How To Turn On Bunn Coffee Maker

Since the 1950s, Bunn has been in the business of crafting coffee makers. Their commitment to excellence in coffee production has resulted in some of the best coffee makers available on the market today. With a wide array of Bunn coffee makers to choose from, each functions a bit differently. Depending on the specific model of Bunn coffee maker you own, you might have to tweak the settings to properly brew a cup of coffee.

The Way To Turn On The Bunn Coffee Maker

By pressing the ‘On’ switch, turn your Bunn coffee maker on and wait 15 minutes for the water to get warm. The following steps will help you turn your Bunn coffee maker on correctly. 

Step 1. Plug in your coffee maker to the power source.

Step 2. Activate the coffee maker by pressing it on the ‘On’ button. It is located on the bottom part of the coffee maker.

Step 3. Now wait for the coffee maker to reach the right temperature before brewing. It may take 15 minutes for the coffee maker to reach the ideal temperature.

The Bunn Coffee Maker Isn’t Brewing 

If you notice that your coffee maker doesn’t brew the water properly, you need to troubleshoot to find out what’s wrong. It is usually due to a faulty heating element or a malfunctioning thermostat. Additionally, the control board, thermal fuses, or even the water heater switch could malfunction on your Bunn coffee maker.

In most cases, it is due to a lack of water in the brewer. Another possibility could be that the brew switch isn’t on, or that there is some problem with the switch. The plumbing and water supply to the brewer need to be checked to resolve the lack of water issue.

Setting Up A Bunn Coffee Maker For The First Use

It is important to note that you should not plug in the Bunn coffee maker until you have completed the set up. If you plug it in before it’s ready, it might be permanently damaged. First set up means only filling water reservoirs with water.

There’s a lot more to the set up than that; the detailed explanation might sound confusing. Our instructions will be extra clear when explaining how to set up a Bunn coffee maker the first time. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Step 1. Turn It Off

On the bottom right side of the brewer is a switch for heating water. In the initial set up, it is not recommended that you turn this switch on, because it will damage your coffee maker. This switch must be turned off during initial set up.

Step 2: Fill The Reservoir With Water

To ensure that the coffee maker functions properly, its reservoir must always be filled with water. When the water heating switch is activated, the coffee maker’s heaters immediately begin heating the water whenever you turn it on.

Step 3. Ensure the Brew Funnel Is In Place

Once the coffee maker has been turned off, the first step is to ensure that the brew funnel is in place. During this step, don’t put a paper filter inside the funnel. Fill the Bunn’s carafe to the top with filtered water once the brew funnel is in place.

Step 4. Open The Lid

Upon opening the lid, you’ll notice a white lever underneath. The white lever will be pushed down as soon as water is poured into the coffee maker. You need to close the lid once you have poured water into the coffee maker. After closing the lid, the water will flow into the water tank.

Step 5. Place Carafe On The Warmer

The empty carafe should be placed on the warmer before you close the lid. In this way, the carafe will collect the water in case the coffee maker starts to pour it. During this stage, water probably will not be released, but it is still a good idea to be prepared.

Step 6. Repeat The Process Again

It will take about three to five minutes for the water to flow into the tank. You’ll then need to repeat the process once more in order to completely fill the reservoir of the coffee maker.


There is nothing like a cup of coffee to brighten even the darkest day. Coffee makers like those made by Bunn offer brews as fast as possible, so people on the go can brew coffee right away.

If you have a Bunn coffee maker in your kitchen, we hope you’ve thought about taking it out, setting it up, and enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee.