Why does My Ninja Coffee Maker Keep Shutting

The Ninja coffee maker is well-known for its useful features. However, no matter how excellent these devices are, they’re prone to issues without regular upkeep. Your coffee maker falls into this category as well. Are you curious to find out the reason behind your ninja coffee maker continually shutting off? We’ll delve deeply into this topic in the article below, so make sure to keep reading until the very end.

Ninja coffee maker has owned the heart of its customers. Not just by its long life expectancy, but also by offering a rich experience of coffee making. But without regular cleaning, the machine will start malfunctioning and may not perform well. And also if the broken part is not replaced in time, it will surely die early on you. Here we will talk about the reasons why the Ninja coffee maker is shutting off. 

Why does My Ninja Coffee Maker Keep Shutting?

There are various reasons for a coffee maker’s malfunctions. The major ones are the thick build-up in the inner domain of the coffee maker. To make the coffee, water is one of the ingredients. But this mineral will build up after prolonged use of the water.

Furthermore if the detachable is not placed in the designated place, the coffee maker won’t be able to continue its function. As the coffee maker is very sensitive. Other than that, some of the broken parts may interrupt the brewing cycle. Below we will discuss the main reasons behind the problem.

Detachable Coffee Makers Not Placed Properly

The coffee maker has quite a few detachable. There is a filter-basket, coffee filter, and water reservoir. When the detachable is not in its designated place, it will start indicating. Also, the coffee maker is very sensitive. 

When the coffee maker is beeping for 5 seconds, first check if the filter basket is properly slid inside. If not, take out the filter basket. While sliding the basket, wait for the snap sound. The snapping sound confirms that the detachable is in its place. 

The build-up in the Coffee Maker

The coffee maker will build up calcium minerals after months of use. Because one of the key ingredients of coffee is mineral water. So, if it’s not regularly cleaned, there is bound to be some calcified build-up. To decalcify it, white vinegar is a must. Here is how to clean the build-up:

You can clean the mineral deposits that are causing the issue easily. A vinegar solution will break the build-up. The cleaning solution ratio will be 1:2 of vinegar and water. Run a brewing cycle with the cleaning solution once in three months. 

This approach towards the stubborn build-up will surely help the coffee maker. And if the reason for shutting is calcified build-up, the problem will be solved. 

Water Reservoir Not Filled Properly

The water reservoir channels water to make the coffee. If there is not enough water then there is a high chance of a malfunction. So, check the water reservoir water level when there is a beeping sound. This is a silly mistake to make. But we humans are silly. So, this is one of the most common reasons for the coffee maker’s malfunction. 

Malfunctioned Parts

One of the reasons for the brewing shut-off is broken parts. If you have already checked all the reasons, and nothing was amiss, maybe the broken part is causing problems. In this case,  check the base of the coffee maker

There is a plastic valve that may be broken. As the valve is in the water reservoir. So, take it out to see if it’s controlling the water flow properly. If not then, you need to replace the valve. There is no other way. 

You can change the broken part by yourself, or call a coffee maker maintenance guy. If it’s in the warranty period, call the customer service of Ninja coffee maker. They might help you to fix the coffee maker free of charge. Even if the machine is not under warranty coverage, they can help you with information.


How Many Times Do I Clean the Coffee Maker?

Hygiene is important to your coffee maker. So, clean the coffee maker regularly after use. Take out the detachable and wash them with soapy water once in two weeks. Besides that,  do a deep cleaning once in two to three months. 

The coffee maker will start indicating clean light if there is a buildup. Naturally, it will start shutting in the mid-brew. As the build-up will clog up the insides. So, Clean the coffee maker properly. This will also enhance your coffee experience.  

Can I Start Brewing Right After Cleaning?

Cleaning is important to sustain the Ninja coffee maker. But we use either our CLR solution or vinegar to clean. So, after using the cleaning solution, run a clean water cycle. As this will wash out the remaining of the solutions. Also, run the clean water solution at least 3-4 times. Because we don’t wish to taste vinegar or CLR in the coffee. 

Why Does The Coffee Maker Auto Shut Off?

The Ninja coffee maker has a program called auto-shut-off. This feature helps you to keep the coffee warm. After the completion of the brewing cycle, you can take out the whole brewed coffee in one go. Or you can store the coffee in the coffee maker

As we can’t enjoy cold coffee. Hencedetachable has introduced the auto-off button. This will automatically keep the coffee warm for 2 hours. You can program warm time to 0 to 4 hours. 


Ninja Coffee Maker is one of the best kitchen appliances. The life expectancy of it is about 5 years. Furthermore, with appropriate use and maintenance, it will ensure a rich experience. The brand has always offered a cafe-life coffee experience. And it can keep doing it with our help. As long as we clean the coffee maker.  

Also, if the malfunction occurs during the 3 year warranty period, you can always ask the customer service. If it’s not due to negligence, the brand has promised to change the malfunctioning parts.