How To Replace Filter In Keurig Coffee Maker

This Is How To Replace Filter In Keurig Coffee Maker 

The Keurig brand is synonymous with quality coffee makers. It’s true what they say about Keurig considering its customers during the production process. This is evidenced by their inclusion of charcoal water filters in their machines to eliminate water impurities. The water quality plays a crucial role in the outcome of your brew. Hard, mineral-rich water can lead to a less enjoyable cup of coffee. In such instances, a way to filter out the unfavorable taste is necessary. This is where the Keurig water filter comes into play. Over time, even the best products require maintenance. Therefore, it’s important to change the water filter in your Keurig regularly. Wondering how to change the filter in a Keurig coffee maker? We’re about to delve into that shortly. 


Why Should I Replace The Filter In My Coffee Maker 

The fact that a water filter works well does not mean that it will keep working well forever. There is a point it will get to that you wouldn’t be able to trust the efficiency of a water filter. And that is why you need to replace it often. You should replace your water filter because it can get damaged and become less efficient. Now tell me, why use a water filter when it’s not serving its purpose? I guess you understand already. A water filter is not a permanent feature and should be replaced for the best results. If you want to keep enjoying your cup of coffee, then you should get around to replace your water filter if it’s due for replacement. 


How Often Should I Replace My Water Filter 

For you to ensure that water filtration is in check in your Keurig coffee maker, It is advised that you replace your water filter after 60 water tank refills or after 2 months of use. You might have to replace yours within a shorter time if you are the type that brews several times a day. In that case, you have to replace it exactly after 60 uses. This will help make sure that bad taste, bad odor, and other impurities are out of the water you’re brewing with. It is cheap and can be easily accessed. If you just got a Keurig coffee maker, chances are, you will have 6 water filters that will last up to a year. 


Steps To Replace A Keurig Water Filter

This can be done in a few easy steps which we will consider right away. 

  1. Turn off the coffee maker. It has no business being on during the process. 
  2. Open the water reservoir and take out the filter holder. 
  3. Open the package for the new water filter, take out the water filter and soak for up to 5 minutes. 
  4. Open the filter holder and take out the old one. You can do this by pushing it on the side towards the arrows. Once you take out the old one can dispose of it, it is no longer of use. 
  5. Once it’s five minutes, take out the new water filter and rinse it for 60 seconds under running water to remove any charcoal dust. 
  6. Also, rinse the filter holder under running water. 
  7. Place the new water filter in the filter holder and snap it closed. Set the month when the water filter will be replaced. 
  8. Wash the water reservoir to remove any dirt. 
  9. Place the filter holder back into the reservoir, and your coffee maker is ready for a brew once again. 


Is It A Must That I Use A Water Filter 

No, it is not a must for you to use the water filter. The water filter is serving the purpose of removing dirt, bad odor, taste, and other impurities from water. This will help improve the taste of your coffee, but it is completely optional. It is not even necessary if you brew with bottled water, because it has been filtered before. But, if you’re using regular tap water, you might need the water filter, except if you have another water filtration system. But if you don’t, stick to the water filter. It is not advised that you brew with distilled water, though you can be sure there are no impurities, and that also means that there are no minerals. For your coffee to be properly extracted, you need to have a few minerals to do that. 


Benefits Of Using A Water Filter 

You would have a better feeling about using something when you clearly understand what you stand to gain. Using a water filter will help to optimize the water for coffee production and you can be sure that the taste will be in check. A water filter also helps to reduce the hardness of water which can affect the taste of your coffee

It removes impurities such as calcium, chlorine, and sediments from your water, making it good for brewing coffee.



There is hardly a way you can make a good cup of coffee without an intentional focus on the type of water you use. Too much minerals bad taste, too small, weak taste. Now that leaves you with the choice of using bottled water or regular tap water. If you’re using regular tap water, you have to get it filtered and that’s why Keurig made a water filter to help with that. The Keurig water filter is an effective way to get your water filtered but it has to be changed regularly to keep the effectiveness in check. It is cheap and easily accessible so there is no reason why you shouldn’t replace it when it’s due for replacement. This will only take you a few minutes and guarantee that you will have your coffee without bad odor, bad taste, or impurities.