should You Clean?

Well, the light does have a certain time it will come on or off. Rather, it will just come on when a certain amount of gunk is inside the Cuisinart coffee machine. But, experts recommended that you should clean Cuisinart coffee makers around every 4-6 months.

Cleaning A Cuisinart Coffee Maker – Clean Button On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Well, the clean light means it’s time for your machine to have a clean. But how do you clean your Cuisinart? Well, let me give you a quick run-down. Hopefully, cleaning your machine will get rid of the flashing light, but if it doesn’t, we have more solutions below. Step one is to remove the water filter located in the water reservoir. You then need to fill up your water reservoir with a mixture of white vinegar and water; make sure you fill it up to capacity.

Now, you have to make sure the ratio of your mixture is two-thirds water and one-third white vinegar; then, you want the solution to sit inside the water reservoir for around an hour. Now, to clean the machine, press the clean button when the self-cleaning light glows, then turn the machine on by clicking the power on button. Now, the machine will be in cleaning mode and cleaning out. You shouldn’t have to repeat this process. Now, rinse out your machine, and you will have a clean Cuisinart coffee maker!

How To Turn Off Clean Light On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Now, let’s answer the questions you’ve been waiting for. You own a Cuisinart coffee maker, but the light will not stop blinking. Despite you cleaning your machine thoroughly and making sure there is no gunk inside the machine, and you can even brew coffee, the clean light is still on. There is no solution to be found, but we have found one. The main reason the clean light will not turn off is that the cleaning cycle is not fully completed.

If you own a Cuisinart SS series, you have to press the 8oz and 6oz buttons at the same time to dispense water. This is a common fix to the cleaning light. The reason this works is that it flushes water through the machine, getting rid of any leftover vinegar or gunk inside the machine. This fix has helped many users, and if your Cuisinart coffee maker’s clean light is still on, it will not hurt to contact Cuisinart support and get them on the phone to see what’s wrong. They have a lovely customer support team that is willing to help get the best out of your coffee maker!

Here is another simple and easy way to turn off the clean light on the Cuisinart coffee maker.

Let’s now address the elephant in the room, why the Cuisinart coffee maker cleans light will not stop blinking. The incident probably goes like this, you see the cleaning light flashing and cleaning it as thoroughly as possible. But the clean light is still on. Many users faced this issue, but there is no solution in the instruction manual. We have gathered from the internet that this problem might occur if the cleaning cycle is not completed. If you have a Cuisinart SS series, press 8oz and 6 oz buttons together to dispense water. For the DCC series, push-button 1-4, and dispense like 12 cups of water. This flushing of water is necessary to get rid of the last remaining vinegar. This method worked for many users. If your brewer still keeps the clean light blinking, you might want a technician to look at it.

How Do I Use The Clean Button On My Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

To use the clean button, first, you need to fill up the water reservoir with the mixture of 1 third white vinegar and two-thirds water, then what you need to do is let it sit and click the clean button on the coffee maker. All you need to do is give the button a nice click, and the coffee machine will start to do all the work for you!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, our guide on how to turn off clean light on Cuisinart coffee maker! In conclusion, make sure you have actually cleaned out your machine, tried turning the machine on and off fully again, and you should also try doing a water cycle through your machine. But, if all else does fail, you should definitely contact Cuisinart support as they are lovely people willing to help you find the fix to your problems. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope we were able to help you, have a great day, and enjoy your CozyCoffee!

The appropriate way of operating any electronic device would be to follow the manual strictly. However, we often come across many unusual situations with the tools where we can’t find the solution to the problem in the manual and we are here for you. Your best buddy, Cuisinart needs to be taken care of regularly to get that perfect cup of coffee. So follow the maintenance procedure given in the manual. Apply these tricks we mentioned above, and you will not have to worry about how to turn off the clean light on the Cuisinart coffee maker.