How Much Coffee Does a Nespresso Capsule Maker

How Much Coffee Does a Nespresso Capsule Maker? An In-Depth Look

Nespresso is of the top 3 leading coffee brands in the world. It is the most popular and most trusted coffee brand. The capsules of Nespresso coffee are pods that are meant to be served once in the Nespresso machine. The question, how much coffee does a Nespresso capsule make depends on which line of their capsules you are referring to: the Original Line Caffeine or the Nespresso Vertuo Line Caffeine. These lines each offer a different coffee amount in their capsules.

Brief Statement about Nespresso

The Nespresso Original Line Caffeine has a smaller pod than the Vertuo Line Caffeine (also known as the Vertuo) thus the Vertuo has more ground coffee ground capsule, meaning they offer different caffeine amounts as well. In specification, The Original line has an average of 105 mg caffeine and The Vertuo has an average of 165 mg caffeine. It is very vital  to understand that there is intensity of the pods is not correlated with coffee or caffeine amount. The intensity is about the different blended beans and their variations and the roast of the coffee to create flavors and it is also about the ratio of Robusta Coffee to Arabica coffee.

The Making Of the Right Amount of coffee

A capsule coffee amount is also sometimes affected by the amount of water or the amount of milk you pour into the cup as water and milk can dilute the caffeine amount to a certain extent and in turn affect the amount of coffee one pod or capsule can make. There are various  many factors that contribute to answering the question about how much coffee can a Nespresso capsule make. Some people opt to add more water than it is required because they confuse bitterness to strength.

Now we are going to discuss the impact shots have on coffee leverages. Is the amount of coffee affected by the whether you use a Lungo shot, a Ristretto shot in your serving or an Espresso shot? Espresso and lungo shots are a different variation of brewing.

All About Espresso

Espresso is a brewing process that is achieved by “punching” coffee granules by a stream of highly-pressured, boiling water this process can also be done by an espresso machine. A lungo shot is a brewing process that is similar to the espresso brewing process, both these processes are subjected to the same stream of boiling water that is highly pressured the only difference is the amount of water used in the Lungo shot brewing process, it is double the amount of water is used. The Ristretto is the proper opposite of the Lungo shot because in this shot much less water is required and it is also much less than the regular shot, being espresso. The type of shot you use in making your desired cup of Nespresso coffee mug does affect the amount of coffee and it addresses the question asked.

This means in a espresso shot there is an average amount of coffee a nespresso capsule can offer, 75 milligrams. Although in the lungo shot double the amount of water in the espresso s used the amount of coffee is not compromised, like one would think it is instead it has more coffee, 78 milligrams. The lungo shot contains an average of () of coffee. The Ristretto shot contains the highest concentration of coffee/caffeine compared to all the 3 shots discussed, even way more coffee than the espresso shot.


How much coffee does a Nespresso capsule make can’t be simply answered just like answering what is 1 plus 1. There are a number of factors that should be considered like the coffee line used; The Vertuoline or Original line that each offer a different coffee and caffeine amount. The brewing process should also be considered as each brewing process offers a weaker or higher concentration per serving when we compare them to each other. But, in simple terms and blunt answer the amount of coffee a Nespresso capsule makes is 6 to 8 grams. In an Espresso shot, 40 ml and a 110 ml in a Lungo shot.