How to Use Clean Function on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart coffee maker includes a clean button designed to facilitate effective cleaning. Wondering how to activate the clean feature on your Cuisinart coffee maker? Or perhaps, how to thoroughly clean your Cuisinart coffee maker? We’ll cover all necessary details on how to employ the clean function on the Cuisinart coffee maker in the article below.

Cuisinart has been at the top of the list of customer satisfaction. As cleaning is tedious work and it requires a lot of time and effort. So, Cuisinart has brought a self-cleaning button to help with cleaning. To get rid of the mineral buildup in the Cuisinart coffee maker, this is a time-saving and effortless option. To understand the Cuisinart self-cleaning option, read through the article till the end of it. 

How to Use the Clean Function on Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

When the calcification is impeding over the flavorful taste of coffee, the clean indicator will start flashing light. This option notifies that the Cuisinart coffee maker needs a deep cleaning to decalcify the build-up. We will be discussing how to decalcify the Cuisinart Coffee maker with the clean function in the following.

Step 1

To decalcify the mineral build-up in the water reservoir, deep cleaning is a necessary step. Without deep cleaning, the Cuisinart coffee maker will be unable to reach the optimum heat. Then the flavorful taste of the coffee will be affected. When it’s time, replace the water filter, and discard it. 

Step 2

Place the charcoal filter in the water for about 15-20 minutes. The charcoal filter has activated carbon. So, to get rid of the carbon dust, soaking it in water is a must. 

Step 3

Then make a solution of vinegar and water in 1:2. After that pour the solution into the water reservoir. This solution is acidic. So, the calcium build-up will degenerate due to acidity. After that put the reservoir in place. And add the new clean filter to run the cleaning cycle. 

Step 4

Now is the time to press the Cuisinart self-cleaning button. Usually, one cycle of self-cleaning is enough to get rid of the build-up. Standardly, the cycle lasts about 30-60 minutes which is longer than brewing coffee. So, be patient with the Cuisinart coffee maker

Step 5

When the cycle is done, the button will start beeping. After that, get rid of the boiling water. Let the decanter cool down before filling it up with cold water again. Then, remove the used filter. After filling up the decanter with cold water, reassemble it. Then start another cleaning cycle

Step 6

The final step is to place the charcoal filter in the reservoir that was left to soak. Alongside that, it is better to rinse and drain the reservoir before putting it into the Cuisinart coffee maker

How to Clean Other Parts of the Machine?

Deep cleaning is an obligatory step to maintain the Cuisinart Coffee maker. Aside from it, the base is very likely to have some handprints on it. It is quite unpleasant to see them. But fear not, removing the stain is easy.  All that needs to be done is to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Also, make sure that the coffee filter is cleaned after use. As it is unhygienic to leave the wet brown coffee residue in the basket. Leaving it for longer than it should be can be a reason for health issues. 

There are other detachable parts in the Cuisinart coffee machine. As coffee is enjoyed regularly, it is better to clean the Cuisinart coffee machine regularly too. In the following, we will be discussing how to clean other parts of the machine.

Step 1  

Unplugging the Cuisinart coffee machine is the most important step of all. Before unplugging, turn the machine off. Also, it is imperative to let the Cuisinart coffee machine cool down after recent use. Normally, it takes about 30 minutes before the coffee maker is cooled down. So, after half an hour check the body of the reservoir to be sure.

While cleaning the base, take proper precautions. It will be unfortunate to receive an electrical shock due to negligence. Therefore, never run it underwater. Just clean it with a damp cloth as mentioned earlier. 

Step 2

The next step is to remove the carafe along with the filter basket. Then throw the excess grounds from the basket and coffee from the carafe. If the model has an incorporated coffee grinder, remove that too. 

Step 3

After taking all of the removable parts, wash them in warm soapy water. Furthermore, it is better to refrain from using any harsh cleanser. Dry them thoroughly, before starting to use the detachable. 

There can be thick mineral build-up in the removable pieces. In this scenario, soak them in warm, soapy water before washing. Also, it is preferred to air-dry the washed items. 

Step 4

The most amazing feature of the Cuisinart coffee maker is the heating plate. As important as it is, cleaning it is also necessary. The heating plate can not be washed under running water as it is a part of the base. So, clean it with soap and a damp cloth. 

Step 5

Lastly, reassemble all the parts in the Cuisinart coffee maker after they are fully dried. Besides that, don’t forget to insert the water filter and the carafe in their original place. How silly it sounds, it is one of the common mistakes. Likewise, please make sure none of the parts are wet. As it will become a fire hazard if plugged in. 


Cuisinart coffee maker is an outstanding coffee machine. If used wisely and cleaned thoroughly when needed, the life expectancy can be increased tremendously. So, make sure to use the clean function of the Cuisinart coffee maker. It is programmed to help and notify about the nasty build-up. No one likes their coffee if it doesn’t have the rich caffeine flavor. So, to experience the coffee at its best, clean the Cuisinart coffee maker on a regular basis.