🥇☕ILSA Stainless Steel Neapolitan Coffee Maker With Spout Review

The goods and bads of Ilsa stainless steel Neapolitan coffee maker

– Advantages

The flagship of this product is its well-balanced design, which combines the classic shape of the traditional Neapolitan coffee maker with the refinement of modern aesthetics.

– Disadvantages 

Although the preparation of coffee is an art well known to the Italian public, the absence of instructions can make it difficult when choosing the right doses of blend and water.

– Bottom line: 9.8/10

The Ilsa Neapolitan coffee maker built in respect of tradition with an elegant design and equipped with long handles to eliminate the risk of burns. The strength of stainless steel chosen for construction and the advantage of resistance for the absence of plastic gaskets between joints.

Description of the main features   

– The distinction between tradition and modernity

Naples is the home of good coffee, and the best coffee maker models are inspired by the Neapolitan culture, compared to the best stovetop espresso makers. The design of this Ilsa brand product equipped with two classic elements. The lower part, in which water is inserted and, separately, the coffee blend, has been designed with a flat bottom to be placed above the grill of a gas stove or placed on an electric heating plate. Once the coffee is ready, the device overturned, allowing the drink to settle on the bottom of the second element and served on the cups through a spout. The classic shape and operation are combined with the elegance of an essential design that reflects light on its metal surface, and features curved inserts,

– The merits of steel 

 The skill of its preparation, there is no doubt that the materials also play a leading role in the quality of a Neapolitan coffee maker. The Ilsa model can boast a structure entirely made of stainless steel, one of the most used metal alloys in the kitchen for its advantageous properties. First of all, it is undoubtedly its robustness, which allows this product to withstand well the impacts and the high temperatures developed, avoiding among other things the risk of a thermal shock in case of washing with cold water. In addition to this, stainless steel can withstand contact with water or with slightly acid coffee blends without presenting corrosion risks.

– Safety and long life

The Ilsa model stands out among the best Neapolitan coffee makers for its design elements, which aim to guarantee the safety of those who use it, especially concerning heat. The length of its two handles allows you to take a comfortable position when pouring coffee and also protects you from the risk of having your hands too close to the incandescent body of the machine. The lid also has the purpose of insulating the flat bottom, still hot from contact with the plate, once the coffee maker turned over. The absence of plastic gaskets significantly increases the life of the product, as well as sealing the inside, avoiding leaks during preparation. Check out the nitro cold brew coffee machine if you enjoyed this article.

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