How to Use The West Bend Coffee Maker 

Produced by The West Bend Company, West Bend Coffee represents a line of products crafted since 1913. The company has a long history of manufacturing both cooking utensils and small kitchen appliances. West Bend has developed a variety of coffee machines suitable for both small and large households. Their coffee makers are capable of brewing up to 42 cups of coffee at once, facilitating the preparation of “American-style” coffee. Wondering how to operate a West Bend Coffee Maker?

This machine is ideal for family, school, and church use. It is easy to use, and almost anyone can make great coffee in minutes. In this article, we will let you know how to operate the West Bend Coffee maker. We will also discuss how to clean the appliance.

How to Make Coffee in the West Bend Coffee Maker? 

Before using your West Bend coffee maker, you must disconnect the power supply and clean it thoroughly. If you make coffee with your crushed coffee bean, then it must be coarsely ground and it shouldn’t be like powder. . Follow these steps below are for making the best coffee in your coffee maker.

Step 1

First, remove the cover, basket, and stems from the coffeemaker. Then fill the reservoir with cold water. You can use any clean, fresh water you want, but using filtered water will prevent mineral deposits inside the machine. You should never have any other flavoring drinks or liquids in the reservoir. Make sure you are adding the right amount of water to the machine.

Step 2

Now place the steam in the heating unit at the bottom of the coffeemaker, then place the basket on top of the steam. Spread the ground coffee evenly in the basket in the proper quantity. Avoid using fine ground coffee as we said earlier. Make sure to use the filter as per the user manual.

Step 3

To start making coffee, put the lid on the West Bend Coffee Maker so that the coffee does not spill out. Then Place the coffeemaker on a dry, level surface ‍and plug the coffee maker into a 120-volt outlet. It will take 1 minute for West Bend Coffee Maker to make every cup of coffee. When the coffee is made, the machine will shut down automatically. 

Step 4

When the coffee is ready, the serving light will light up. First, remove the cover with a hot pad and then carefully remove the metal stems and baskets. Using it will prevent any chances of burning the finger by heat. Now you can serve the coffee and enjoy.

As long as the coffeemaker is connected to the outlet, the coffee will remain at serving temperature. If you want to keep the coffee hot for up to two hours without electricity, you can use an insulated coffeemaker.

How to Clean the Coffee Maker 

Cleaning a coffee maker is very important. Each part, such as a reservoir, lid, coffee basket, and heating unit, should be cleaned regularly after one use. Some coffee grounds and buildups also remain in the coffee basket after the coffee is made. If you don’t clean it completely, the coffee made by this machine will taste bitter. 

Follow these steps to clean a West Bend Coffee Maker:

  1. You should read your West Bend Coffee Maker’s guide thoroughly before cleaning. First, disconnect the coffeemaker and let it cool.
  2. Then wash the machine lid, basket, and stem with hot soapy water using a dishcloth. Then dry everything.
  3. If necessary, coffee stains on the bottom of the cover or stem can be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth.
  4. Then, fill your coffee maker’s water reservoir with about one-third clean hot water. Then add a small amount of liquid dishwasher detergent and wash the dish with a cloth or sponge.
  5. Now thoroughly clean the coffee residue and other dirt that has accumulated inside with a scouring.
  6. Rinse with clean water to clean the inside of the coffeemaker. To clean the faucet, turn the faucet handle up and down to allow clean water to pass through it. Then drain the coffee maker and dry it.
  7. After finishing the cleaning work inside, clean the outside. Use a damp cloth to clean. Then dry with a soft clean cloth.

How to Descale the Coffee Maker

Water is one of the most important ingredients in making coffee. Hard Water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which accumulate in the form of lime in the heating unit of your coffee machine. The process of removing these minerals from the coffee maker is called descaling. So when you descale something, that means you’re removing that buildup. 

The buildup is not visible on the machine, and it can harm the performance of your machine. It can also affect the heating element of the machine and reduce its heating capacity. And the coffee won’t be hot enough to enjoy. If the water is not as hot as it needs to be, your coffee will not get the full flavor from the beans. The buildup can also stop the flow of water. If you don’t clean the coffee maker, the coffee will become more bitter day by day.

Here is how to descale your West Bend Coffee maker:

  1. Empty your coffee maker first. Remove water or coffee leftover from the carafe and water reservoir.
  2. Then fill your coffee maker’s water reservoir in equal parts with white vinegar and water. A paper filter should be used in the basket to prevent water residue and other dirt from accumulating inside.
  3. Now turn on your coffee maker the way you make coffee and stop this after a few minutes. After that, turn off the coffee maker and leave it for an hour.
  4. Again restart your coffee maker. This will help the coffee maker to clean the residue better.
  5. Now remove the cleaning solution and fill the machine with clean water. Run a brew cycle. Repeat this several times to remove the vinegar smell from the device. 


The West Bend Coffee Maker can be a great way to make your coffee without much effort. If you have just bought a West Bend Coffee Maker, we hope that the above guides will help you to use and maintain the appliance.