🥇☕Best Automatic Coffee Machine in 2024

Should the idea of standing in a crowded café, queuing for an expensive cup of coffee that could effortlessly be brewed at home, not appeal to you, perhaps it’s the right moment to consider investing in an automatic coffee maker. Such a device will handle the entire coffee-making process for you.

Today, there are numerous trendy ways of brewing coffee at home. The options available include expresso makers, cold brew makers, French presses and even single-serve brewers. As a lover of coffee, one of the best ways to brew a delicious cup of coffee is by using an automatic coffee maker. The best automatic coffee machine makes it possible for you to make strong, full-flavour coffee for one person or more.

The market is flooded with a range of automatic coffee machines. The models and brands alone can make your head spin. This article puts together the best automatic coffee makers in 2024, and everything you need to know before buying an automatic coffee machine.

Automatic coffee machine buying guide 

If you are in the market for an automatic coffee maker, here is what to look for to ensure you get nothing but the best one.

Coffee capacity

The coffee capacity of an automatic coffee maker is one of the factors you need to consider. It would be best if you considered how many people will need to use the machine every day to brew a cup.

The programming features 

One of the best things about automatic coffee brewers is the ability to be turned on or off. Some coffee makers can remain hot for a while before automatically turning itself off. These automatic functions are ideal if you like waking up to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee without the need of manually brewing it.

Ensure you go for a coffee maker that is easy to program. This is especially important if you choose a coffee maker that takes time to brew.

Pausing mid-brew

The best automatic coffee maker should be able to pause mid-brew to allow you to get a cup before it finishes brewing the whole batch. This feature allows you to have your coffee without having to wait for the brew to complete, especially if you make coffee for a lot of people.

The water filters 

This feature is especially important if your kitchen tap does not have a filter. A filter in your automatic coffee maker will ensure that you brew using filtered water, which is recommended for maintaining good machine mechanical condition and making coffee with the best flavor. Choose a machine that comes with a built-in water filter to ensure your coffee comes out with the best taste.

Remember to replace the water filter as recommended by the manufacturer.

Coffee grinder 

It is possible to get a machine with an inbuilt grinder or get the grinder separately. Generally, automatic coffee machines with inbuilt grinders are more costly than the ones without. Having a machine with an inbuilt grinder may be cheaper in the long run, and saves on kitchen counter space.

Automatic milk frothing

If you love your coffee white, an automatic coffee machine should have an inbuilt milk frothing feature. The best machines will froth the milk for you to ensure you can enjoy your cappuccinos and lattes without doing all the manual work.

SCAA certification 

The best automatic coffee machine should be reviewed and certifies by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. With this stamp of approval, you can trust that it meets required quality standards recommended by SCA.

The best automatic coffee machine recommendations 

Our Recommendation – Saeco Incanto Classic Milk Frother Super-Automatic Machine 


This is a machine that automatically produces a fix of expresso in no time. This Italian design machine can produce up to four coffee mugs at the touch of one button. It comes in a beautifully styles black and stainless steel make. It also comes with an inbuild carafe and the famous Saeco ceramic coffee grinder with up to five different grinder settings. The best part of this classic automatic machine is the inbuilt milk frother that ensures exceptionally smooth froths.

Our Recommendation – Phillips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine 

Whether you are in the mood for a cup of cappuccino, americano or macchiato, the Phillips 3200 can make it happen with just one push of a button. This automatic coffee machine comes with an easy to maintain milk reservoir that can be rinsed under a running tap. The machine comes with a display for easy operating, and it guides you through the coffee-making process. You can adjust the aroma and strength of your coffee with the 3-settings in the machine to get your perfect brew. It also comes with a 12-step inbuilt grinder with an aroma seal to ensure your coffee remains fresh for longer. You can make up to 5000 cups before you need to descale.

Our Recommendation – De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine 

if you are in need of the best automatic coffee maker at an affordable price, you will love the De’Longhi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine. This machine has a true brew process that delivers full-bodied, smooth iced coffee by using lower brewing temperatures. It also pre-infuses and infuses your coffee over ice to give you the perfect blend. The heat-up time in this machine is less than forty seconds. It has a bean-to-cup brewing system using the inbuilt steel burr grinder. It also has a manual frother for easy customization of your perfect froth for a rich, creamy cup of latte. It is easy to clean, and the components are dishwasher friendly.

How to get the most of your automatic coffee machine 

Now that you know three of the best automatic coffee machines, you need to know how to make the most of it.

Use the right beans 

Always ensure you get the best coffee beans for your automatic coffee machine. Avoid beans with very oily textures as they can damage your machine.

Use filtered water 

While some automatic machines come with a water filter, you can improve a machine’s functionality by using readily filtered water. This is especially important for people living in places with hard water.

Descaling your machine 

Most machines will require descaling after being used for several months. Descaling is a maintenance process for automatic machines. It ensures they continue to function properly and that you enjoy years of service.


There is a lot that goes into buying the best automatic coffee machine. With this recommendations guide, you can be sure to get nothing but the best. With any of the three recommended makes, you are sure to enjoy perfectly brewed coffee any time. Another option you can also consider is the nitro cold brew home system.