How To Adjust The Water Level In A Bunn Coffee Maker

For over half a century, Bunn coffee machines have found their place in both public cafes and private homes. The capability to modify the water quantity is a feature present in all their multi-cup machines. Bunn refers to the process of changing how much water is used for a coffee batch as adjusting the brew level. You can easily change the brew level with just a button press. This guide offers detailed steps on how to change the water level in your Bunn coffee maker, among other useful information.

Steps To Adjust The Water Level In A Bunn Coffee Maker

Once your coffee maker has been started, the water will run for some time before shutting off on its own. You run the risk of overflowing the coffee pot if the water pressure going into your coffee maker is too high. Water pressure that is too low in your coffee maker will only yield a half-full pot of coffee before it shuts off.

Step 1

Make sure the coffee maker is working correctly before adjusting its settings. Fill the tank to the recommended level based on the model you have. If you have a water line attached to your Bunn coffee maker, check that it is providing water properly.

Step 2

You should make sure that the “Set/Lock” switch located on the back of your coffee maker is in the “Set” position. You can find this switch on the switchboard. To access the switch, remove the back of the coffee maker.

Step 3

You can hear three clicks once you have pressed the “Start/Brew” button. After hearing the clicks, release the button. The setting will not change if the button is held down for two seconds after clicking. When the clicks have been heard, and the button is released, press the “Start/Brew” button one or two times in succession to increase the brew level. Each press of a button increases the amount of water released by two seconds. 

Step 4

If you press the “Start/Brew” button once or twice every two seconds less, the maker should release water. You need to hold the button for three seconds before releasing it. This will reduce the release of water. 

Step 5

Once the “Start/Brew” button is pressed, hold it for three clicks, and then release it. Keep an eye on the coffee maker as it releases water. After the water level is at the level you want for all future brewing, turn the “On/Off” switch at the back of the appliance to “Off.” After this, the coffee maker will remember that this is the brew time and will repeat this amount every time until the brewing level is changed.

Making Coffee In A Bunn Coffee Maker

Once you’ve set up your coffee maker, you can make a piping hot cup of coffee right away.

Step 1. Plugin the coffee maker once the reservoir is complete and you are ready to brew coffee.

Step 2. Then, turn on the heating switch and wait for 15 minutes for the water to heat correctly.

Step 3. Filter paper should be inserted into the coffee maker with the coffee grounds added afterward.

Step 4. The carafe should be filled with fresh, cold water, and the brewer should be set to brew with that.

Step 5. Put the empty carafe under the brewing funnel or dispenser to catch drips. If your coffee maker has a warmer function, you can turn it on once the coffee is dispensed.

Step 6. Within a few minutes, your coffee will be ready with its rich flavors and aromas.

Step 7. If you like sugar with your coffee, you can add it.

Why Won’t The Bunn Coffee Maker Heat Up

Your coffee maker will need to be troubleshot if your water does not reach its maximum temperature. Most often, the problem is with the heating element or the thermostat. Additionally, the Bunn coffee maker may not work properly if it has faulty components, such as the control board, the thermal fuse, and the water heater switch.

Bunn Customer Service can help if your Bunn coffee maker won’t heat up properly. Inquire about the next step to take and how the issue can be resolved. In most cases, the Bunn coffee maker needs to be repaired or replaced if one of its components is malfunctioning.


It may seem complicated to adjust the water level in a Bunn coffee maker, but once you use one a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s time to get your Bunn coffee maker out of the cupboard, set it up, and brew yourself some yummy coffee. Grab some dessert and sip your favorite brew.