How To Clean a Bella Coffee Maker

Do you know that a Coffee Maker Reservoir can become a Breeding Ground for Many Types of Yeast?

It is now proved that different types of infections and allergies can be the result of having coffee from an unclean coffee maker.

The same situation you might be having with your Bella coffee maker. In this condition, you definitely need to clean your coffee maker.

This article will tell you more about how to clean the Bella coffee maker using white vinegar.

The cleaning process ensures that your Bella coffee maker runs smoothly and gives you a fresh cup of coffee every day.

Why Should I Clean my Bella Coffee Maker Regularly?

There are two types to keep regular maintenance and cleaning of Bella coffee maker.

  1. To Prevent Allergy and Infection

You will find calcium deposits in the interior parts of your coffee maker; if you don’t clean or descale your machine regularly. Also, it forms fungus, yeast, and mold on the coffee pot reservoir.

There are chances of having an infection and various other allergies if you will keep drinking coffee from such a coffee maker.

So, to avoid these issues, it is important to clean and descale the coffee maker regularly.

  1. To Maintain the Taste and Freshness of Coffee

It is recommended to clean and descale the coffee maker on a regular basis.

Regular cleaning helps to maintain the taste and freshened coffee.

If you do not clean your coffee maker regularly, then the yeast and mold which is formed internally will be mixed in your brew coffee; hence the result will be a bitter taste in coffee.

How Often Should We Clean Bella Coffee Maker?

Spot-cleaning is easy and quick. You should clean the coffee maker after every time you use, to ensure that your machine runs well.

This will not take much longer time; only 15-20 minutes are enough.

Descaling machine should be done every 3-4 months; it depends on the mineral content of the water as well.

Tip: To get the best taste in coffee, every morning, rinse the tank and then fill it with fresh water. It will make a difference for sure. Also, once a week, thoroughly wash the water tank with mild soap

How to Clean the Exterior of the Coffee Maker?

The exterior of a coffee maker is as important as an interior. It should be cleaned as well as it is exposed to dust all the time.

Here is how you can clean the exterior

  • First, remove the coffee maker from the socket.
  • Now take off the reservoir and the drip tray.
  • Wipe the coffee machine using a damp cloth.
  • Then use a dry cloth to clean it.
  • Your Keurig 2.0 coffee maker is all clean from the exterior.

How to Use Vinegar to Clean Bella Coffee Maker?

This will make sure that your coffee machine keeps performing to the best of its ability.

Suppose the water you use for brewing coffee is hard, then this cleaning method is highly recommended. You have to clean the coffee maker after every 15 days or two weeks at least.

Cleaning is done to ensure that the coffee maker will keep performing to the best of its ability.


  • Vinegar
  • Filter paper (8-12 cupcake size)
  • Coldwater


Step 1- make a mixture of water and vinegar. Take a glass carafe and fill it with 4 cups of cold water and 6 cups of white vinegar.

Step 2-Now pour this water-vinegar mixture into the water reservoir of your coffee maker

Step 3-put 8-12 cupcake style paper filters and put them in the removable filter basket.

Step 4-Put the removable filter basket in the basket holder.

Step 5-properly Place the empty class carafe on the warm plate. Put the lid of the carafe in its place.

Step 6-there is a “keep warm” button on your Bella coffee maker, press and hold it for few seconds.

Once the LCD display shows a “clean” message, then release the button.

Step 7-to To begin the actual internal cleaning of the coffee maker, presses the on/off button. With a beep sound, the light will turn on, and the coffee maker will brew the mixture of water and vinegar.

Step 8-wait for thirty minutes to complete the whole cleaning process.

Once the process is completed the light of the on/off button will be

Step 9-after After cleaning the coffee maker with vinegar, it is important to clean it with clean water as well. Fill the water reservoir with clean water.

Step 10-repeat the same process 2-3 times by brewing with clean water. This cycle will clean all the vinegar residues from the machine.

Step 11- Now, take out all removable parts of the coffee maker (this includes glass carafe and removable coffee filter) and wash them with clean water.

Your coffee maker is all clean and ready to use.


  • Always unplug the coffee maker before cleaning.
  • Check the plate is warm or hot. If it is hot, then wait for it to cool down.
  • When brewing is completed, remove the permanent filter.
  • Be careful with the machine’s cord, plugs, and other electrical parts while cleaning.
  • Use regular or cool temperature water for cleaning. Hot water will damage the coffee maker.
  • Never put anything apart from water and coffee in the coffee maker.
  • Make sure the coffee maker doesn’t have any damaged parts before cleaning. If you have any damaged parts, then repair them first to avoid deterioration or any other further damage.

Bottom Line

Bella coffee maker is straightforward to clean only if you know how to do it. The things which you need are white vinegar, cold water, and a descaling solution. You can also do cleaning with coffee maker cleaning powder.

To ensure that your coffee maker is free from bacteria and mold, clean it twice a month.