How Often Should you Replace your Coffee Maker

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When do you Replace your Coffee Maker?

You must be thinking what was the last time you replaced your coffee machine?

But before that the question is

How do you know it’s time to get a new coffee machine?

Well, you all must know that the average life of a human being is 60 years. So, all machines come with a lifespan. If we talk about coffee makers its average life span is 5 years only if you keep it with proper maintenance and cleaning like descaling regularly then the coffee machine can last up to 10 years.

It is not important then a coffee maker will work perfectly for ten years and there will be no need to change it. You may need to say goodbye to your coffee machine a little earlier as well. Many reasons are there for this earlier replacement.

Maybe you need to change the coffee machine because it is outdated. As technology is increasing rapidly, we may need to change our machines with it as well.

Another reason can be a broken machine. During cleaning or descaling, your coffee maker experienced any leakage. That can become a reason for its replacement as well.

Here’s an overview of some of the reasons why it may be time to replace your coffee machine.

Six Situations in which you Need to Replace your Coffee Maker

  1. Your Coffee Maker is not Heating Water Properly

It is time to replace your coffee maker when it does not heat water properly. We all want to keep our coffee maker neat and clean so that we can enjoy a fresh coffee cup. While cleaning or descaling, sometimes the heating elements get worn off. In this situation, the only option is to replace your coffee machine.

When water passes through the heating elements of the coffee maker, it leaves mineral residue behind. These residues build up with time and then affect the efficiency of the heating element.

Not only do these mineral residues, but age and wear also affect the heating elements. The result will be a weak brew and cold coffee.

  1. Your Coffee Maker is Broken 

Coffee makers never break so quickly unless there are defects in them or any design flaws. In this situation, we recommend you to get in touch with the manufacturer of your coffee maker and get your machine replaced.

A coffee maker can have many issues, such as faulty pumps, leaks, cracks, or damaged removable parts like a carafe and water reservoir. All these are signs that your coffee maker needs to be replaced.

If the machine is under warranty, then you simply need to contact the manufacturer for these issues.

Remember, sometimes it is cheap to replace a coffee maker then pay for shipping and servicing the old one.

  1. Your Coffee Machine is Outdated

Usually, the coffee maker can outdate quickly. It may just happen that your coffee machine becomes old and dated.

You can love any coffee maker that your neighbor has bought, or your friend might show you any new coffee maker that can grab your attention.

Maybe you just need to have a coffee maker that brews coffee quickly as well as froths milk.

These all are good reasons to replace your old coffee maker.

  1. You have Certain Pods or K Cup Coffee Maker

It is indeed a real struggle when your coffee machine only takes certain types of coffee pods or k cups. Suppose the manufacturer discontinues those pods. Then what next?

You now have a useless coffee maker.

Even though the machine is still functioning properly but it is useless for you. Then ultimately you have to replace the coffee maker.

  1. Your Coffee Taste has Changed

We all like different things in our life. The same is for our taste. Some like to have a strong cup of coffee while others go for a light one.

Maybe you liked drip coffee earlier and now you want to enjoy expresso coffee. Or perhaps a French press to start your morning.

Now it is time to listen to your personal needs and replace your coffee maker.

  1. Your Coffee Maker does not Fit with Circumstances Anymore

Coffee makers are similar to cars. There will be a time when you need to replace your minivan with a Porsche and vice versa.

When you are single, a single coffee maker may be the best one for you. It is quick and convenient as well. Also, you can afford the pods as you don’t have any family responsibilities.

But what about the family when you will have a family?

Definitely, your priorities will change then. You need to brew more coffee in one go as well as your focus will be on saving money.

Then it will be a good time to replace your coffee machine.

Bottom Line

Coffee makers are the most important tool in the toolkit of a coffee lover. If you are a coffee lover then don’t be afraid to adapt this tool for your needs.

This also means that an old machine should be replaced with a new one.

In many situations when you need to buy a new coffee maker. Maybe your old one is broken down, does not have sufficient feature or it simply no longer meet your expectations.