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Best Coffee Cuisinart DGB-700 Reviews

If you are the kind of person who cannot start their day without having your favorite cup of joe, you understand how important it is to have the best coffee maker. You need a machine that can ground your fresh coffee beans and brew in the perfect temperature to give you the perfect brew. The Cuisine DGB-700 coffee is one of the best coffee makers in the market today.

This coffee machine can brew up to 12 cups of coffee per cycle. It comes packed with many great features, which is impressive given the affordability of this machine. The inbuilt grinder will ensure you brew using fresh coffee grounds at all times, while the charcoal water filter protects the machine from mineral build-up.

As a programmable coffee maker, it comes packed with numerous controls that allow you to determine your brew quality. The timer function ensures there is a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Here is a comprehensive review of this coffee maker.

Overview and features of the Cuisinart coffee maker

The Cuisinart dgb-700 is the perfect machine for anyone who wants to have complete control of the brewing process, while still using a fully automated coffee machine. The twelve-cup capacity makes this home coffee maker the best choice if you live in a house with multiple coffee drinkers, or if you frequently have friends over who love coffee.

The fully programmable features of this machine allow you to pick the brewing time, the strength of your coffee, and the number of cups you need to brew if you don’t need the 12 cups.

The build 

One of the characteristics that make this coffee maker a favorite amongst many home browses is its wonderful design. It comes in a 16.73-inch height, giving it compact and sleep appearance. This makes it ideal even for households with limited kitchen counter space. The stainless-steel exterior provides the machine with a shiny fit and can blend with any kitchen décor.

The grinder 

The inbuilt burr grinder system is located at the top of the machine, occupying a small space. It has a bean hopper with an 8-ounce capacity that can store up to 0.5oz of coffee beans. It is made with a moisture-resistant lid to ensure the beans remain fresh and dry. The stainless-steel conical burr grinder is adjustable for different ground sizes. This coffee maker is perfect for avoiding wastage. This is thanks to the programmable feature that allows you to choose the amount of coffee beans you want to grind, depending on the number of cups you wish to brew. You can also choose the ground size and consistency, including bold, medium, and mild.

Ease of use 

Brewing your cup of coffee using the dgb-700 is relatively easy. Since it is a fully programmable coffee maker, you can have your coffee ready with the push of a button. You can use the timer feature to pre-set coffee brewing cycles round the clock.

For maintenance, the machine requires regular cleaning. The manufacturers recommended cleaning the bean hopper after ten uses. You can regularly wipe the coffee chute and clean the grinder to improve functionality. Cleaning the machine is relatively easy and only takes a few minutes.

Coffee quality and performance 

The dgb-700mis built to deliver excellent performance to ensure you enjoy the pleasure of flavor and richness in your coffee. The gold-tone flavor system ensures your coffee has a fresh flavor at all times. It works with a turntable grind control system that delivers the perfect grounds for your coffee beans to give it the beautiful coffee aroma. The charcoal water filter in this machine ensures your coffee is brewed with purified water without the need for a purifying machine. As an automatic machine, it measures the right amount of coffee to meet the quantity requirements and your coffee quality expectations.

If you like your coffee strong, the brew strength setting allows you to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it. Regardless of your preferred coffee taste, this Cuisinart coffee machine will deliver. The 24-hour programming feature comes with an adjustable 4-hour shutoff system to ensure your coffee can be brewed whenever you want.

Programmable options 

The coffee maker comes with an LED control panel that displays the brew time and your selected brew strength. You can set the timer on this control panel to prompt the coffee maker to start brewing whenever you want. This is the best feature for people who prefer to wake up to a ready cup of coffee.

The brew-pause feature ensures you can pour a cup of coffee before the brew cycle completes. With a press of a button, you can pause the brew cycle, pour a cup of coffee and then allow it to complete the cycle. This function is only active for 20 seconds, after which the brew cycle commences. Therefore, ensure you replace the carafe after pouring.

The filters 

The DGB-700 coffee machine comes with a gold-tone coffee filter and a charcoal water filter system to ensure the brewing water is free from mineral deposits and harmful chemicals. This ensures the quality and taste of your coffee is maintained at all times. Ensure you replace the charcoal filter at least once every six months.

FAQs about the Cuisinart DGB-700 

How does the programming feature work?

If you need to grind your coffee, you will first need to program it to complete the grinding process before it can brew your coffee.

How can you clean the grinder?

You first need to open and clean the filter housing to remove the content. Open the cover of the hopper and turn the knob to unlock and open for cleaning. Once done, pull the lever back to open the chute for cleaning. You can clean the cute using a soft brush.


The Cuisinart dgb-700 is a highly versatile coffee machine that guarantees to make high-quality coffee every day. It is relatively an easy to use coffee machine, making it perfect for home coffee maker users new to the home brewing game. It is highly durable and guarantees years of service. The advanced programmability features, state of the art water filter and grinder system makes this machine the perfect choice for any home.

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