🥇☕Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makers Reviews in 2020

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A perfect cup of cold brew coffee can make you feel more comfortable such all day long. On the other hand, you enjoy entirely it easily at your lovely home, thanks to cold brew coffee makers. Besides, there is a shortage of acidity and bitterness of traditional coffee, especially for coffee lovers, because these machines just only make their different flavors. However, a good cup of cold brew coffee can boost up your brain, and help you keep confident in the morning as well. Cold brew coffee makers optimize the brewing process and create a unique flavor for you. On the market, you can see coffee makers with a lot of designs, as well as the prices included. To help you choose the best nitro cold brew coffee makers, we will list the top-rated versions at this time, and bring some useful guides to assist you in evaluating the quality of coffee makers before making your decision. Now, let’s follow our article and gain deeper understandings of them.

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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Mini Keg Dispensing System – Home Brew Kit – The Perfect Holiday Gift 

The first version that we would like to introduce to you is Nitro Cold Brew, Coffee Maker. On the other hand, it is very savory, has a silky flavor, and could brew a pretty cascade of frothy coffee for making a perfect experience for users. Moreover, when it has done, you could bring it along with you due to its fancy design and portability. We suggest that you could put and keep in-store it in your refrigerator when not use.

Besides, you can find it convenient to assemble the kit paired with mini leg and other components as well. Last but not least, this coffee maker will make you satisfy pretty more, especially in your living area.  

Key features

– Easy to make at your home

– You can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.

– This coffee machine produced from high-quality materials.

– It has a long warranty.

– Convenient to install.

– The texture of it is so fabulous. 

NitroPress Coffee Maker, Infuse Nitrogen Instantly to Any Drink, Handheld Nitrogen Dispenser for Barista, Bartenders or Home Use, Zero Calories, 500ml 


Nitropress coffee maker is the perfect choice for you because it can put to any kind of drink without taking too many calories. The flavor of this nitro coffee at home is different a lot, compared to other versions. The nitro press, combined with pure nitrogen cartridges and microbubbles, helps you create much more smooth velvety. Moreover, the cream whippers take the most advantages of Nitrous Oxide to control the whipping and volumizing cream quite well. Like other models, it manufactured from leading stainless steel that makes it more durable. Apart from it, customers who purchase this product will receive an entire two-year warranty as well.

Key features

– It is very portable for you.

– You can add some nitrogen into nitro cold brew at home without worrying about the flavor.

– This version can make your coffee tastes. 

– Easy for storing in the fridge.

– It supports the mixing of other drinks like a cocktail at pub served by bartenders.   

GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Another version that we bring to you is the GrowlerWerks Nitro coffee maker. The uKeg Nitro brews and infuses to make your coffee delicious at home. When it comes to its design and texture, the dual-wall vacuum insulation keeps brew quite cold all the time, and the material of stainless steel vessels will make sure that it is very durable and movable. Moreover, the regulator cap automatically maintains pressure to keep nitro fresh many weeks. Next, the cascading pour supported by nitro tap technology can dispense a cascading pour, and bring delicious flavor to coffee lovers.

Besides, coffee keeners can put your cold brew and make use of a dual filtration system, which can prevent clogs during your preparation.     

Key features

– You can enjoy it easily by making it at home. 

– This version can help you save up money.

– Support 16g nitro chargers sold separately, not charger enclosed.

– It stays fresh for a few weeks.

– This model among the best stovetop espresso makers is portable and durable due to its perfect materials.

– Entirely integrated – A system brews cold and infuses nitro gas quite well. 

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

If you want to experience the exciting taste of Nitro Brew coffee, we would like to introduce to you the Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew machine. With this model in the palm of your hand, we believe that the brewed coffee will be savory and stay fresh longer. Because it assists you the gas blend and stout beer faucet that operate together for a super-smooth, creamy body with a foamy top. Furthermore, you could enjoy a frothy iced coffee without creamer, dairy. 

When it comes to the structure of this model, it manufactured from the high-class stainless steel of 64 oz keg and coffee spear with a unique pressure relief valve. On top of it, this version supported with nearly 2g nitrogen capsules to permit gas to form and fill the keg up to 75% the maximum amount of your coffee. Finally, the warranty mode will ensure users throughout their usage for a long time.    

Key features

– This coffee maker is robust and portable.

– Convenient to use at your home without hanging around the coffee shop.

– It creates a delicious nitro brew coffee flavor. 

– This product is pretty compatible. 

– The warranty is so great for coffee lovers.

– Easy for cleaning.



This coffee maker invented in independent coffee shops in the United States between 2011 and 2015. Moreover, it is cold coffee, usually cold-extracted, mixed with nitrogen. Some people called it the perfect drink for the summer. Next, we start with the nitro coffee machine served on tap. In reality, nitrogen added to the mixture when ordering. Therefore, the evidence shows us that it is a long and frothy coffee, though it is completely free of milk. Then a large glass goblet can prove that you have a fragrant stout beer in front of you instead of the breakfast cup.

The taste is also outstanding. Nitrogen-infused coffee is creamy, slightly sweet, never acidic, or bitter. The merit is the cold extraction, which avoids the risk of burns, and tiny bubbles created by the nitrogen under pressure. Thus, they are the ones that supply creaminess to the drink. Don’t worry; you won’t find a sparkling juice in the cup because the bubbles are much smaller and more delicate than carbon dioxide, frequently used to make both beer and soft drinks sparkling. 

Besides, there is a similarity between nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Both of them contained in the air and consuming them in a drink that does not involve any risk. Nitrogen used in the kitchen for many years to refrigerate, but also prepare for delicious ice creams, whipped in a few minutes. On the other hand, Nitrogen constitutes 78% of the earth’s air and 3% of the human body. Therefore, it is responsible for the blue shades of the northern lights.  


In this part, we will guide you to make the best espresso coffee machines under $200 and cocktails at home easily. 

– The techniques for making coffee

Good nitro? Yes, it is very soft and delicate but also tasty because the taste enhanced by the very long extraction from the fresh ground powder and placed in a water jug to rest within 24 hours in the refrigerator. Besides, the quantities complied based on following regulation, such as 1 kg of coffee per 5 liters of water (not too mineralized). 

After 24 hours of infusion, the drink must place outside the fridge for nearly an hour, possibly in a cylindrical glass mug. Next, we will move on to the overview of nitrogen coffee pressure with the same system used for draft coffee or other drinks.

In truth, to get a perfect cold brew coffee, you should need a high-quality machine. Apart from it, the primary indications such as infusion in 24 hours, nitrogen injection with the canister, a very pleasant domestic nitro obtained as well.

– The recipes of nitro-cocktails

 Titonic mixes tonic water, nitro, lemon, rhubarb, and ice. The cold maple brew mixed maple syrup, crushed ice with cold brew, a cup of vanilla yogurt, all cold drinks, and poured into simple glass-like different layers of significant effect formed.   


After scanning all through about our review, we believe that you can gain more knowledge about which one is best and how to pick up the best nitro cold brew coffee makers on the market. Last but not least, making coffee can take you much time before you can enjoy the ideal mixture of the harmonious flavor of milk and sugar as well. Please, keep patient and effort until you hold a fabulous cup of cold brew coffee in the palm of your hands.


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