🥇☕The Perfect Tips For Making An Ideal Coffee


Alongside enjoying several cups of coffee and an engaging lesson, we’ve divulged the recipe for crafting excellent coffee in your own kitchen. (Don’t miss our home nitro coffee machine)

You can drink coffee that empezase of duty when you entered college and needed a shot of energy, but since then, you have learned to appreciate and enjoy each cup.

Capsules and specialty coffee shops have made it very easy to have a cup of quality and full of nuances today, but there are still many people who don’t know very well how to prepare a good coffee at home.

That is why you have approached some favorite cafeteria to ask for advice from one of the best baristas, and this is the advice we have given you.

You have approached Cafetaza, favorite cafeteria, to speak with the barista after Trike Coffee Roasters. You can imagine how interesting it has been to talk about coffee with a professional barista who has won several national awards.

How to make a good coffee at home

It is useless to buy the best coffee in the world if, when preparing it, we screw up and end up with the same result as if we had obtained roasted. That’s why here are a few tips to make a good coffee at home with the help of a Moka or Italian coffee maker.

As we said in this article, there are many types of coffee makers, but the Italian or mocha is an ideal and cheap right solution. It is the closest thing to an espresso machine in terms of pressure and how to prepare coffee and, following the appropriate steps, it is the coffee maker with which it is easier to achieve an excellent result. If you don’t have one at home, my recommendation is this Bialetti coffee maker.

Once you have the coffee maker, it’s time to get down to work. To start, grind the grain (coarse texture) just before preparing the coffee. This way, you will get it to keep all its properties.

Next, preheat the water to 94°C before pouring it into the container below. Besides, having the water almost to the boiling point will take much less time to prepare the drink. 

When filling the coffee tank, put it inside and avoid squeezing it if you do not want the water to cost twice as much and not to infuse the whole grain correctly.

Finally, when you put the coffee maker on the fire, we do it with the lid open and without putting the fire to the fullest. By having a lower temperature, the coffee does not splash when rising, and we can better control the infusion.

Once the coffee stops coming out, remove it from the heat, close the lid, and let it rest a little. It is important not to rush all the water, or we can harm the result.

If we have done the whole process well, by removing the coffee bean from the machine, we will see how water has passed through all corners, and the infusion has achieved all the flavor and richness.

Last but not least, we hope these useful tips to prepare a good coffee at home will help you. And, as we usually say with all the recipes, do not forget to send us your feedback on social media with the result. 

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