How To Clean a Tassimo Coffee Maker

What are the methods To Clean a Tassimo Coffee Maker?

Bosch Tassimo coffee makers are renowned for their easy and simple method of delivering rich and tasty coffee at a moment’s notice. These machines are capable of making one cup of coffee at a time very quickly. This brand offers a variety of drinks like espresso, cappuccinos, tea, and a normal cup of coffee using a pod-based system supported by the brand. The Tassimo pods have a distinct bar code that the coffee maker uses to understand what and how to brew the beverage appropriately. As the bar codes are specifically created for the Tassimo coffee maker the machine doesn’t support other brands of pods also known as K-cups.

The Tassimo coffee makers are single-serve machines that are very efficient and reliable for getting your favorite coffee quickly and without hassle. This coffee maker has an in-built cleaning function that helps the user clean the machine without much work. The machine needs to be clean every week if it is used daily. The coffee grinds, water, and if used milk can become a problem for the machine if the residue is not cleaned on time. The brew from the machine will start to taste funny. The residue buildup will clog the machine if not cleaned. The pipes and water channels inside the machine can get clogged with water minerals and natural oils from the coffee that are left behind after each brew. These residues will build up very quickly if the proper maintenance is not done. Some machines have indicators that signal the user that it needs to be cleaned before another brew. The user should keep the machine clean before they are forced into cleaning.

First Cleaning Cycle

After you have bought your Tassimo coffee maker it will require cleaning right after you set it up and want to brew your first cup of coffee. This is very different from any other brand of coffee maker setup manual.

So, you plug the machine in and locate the service T disc from the storage bottom side of the coffee maker.  Take out the water reservoir from the coffee maker, wash and dry it. After it dries fill the tank up with water. Turn the machine on and lift the brew head or the lid of the T disc compartment. Place your service T disc in the compartment and close the lid. In front of the machine place a mug in the cup tray. Start the cleaning process by pressing the clean button and the cycle will start. It will be done quickly after one cycle has finished clean the mug and start the cleaning cycle once again. Wait for the light signal it will tell you if the cycle is finished. After it’s done open the lid and take out the service T disc. Place the service T disc in its storage holder in the back of the coffee maker. Your machine is ready to serve you a cup of coffee.

Basic Instructions and Maintenance

The Bosch Tassimo coffee maker is a single-serve pod-based machine. All Tassimo models support all of the features with minor changes and only use company-made T discs.

To make a cup of coffee you have to make sure that the water reservoir has enough water in it. Then you place your coffee mug in the mug tray in front of the machine. Open the brew head and place the preferred beverage T disc in the chamber. Make sure the barcode is facing down and the disc is rightly in position. Close the brew head appropriately. The machine will read the bar code and then signal you that the machine is ready. When the green light turns on you know the coffee maker is ready to brew. By pressing the Stop/Start button the machine will start poring coffee. After it’s ready remove the T disc be cautious during this because the disc might be hot. If you are done making coffee turn the machine off.

The water reservoir needs a change of water every day and also needs to be cleaned more frequently than any other part of the Tassimo coffee maker. The brew head of the coffee maker can easily be dissembled for cleaning. The bar code scanner and the inside of the T disc holding compartment need to be clean with a paper towel or dry soft cloth. The exterior should be cleaned using a soft cloth soaked in soap and dried with another soft cloth. The machine should be cleaned using the cleaning cycle if the machine is used daily or even after not using it for a long time the machine needs a cleaning cycle.

Descaling A Tassimo

Descaling is a process of cleaning the internals of the machine using chemicals for cleaning residue buildup. Water cannot wash away mineral buildup and natural oil build up inside the pipes and water channels of the machine. Using the descaling process helps your machine to stay in pristine condition to deliver you a perfect cup of coffee.

Tassimo has their descaling tablets in the market. They highly recommend using the tablets for their machine. The tablets remove limescale and calcium buildup in your machine. When the Tassimo machines need descaling a red light pops up to inform you that you need to descale the machine. Fill up the water reservoir and drop two Tassimo Descaling tablets in there. Take out the service T disc from the bottom storage and place it inside the compartment. Place a big mug in the mug tray. Then start the descaling cycle by pressing down the button for 5 seconds. The machine will do all the dirty work It will take about 30 minutes to finish. Then run your basic cleaning cycle three to four times to rinse out all the descaling solution from the machine. After that, your machine is good as new.


Bosch Tassimo coffee makers are made to ease the process of making delicious coffee for the users. The cleaning process of the machine unlike other coffee makers has also been taken into consideration by the company to make it easier for the users.