Where are Braun Coffee Makers Made

There are times when a product surprises everyone by exceeding everyone’s expectations. Take into account the Braun coffee machine. Due to their low prices and modest appearance, many assumed this kitchen gadget lacked the skills to make good drip coffee. Having turned inferior test beans into the coffee of high quality, they had once and for all justified the higher price of higher-end coffee machines.

All about Braun Coffee Makers

The Braun company did make some trade-offs to keep costs low. It, like the other low-cost coffee maker, does not feel as durable as expensive versions. Braun coffee makers offer a glass carafe with a hot plate in places where a thermal carafe is not provided. For those who cannot live without them, look at the more expensive gourmet versions.

These Braun coffee makers make great drip coffee comparable to that from upscale coffee shops that cost three times more. Besides that, they are compact so that they won’t overcrowd your kitchen counter.

Where are Braun Coffee Makers Made

The Braun company is headquartered in Germany, but it has also shifted production to China.

Braun coffee makers still provide excellent quality, and the manufacturer builds them according to their requirements.

Coffee makers from Braun provide high-quality, long-lasting use and a full cup of coffee every time. This kind of coffee maker lets you choose just about anything you want. The front of the machine contains a control panel with essential choices. Choosing Auto ON/OFF gives you the option to control when your coffee maker begins warming up and cooling off after use. The recommended time frame for shut-off is two hours, but you can choose another one if you wish. You can choose to have the auto-clean option when you want to make cleaning easy, and you can set the timer 24 hours in advance and have coffee prepared at the exact time you want it.

Due to their integrated water filters, Braun coffee makers maintain superb flavor when it comes to water quality. They feature an anti-drip feature that ensures that each cup is gathered with coffee during the brew cycle in a clean manner. They also come with a gold-toned filter which can be upgraded with a cone-shaped paper filter. 

Features Of Design

A Braun coffee maker makes fantastic drip coffee despite its simplicity. They are made from mostly black plastic, a rectangular block that is lightweight. An elegant touch is provided by the thin stainless steel covering of the coffee maker’s frame.

By flipping the top of the square metal lid, a water tank and plastic filter basket reveal themselves. It accommodates either the gold-tone permanent filter or the type of paper filter.

By its long, narrow shape, the carafe traps moisture, retaining the flavor of coffee while preventing it from getting bitter.

There is a control panel with an LCD screen and an illuminated digital clock located at the front. On the panel’s bottom, there are buttons. Using these buttons lets, you do things like start a brew right now or schedule one in advance, set the clock to the time you prefer, or operate the coffee maker’s cleaning program.

It has a standard glass carafe rather than a double-walled thermal carafe placed in the coffee maker center. The brewed coffee in the container is heated on an electric hot plate underneath it. A hot plate may work at three different levels depending on the temperature: low, medium, and high.

The Braun coffee machines tightly controlled the brewing temperatures.

The temperature control is, however, what makes their coffee maker so unique. The use of thermocouples confirmed that temperatures in the brew basket rose rapidly. 

Braun’s Diverse Line Of Products

Did you know? Initially, Braun’s product line included radios, food processors, slide projectors, Super 8 film cameras, accessories, and high-fidelity sound systems. Braun’s business focuses on its core categories like shaving and grooming, beauty, and hair care. Braun manufactures a variety of other products as well. Here are some of them:

1. Grooming includes electric shavers, beard trimmers, and hair trimmers.

2. Oral care is now under the Oral-B brand.

3. Beauty care includes hair care and epilation.

4. Irons, clocks, watches, and calculators.

5.Food and drink preparation include coffee makers, coffee grinders, juicers, toasters, and blenders.

6. Health-related products such as ear thermometers, blood pressure monitors.

Final Verdict

Braun consistently produces an excellent cup of drip coffee for an amicable price compared with more luxurious coffee makers. It is a feature never expected from such an affordable, plain-looking coffee maker. With this price range, you’d be hard-pressed to find a coffee maker that offers this much flavor without sacrificing quality. Braun coffee makers remain of high quality, and the production follows its specifications.