Where Are Krups Coffee Makers Made?

Krups stands as a renowned manufacturer of coffee machines in the industry. They offer a variety of drip coffee machine models. Among these, some models come with programmable features. Being one of the oldest producers of coffee machines, Krups continues to maintain its reliability among consumers. Are you curious about the manufacturing location of Krups coffee makers? Continue reading to find out.

Most of the coffee makers brands out there manufacture their products from China. Is the Krups the same as the other? In this article, we will answer all of your questions about the Krups coffee maker brand.

So, Where Are Krups Coffee Makers Made?

Before we know where the coffee makers are made, let’s acknowledge a bit more about the Krups brand. Krups is a german-based kitchen appliance manufacturer. They produce a good number of products in this niche. The company is a subsidiary of the Groupe SEB, which is founded by Robert Krups. Apart from the Krups, there are some other popular brands that operate under this company.

As of now, the company is well-known for its coffee makers, toasters, kettles, blenders, food processors, etc. products. The company started their journey at 1846 and currently operate from North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The first coffee machines from the brand come to market in 1983. Their coffee makers are very popular with 40 percent of sales in Germany, and 30 percent in the USA.

It can be a bit tough to decide where the coffee maker brand manufactures its coffee machines. That is because they have factories in several countries including Germany and China.  Before the company got acquired by Groupe SEB, their product was mainly produced in German and Ireland factories. After the acquisition, they produce the product from China.

Currently, most of the coffee maker from the brand is made in China. However, they manufacture a few models from Germany. These include the EA8298, EA9010, EA8808, EA8250, etc. As they are not from China, chances are high that the coffee makers are made in Germany. If you have issues with the Chinese cost tag, you can consider purchasing these models.

Why the Krups Coffee Maker are Very Popular?

As we mentioned earlier, Krups is one of the oldest brands out there. They are also one of the very few brands that started producing coffee machines during the 80s. One of the most impressive things about the coffee maker from this brand is they use some of the top designers in the world to design the appliance. That is why the coffee maker is very efficient in performance, durability, and appearance.

There are a good number of coffee makers from the Krups brand in the market available currently. Their programmable coffee makers are full of advanced features to enhance your coffee-making experience. They equip auto-on, auto-off, aroma selection, and such other amazing functions. Furthermore, there are duo-filter water filtration, intuitive sprout design, and other amazing features.

Another thing worth mentioning about the coffee maker is they are extremely durable. They also utilize high-quality and food-grade materials. The top cover of the coffee maker typically consists of stainless steel which makes it strong while also assuring an impressive appearance. To conclude, we can say that the Krups coffee makers are highly efficient, well-performing, and long-lasting. These are why people love the machine.

Why Most Coffee Machines are Made in China?

If you have been searching for a coffee maker made somewhere else than China, then you should already know how hard it is to find one. Not only the coffee makers, but most of the small electric home appliances also come from China. Well, there are obviously some reasons behind that. The main reason is the low charge of labor. The labor in China is very cost-effective and that’s why most of the USA and EU brands manufacture their product from China.

Another reason is the availability of skillful employers. China is a global hub for workers skillful in electronics. You simply cannot find such a huge amount of human resources with the required skills that are too available at cheap. Such advantages make China a top player in the electronic market. They currently manufacture around 30% of the total electric goods of the entire world.

Some of you may have a misconception that things made in China are not good. Although such thoughts were once right, now they are invalid. That is because almost all the big and popular tech companies manufacture their products in China. The list even includes the iPhone, the most reliable smartphone brand in the world. Even your favorite kitchen appliance brands like Cuisinart, Ninja, KitchenAid, etc. manufacture their coffee maker from China.

Should You Buy Coffee Makers Made in China?

Not buying things that come with made-in-China tags is a patriotic act to promote the growth of local industries. However, you should already know how hard it is to find coffee makers that are from different countries. As per our research, almost 90% of coffee maker are from China. All the popular coffee makers brand including Bunn, Ninja, Braun, Cuisinart, Krups, etc. manufacture their devices from China.

If you are aware of the quality, then just the name China shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. That is because although China manufactures the coffee makers, they are developed and designed in the USA or the EU countries. Furthermore, the brand chooses everything from the materials to the components for the devices. As a result, we think the Chinese price tag shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Especially, when the coffee maker arrives from a popular brand, you can go for it without any further thought. If you are still in hesitation, then there are a few options for you. You will find a few coffee makers made in Germany, Japan, Netherland, and some other countries. You can go for these.


Finally, we can say that most of the Krups coffee makers are manufactured in China. Although a few models are available which are made in their German factory. Putting aside the country of origin, we can assure you that the Krups coffee makers are very high-quality and reliable. We can consider investing in this coffee maker without any hesitation.