How To Clean Cuisinart On Demand Coffee Maker

Kicking off your day properly means having that perfect cup of coffee first thing in the morning. However, maintaining cleanliness in your coffee maker is crucial, yet it often gets overlooked. Considering you use this device multiple times a day, it’s vital. Your Cuisinart coffee maker needs consistent upkeep. Wondering how to steer clear of an expensive error by discovering the most effective and easiest way to clean and upkeep your coffee maker? You’ve found the right spot! 

Cleaning the Cuisinart On Demand Coffee Maker

Cuisinart coffee machines probably confuse you regarding how to clean them. It is important to clean both the exterior and interior of your Cuisinart coffee maker regularly to maintain it. How should you clean this type of coffee maker? Let’s go over the steps.

How to Clean Cuisinart On Demand Coffee Maker Regularly

Step 1:

Before cleaning, always switch off the coffee maker and remove the plug from the electrical socket. Open the reservoir cover. Hot coffee may be present in the coffee reservoir. Lift only after it has cooled down. Remove the filter and grind coffee from the reservoir.

Step 2:

From the coffee maker, remove the drip tray, brew basket, and coffee reservoir. You can wash and rinse them either in hot water with soap or in the dishwasher’s upper rack. Ensure all parts are thoroughly dry after use.

Step 3:

After removing the filter basket and coffee reservoir, do not fill the coffee maker with water. Using a damp cloth, wipe the area beneath the reservoir.

Step 4:

The reservoir top and reservoir should not be washed in the dishwasher. Clean them well with a wet, soapy cloth that is not abrasive. When drying the inside of the water reservoir, do not use a cloth because lint might remain.

Step 5:

Clean all parts of the coffee maker with a soft cloth rather than scouring agents or harsh cleaners.

Step 6:

The base unit should not ever be submerged in water or other liquids. You can clean the base by wiping it off with a clean, wet towel and letting it dry before storing it. Cleaning the housing with soap and water or with a nonabrasive solution removes fingerprints and other imperfections as well.

Step 7:

When cleaning the warming plate, avoid rough, abrasive materials and cleansers. It is not recommended to use a cloth to dry the inside of the water reservoir because there may be lint left.

How To Perform Decalcification Cuisinart On Demand Coffee Maker

Decalcification of the brewer is also necessary since it eliminates any coffee oil accumulation and decalcifies the system. In decalcification, the metal parts of the coffee maker are cleaned of calcium and other mineral deposits that form over time. Is it taking your coffee maker longer than normal to brew? Perhaps the brewer is calcifying.

If your coffee maker flashes the Clean light when you switch it on, calcium accumulation is interfering with the machine’s workings and impacting the quality of the coffee.

Step 1:

Be sure to remove your charcoal water filter from the water filter holder in your coffeemaker’s water reservoir before decalcifying it.

Step 2:

Clean the water reservoir by filling it with a mixture of ⅛ white vinegar and ⅔ fresh water.

Step 3:

To clean, select the Clean button. Turn on the coffee maker by pushing the ON/OFF button when the Self-clean light appears. You will see the Clean light shine constantly. Now the coffee maker is set to Clean mode.

A single cycle should be enough to thoroughly clean the coffee maker. At the end of the cycle, five beeps will be heard, and the coffee maker will turn off.

Step 4:

Check if the Clean light is still on the coffee maker after turning it on. In that case, turn it off and begin cleaning with a new vinegar and water solution.

Step 5:

If the Clean light does not appear anymore, turn off the coffee maker and run a fresh cycle of cold water through it before brewing more coffee.

If you want the best performance from your On Demand Coffee maker, you need to decalcify the base unit from time to time. The frequency of decalcifying your coffee maker is influenced by two factors: the hardness of the tap water and how often you use it. A clean light will flash when it is time to clean your coffee maker.


You can see that cleaning your beloved coffee maker is not a difficult job. We hope you have found this article informative about how to maintain your Cuisinart On Demand coffee maker to keep it in prime condition. Now, just follow our cleaning instructions, and you will have fresh and flavourful morning coffee every time.