How To Use American Home Coffee Maker

Learn How To Use American Home Coffee Maker In Seven Easy Steps 

You might be curious about how to operate an American Home coffee maker, particularly if you’ve recently acquired one, or if you’re visiting your mother or a friend and you’re eager to delight them with a freshly brewed cup of coffee served in bed. Understanding this could initially seem complex, but this article is here to smoothly walk you through the straightforward procedure. Even if it’s your inaugural attempt at using an American Home coffee maker, it’s important to recognize their renowned ease of use. With just a bit of direction, preparing a cup of coffee can take as little as five to ten minutes. The American Home brand stands out in the Philippines as a top manufacturer of coffee makers. It has become quite a familiar name in many households. The range of coffee makers they offer varies from basic to advanced models, catering to different budget levels for a coffee maker purchase.


How An American Home Coffee Maker Is Structured 

Most American Home coffee makers are built around the same structure, so you can operate any one of them if you understand how they work generally. Whichever one of American Home coffee maker you’re about to use, a basic knowledge is what you need to work it in no time. Some models are just coffee makers, while other models serve a dual function as both a grinder and coffee maker. This is good for you if you like to brew freshly ground coffee. In case you’re about to use the basic one, which most likely won’t have a grinder, then you can still expect to get a good cup of coffee with your ground coffee. It doesn’t have an indicator to tell you when it’s done brewing, but you can see the level of the water in the reservoir and you will know when it’s done brewing. It serves a good purpose for its price and is pretty fast too. For the machines with grinders, it’s good for you if you’re the type of person that likes using freshly ground beans for your coffee. And you can use it by just tapping a button. 


What To Know About American Home Coffee Maker 

American Home Coffee Makers are of different categories and models so you can expect better functioning with a higher price. Most models have a non-detachable water reservoir, so your machine can be difficult to wash. Always make sure you leave the water reservoir empty, so it doesn’t begin to grow mold. It will be good if you can air it a bit too. And make sure you clean as best as you can after each brew. American Home coffee makers have heating plates, so if you need to keep your coffee warm, you can leave the machine on, until it turns off automatically. 


Steps to Make Coffee With American Home Coffee Maker


As earlier stated, American Home coffee makers are easy to use. If it’s a new purchase, it will help you if you can take some time to go through the instruction manual that comes with the machine. This will give you an idea of what you’ll be doing. It will also give you clear-cut details about your machine. But if you need to operate the machine for other reasons, and can’t access the instruction manual, then you should follow these steps strictly. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to determine the kind of machine you want to use. Maybe it’s the one with a grinder or just the coffee maker. If it has a grinder, and what you would love to use are fresh beans, you can put them in the grinder and make them into the powder you will need to make your coffee. But, if you’re using grounds, just go on ahead to fill your coffee basket with the desired amount of grounds. 
  2. After settling the grinding stage, proceed to fill your reservoir with water. Depending on how much water you want to use. The reservoir is calibrated, so you can see how much water you have in it.
  3. Every American Home coffee maker comes with a permanent filter basket, but just like most permanent filter baskets, it allows some coffee grounds to escape through it so it’ll be best if you use a paper filter, to make sure you keep the grounds out, and enjoy your cup of coffee smooth. 
  4. Check the glass carafe, and be sure if it’s in place. If the glass carafe is out of place, be sure to fix it back, so you can avoid spillage. 
  5. Turn on the machine. It has a power button somewhere on the side. Allow it to brew till the cycle is complete. This will take about six minutes to complete. 
  6. Once the brewing is complete, turn off the machine, and enjoy your coffee, with or without milk. That depends on you. You should never use milk in your coffee maker, as this will get it clogged. 
  7. Make sure you wash all the removable parts of your coffee maker and keep them clean. This will keep your coffee maker in a good shape for longer periods. You can mostly do this with the dishwasher. Wipe down the body as well to make sure it’s not wet. 




Whichever one of the machines you’re about to use, they are all easy to use. And you can enjoy a nicely brewed cup of coffee with all of them. Advanced features comes with a higher cost, so appreciate your coffee maker for what it can offer. If  it’s your first time using American Home coffee maker, remember that they work like every other coffee maker out there. Carefully observe your machine features, to see if there are any variations, from the models described. If there are, it’s okay to use this piece of information to work out a way to use your machine and achieve great results with them. Enjoy your coffee with American Home.