How to Start a Bunn Coffee Maker

Are you curious about how to get your Bunn coffee maker up and running? Look no further, you’re in the perfect spot. Operating this coffee maker is a breeze. Continue reading to learn the steps for initiating your Bunn coffee maker for coffee preparation.

Bunn coffee maker is an excellent choice for coffee lovers. Because this machine is affordable and effective enough to meet the demand for morning coffee. The Bunn coffee makers are usually of a higher quality than other coffee machines, assuring you a good performance for a long time. Besides, they are great for making coffee pretty fast. Moreover, they are automatic so you don’t have to grind coffee separately.

Make sure you set up your Bunn coffee maker properly before brewing a cup of coffee. In this article, we will tell you about the initial setup of the Bunn coffee maker as well as how to brew a cup of coffee. Let’s see how to do it.

Before You Use the Coffee Maker for the First Time

Since you want to know about starting the Bunn coffee maker, it seems that you have just bought the device. If so, you need to do some works before making coffee. All that needs to be done is as follows:

  • The first thing you have to do is to remove the packaging materials and levels from all the parts inside and outside the machine. Then place the machine in an even, dry and clean space.
  • Next separate all the removable parts of this device like a carafe, lid, filter holder, and filter basket. Then clean them thoroughly with mild hot water and soap. When they are dry, set them in the machine as before.
  • Now fill the machine’s water reservoir with fresh water and run a brew cycle. You don’t need to add coffee grounds this time as this is for cleaning the machine.

Start Bunn Coffee Maker: Initial Setup Guide

Before you can enjoy your new Bunn coffee maker, you have to set it up properly. It can be placed in any corner of your home or kitchen near a power source. The Bunn coffee maker includes a water storage tub, a coffee filter cup for collecting ground coffee, and a collector cup for making the brew. Always read the instructions Bunn coffee maker has with their machine to know about the features of the machine.

Step 1

The first step is to do is keep the coffee machine unplugged from the electric supply until you have completed this entire setup process. It can be permanently damaged if it is plugged in before.  Make sure the brew funnel is in right place and don’t insert the filter into the coffee maker.

Step 2

Now fill the carafes with fresh water and position them on the warm plate. Pour the water from the carafe into the water tank and close the lid. Then wait for 4 minutes so that your coffee maker can flow into the water reservoir. Once the water went there, the coffee maker will be ready to be brew. It will help your machine to develop the temperature level.

Step 3

Now your coffee machine is ready to be plugged in. Turn on the device by pressing the ‘ON’ button and wait for 15 minutes for the water to heat up. This only needs to be done during the first setup. Not every time. If you want to make coffee, you can keep the machine turn on otherwise close it.

How to Brew Coffee in a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Once the Bunn coffee maker is set up properly, you can move on the brewing a cup of coffee. Due to its unique design, it might be a bit confusing to understand the machine at first. To be honest, brewing a cup of coffee in the Bunn coffee maker is easier than you think. We will let you know how to brew a cup of coffee in your Bunn Coffee maker through the easy process.

Step 1

First, you have to connect your coffee maker with an electric socket. Then turn on the device by pressing the ‘ON’ button. After turn on the heating switch, it will take 15 minutes to complete the heating exactitude.

Step 2

Insert filter provided with the machine. Then it’s time to add the correct amount of ground coffee in the brew basket with your favorite coffee. The volume of coffee depends on how much coffee you want and how strong you want the brew. Close the lid after pouring coffee ground into the reservoir.

Step 3

Make sure to put the empty carafe under the funnel or dispenser so that it can collect your coffee as it drips. Usually, a light turns on to indicate that your coffee maker is switched on. Now you have to wait a few minutes for your brew to be ready.

Step 4

Never ever try to open the water container lid during the brew. Because hot water can splash on the skin and cause some burns. So wait until the brewing noise stops.

Step 5

When the process is done, collect your coffee from the carafe and pour them into a cup.  Now enjoy your coffee. One of the interesting facts about the Bun Coffee maker is it prepares the coffee very fast, within a few minutes.

How long to Brew Coffee in a Bunn Coffee Maker?

One of the unique things about the Bunn coffee maker is it has two reservoirs. The upper reservoir is built for keeping cold water and the lower reservoir is designed to keep the water hot for making the coffee. This device requires around 3 to 4 minutes to complete a brew cycle.


A good coffee cup calms and strengthens the soul on the most depressing of days. If you are always under working pressure then a good coffee maker like Bunn can accompany you by providing you premium quality coffee. I hope this article will provide you a piece of complete information about the starting process of the Bunn coffee maker and the brewing formula of a cup of coffee.