🥇☕Best Carafe And Pod Coffee Maker in 2024

If you find yourself looking for a coffee maker that gives you the option to brew for one person or a pot for more people, it is time to consider getting a 2-way coffee maker. By investing in the best carafe and pod coffee maker, you stand to improve your home brewing experience.

What is a dual coffee maker?

Commonly also referred to as a 2-way coffee maker or a 2-in-1 coffee maker, a dual way coffee maker is a type of machine made with double coffee brewing machines in one. The main purpose of investing in a 2-way coffee machine is to enjoy the option of brewing a pot of coffee when you have people at your place, or brewing a single-serve coffee straight to your travel mug or coffee cup when brewing for one.

Some dual coffee makers come with a coffee brewing side and a hot water dispensing side. This way, you can brew instant tea or cocoa when the craving strikes. It is essential to confirm the type of coffee maker you are interested in before picking one from the shelves. This ensures you get the right dual coffee maker for your needs.

For machines with dual coffee brewing sides, the single-serve side brews with pods or k-cups while the pot side brews using ground coffee. The best carafe and pod coffee maker should be able to use ground coffee for both brewing sides.

The main advantage of having a 2-way coffee maker is the convenience of brewing single-serve coffee for one person or a whole pot for a group using one machine. Some machines allow users to brew from both sides at the same time. Dual coffee makers are the best choice when you want minimum coffee wastage because you only use enough coffee for each brew a needed.

What should you consider when buying the best carafe and pod coffee maker?

The serving capacity

This is an important factor to consider, especially when comparing the side of the 2-way machine that makes the pot batch. The best choice is a machine that can brew for at least 10 servings on the pot brewing side. This way, you do not need to brew too many cycles to satisfy your household’s coffee needs.

Coffee machine combination

This is an essential factor to consider when getting a 2-way coffee maker. 2-way coffee makers are available in many different types, including:

k-cup or pod machine

These make up the single-serve part of the best carafe and pod coffee maker. They work in the same way as standalone serve single machines. The K-cups or pods come in small sealed packages that are placed in the machine when you need to brew.

Drip coffee machines

This is a type of coffee maker that has a hot water chamber. This is where the water dripping on the coffee bed comes from. The water passes through a filter when making your coffee. Drip coffee machines are low maintenance and are the best choice for brewing large batches of coffee or one cup of coffee.

Espresso machines

An espresso machine brews by forcing water through a tightly packed filter in high pressure. This work to ensure even coffee saturation and maximum extraction. The result of this high-pressure extraction is a rich and strong shot of coffee. Some espresso machines come with a steam wand for frothing milk when you need to make lattes and cappuccinos.

Display and programmable features

Like all coffee makers for home use, the best carafe and pod coffee maker comes with an array of display settings and programmable features. It should allow you to set a brew cycle at night for the brew to commence in the morning before you awake. This way, you wake up to a fresh cup of coffee without doing the brewing. This is an ideal feature for people who do not have time to brew coffee in the morning manually.

It is also advisable to choose a 2-way coffee maker with a digital display. This makes it easy for you to easily navigate the brewing process, which may not be possible when using a machine with no digital display.

Size of the coffee machine

Before investing in a kitchen appliance, it is always advisable to check that you have enough counter space for the machine you want. This goes for 2-way coffee machines too. Some types of 2-way machines are big and heavy, while others are compact and portable. Always consider the kitchen counter space before investing in a 2-way coffee maker.


The best carafe and pod coffee maker is one that is made from durable material and has quality parts. Consider the reputation of a brand when buying a coffee machine to get the best ones in the market, and never buy a product without a warranty. You can learn a lot about a brand and specific models by checking online for user reviews.

Your budget

The price range for 2-way coffee makers can confuse any buyer. You will find a difference of hundreds of dollars between a simple machine and a sophisticated one. This should not scare you. Before going to the market, first, determine how much money you plan on spending on a coffee maker. This way, you will not go broke for buying a coffee machine. Affordable dual coffee makers can also make good coffee, sometimes better than the high-end machines. The trick to the best coffee maker is taking your time when choosing.

The brand, features material, programmability, and ease of use are the factors used to determine the market price of coffee makers.


Part of the convenience of having a 2-way coffee maker is the hustle free cleaning and maintenance. It is important to learn the cleaning requirements of a specific type of coffee maker before buying. The best coffee maker should be easy to clean as a way of saving time and resources. Consider a coffee machine with a self-clean feature for low maintenance needs.


The best carafe and pod coffee maker should offer you convenience when brewing your high quality and tasty coffee. With this guide, you only choose the best dual coffee makers in the market.