How to Set Timer on Braun Coffee Maker

Braun produces several models of programmable coffee machines. Consumers value these coffee machines for their well-made build and stylish design. Similar to other coffee machines, the Braun Coffee Maker offers the option for you to program it to automatically start brewing coffee at a predetermined time. Continue reading to learn the steps for setting the timer on your Braun Coffee Maker.

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh cup of coffee after waking up? It can be the best way to start your day. A programmable Braun Coffee Maker can help you to do this. For this, you will require setting up the clock and the timer respectively. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to set them. Below, we will discuss the steps you need to follow.

Before Using the Machine for the First Time

Like any other appliance, there are some rituals that need to be performed before using the Braun Coffee Maker for the first time. Well, they are not actually a ritual as you are doing these to make the machine ready for the best performance. So, here are the things you require doing:

  1. Remove all the packaging materials, labels, and stickers from different parts of the coffee maker.
  2. Read the user manual that arrives with the coffee maker. This will let you know about the features, set the device, and utilize it in the right way.
  3. Remove the detachable parts like the carafe, filter, lid, etc. from the device and clean them in warm soapy water. Put them back after cleaning and drying.
  4. Put back the components in their respective position after cleaning. Then position the machine on a flat surface.
  5. Now you will require installing the charcoal water filter that purifies the water. Remove the filter from the bag and soak it in clean and cold water for 15 minutes.
  6. Now remove the water filter holder and open it. Then install the filter on the holder and close it. Hold it under tap water for 10 seconds to flush.
  7. Now install the filter along with the holder in the machine following the guide on the user manual. Replace the filter when required.

How to Set Timer on Braun Coffee Maker

You must set the timer on the Braun Coffee Maker to enjoy the auto brew at a specific time. However, before doing this, you will require setting the clock on the Braun Coffee Maker. Below, we will discuss the steps for setting the clock and the timer.

Setting the Clock on Braun Coffee Maker

Setting the clock is updating the time of your location on the coffee machine. This can be done easily by utilizing the buttons on the Braun Coffee Maker. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Turn on the coffee maker by plugging it in on a wall socket. This should flash “2:00 AM” on the display and light up the LED control panel.
  2. Now we will set the hours of the time. To do this, press and hold the CLOCK button on the control panel for 3 seconds. This should start flashing the control panel LEDs.
  3. Press and hold the SET button again for scrolling through the number. Simply release the buttons once your preferred number occurs.
  4. Now press the CLOCK button again to set the minutes. This should start flashing the LED control. Press and hold the SET button until your preferred number occurs.
  5. Now press the CLOCK button once again to save time. The machine will also save time automatically if no button is pressed for around 10 seconds.

You might find it confusing to set the PM/AM hours. Well, that is easy. Before setting the clock, the time will be in AM. While holding the button to toggle through the number, the AM will become PM once the number count passes 12. Passing the number count again will change the PM to AM. This way you can change the AM and PM.

Setting the Timer on Braun Coffee Maker

Once you have set the clock on the Braun Coffee Maker, now the machine is ready to set the timer for the auto brew. Here are the steps you need to follow for setting the auto-brew time on the Braun Coffee Maker:

  1. Press the AUTO ON button for a few seconds (around 3 seconds). This should start flashing the Hours in the LED panel.
  2. Now press the HOUR button to set the hour. When it starts flashing, tap and hold the SET button to toggle through numbers. Release the button when your preferred number occurs.
  3. Press the AUTO ON button again. When the flash starts, press and hold the SET button to toggle through numbers. Release when the preferred number for the minutes occurs.
  4. Now tap the AUTO ON button once again to save the timer. The pre-set time will occur for 3 seconds and then it will should the clock in the display.

The timer will also be saved if you don’t press any button for 10 seconds after setting the time. After setting the timer, you will require activating the AUTO ON function. Here is how to do it:

  1. Tap the AUTO ON button. This will illuminate the green LED just above the button. This will make the coffee maker brew on the auto-on time that we have pre-set.
  2. The time on the display will disappear after 3 seconds. When the brew time arrives, the machine will start brewing. This will make the green LED flash and the AUTO ON LED will turn off.
  3. You can press the AUTO ON button again to turn off the function. Once you do this, the green LED light will disappear.

One of the interesting facts about the coffee maker is the AUTO ON function will remain activated if you keep the machine switched off in between the times.


The AUTO brew feature of the Braun Coffee Maker can be a great way to start your day nicely with a cup of hot coffee. We hope you will be able to set the clock and timer for auto brew following the above guide.