How to Make Coffee in Bunn Coffee Maker

What to do to Make Coffee in Bunn Coffee Maker?

The Bunn Coffee Maker company has been in business since the 1950s and they have been the pioneers in inventing the pour-over drip machines and the paper filters that we use to this day daily. The company has been making durable and compact machines for over 60 years for both home and commercial use. The coffee makers have acquired the trust of the users by delivering delicious cups of coffee every day without slowing down.

The company’s passion for innovation and improvement has made strides in the coffee machine market and has led to the creation of the best coffee makers currently available worldwide. There are a few different models of the Bunn coffee maker in the market all though they almost work similarly there are a few minor differences to them. Many people tend to get confused at first trying to operate their new Bunn coffee maker. That is understandable because pour-over drip coffee makers do seem a bit daunting at first to a new user. Nevertheless, it is not hard to get accustomed to and start making coffee with ease.

A Quick Rundown of Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn Coffee makers almost all models out in the market are similar in the method of brewing coffee. Usually, a home-use coffee maker from Bunn has a carafe for 10 cups.

The brewing mechanism of the Bunn coffee maker is very much similar to the process of how coffee is meant to be brewed. These machines have a water reservoir and a brewer funnel. The front base of the machine is the carafe warmer. During and after the brewing the carafe needs to be in a carafe warmer. After the brewing session, the carafe is gradually filled with coffee through the showerhead.

Get It Ready

This Coffee maker requires you to set it up appropriately after bringing it home. This setup is an important part of being able to use your machine correctly. It is necessary to remember that when setting up your make sure that the machine is not plugged in. If you do plug it before it would damage the brewer. So, to understand what the first time setup is continue reading general idea would be explained next.

First Time Setup

To make your coffee maker ready to brew you have to need to follow the following instruction accordingly and step by step. So, here it goes,

  1. First, place the brew funnel in place appropriately.
  2. Slide or lift open the lid.
  3. Fill up the carafe with water and pour it into the brewer.
  4. Place your carafe underneath the brewer.
  5. It will take around three minutes to fill half the water reservoir.
  6. Take the carafe fill it up and pour it into the brewer again.
  7. It will take two carafes to fill up the water reservoir. Repeat step four
  8. When the tank is full the water will go through a funnel pour down into the carafe.
  9. Close the lid and plug in your coffee machine.
  10. On the bottom left you will find a switch that heats the water in the reservoir. Turn it on and wait 15 minutes.

Your coffee maker is ready to brew your first pot of coffee. This is the first-time setup guide that will be on your user’s manual in the box that the machine came in with. You must follow this accordingly.

Let The Brewing Begin

To start brewing your first batch of coffee follow the instructions below,

  • Place the Bunn paper coffee filters inside the brewing funnel.
  • Pour an adequate amount of coffee grounds on top of the paper filter.
  • Place the brew funnel inside.
  • Open the lid for adding water.
  • Use the carafe to measure 4-10 cups of water.
  • Pour the water into the brewer.
  • Turn on the warmer.
  • Close the top lid and let the brewing begin.

How Does It All Work?

The process of the machine needs to be understood by the user to know what should be done and why. So, after you pour two carafes full of water in the brewing funnel that water went and gradually filled up the water reservoir. After the second carafe of water, you will see that some extra water is starting to come out through the brewing funnel and filling up the carafe that you placed underneath the funnel. When this happens, you should know that the water reservoir is full and needs to be heated up if you want to make coffee. Turn on the warmer by switching on the button bottom left side of the machine and wait for 15 minutes. Then you fill-up the carafe according to how many cups of coffee you want. The Bunn coffee maker carafe takes in about 10 cups of water. Then you fill-up the carafe with cold water and pour it in. What will happen, is that the cold water that you just poured in will push the hot water in the reservoir up and it will be pouring into the carafe. If your brew basket is filled with coffee the carafe will start filling up with coffee and if you did not give coffee in the machine only hot water will fill up the carafe.

Bottom Line

The Bunn coffee maker uses a pour-over drip mechanism that delivers delicious coffee. The mechanism is similar to the actual coffee brewing. The cleaning and maintenance of the Bunn Coffee maker are pretty basic and common to other coffee machines. Compare with other coffee machines Bunn is not that automatic as the rest. Other coffee machines are capable of serving coffee perfectly brewed as the Bunn machines. The automatic coffee makers with the T disc or K-cups offer a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing your beverage but Bunn offers you close to perfection. The Bunn Coffee Maker has been around for a long time in the market serving its customers with good old-fashioned coffee.