5 Traditional European Dishes You Have to Try

With a diverse range of dishes, European cuisine is as diverse as the continent itself. Some have a rich tradition, and others are little-known delicacies – but we promise you’ll love them all! We’ve compiled a list of 5 Traditional European Dishes you must try, and we’d love to hear your favourites! Take a look!

1. Escargot from France

The beloved escargot, also known as edible snails, is the apex of French cuisine. Snails might not sound very appealing as an appetizer, but give them a try before you dismiss them. 

The land snails are cooked with garlic butter and parsley (among other ingredients) before being reintroduced to their shells. Due to their status as a delicacy in France can be quite expensive, but the locals don’t mind! Every year, the French consume 40,000 metric tons of snails!

Many historians have hypothesized that escargot may have been served on dinner tables as early as prehistoric times based on discovering empty snail shells during archaeological excavations. Since snails are easy to cultivate for food and are a good source of protein, escargot became popular in Europe. Snails were once very popular in Italy as well as in France. Snails were also a favourite food of the Romans, who reserved them for the elite.

2. Pizza From Italy

Probably you don’t need me to explain what pizza is, but just in case. It’s an Italian flatbread topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. A variety of toppings can be added to suit each individual’s taste. 

The Italians make pizza better than anyone else in the world, even though pizza is popular all over the world. Early pizzas are believed to have been invented by the Neapolitans (people from Naples, Italy). These pizzas were Early pizzas, somewhat similar to what we know today as pizza. A cheap flatbread made pizza a popular meal.

Rome prefers a thin, crispy base for its pizza, while Naples favours a pliable and soft bottom. The fact is that pizza is not just fast food. It can be pretty decadent as well. In addition to organic buffalo mozzarella and three kinds of caviar, the world’s most expensive pizza costs $12K. In addition, it contains a pizza chef, a sommelier, limited-edition plates and cutlery.

3. Cheese fondue From Switzerland

Greetings, cheese addicts! Do you have any experience with Switzerland? When the answer is no, you have to ask WHY? Those who love cheese will be delighted to know that Switzerland is the home of the glorious cheese fondue!

It is a French word derived from fondre, meaning ‘to melt. It is believed that cheese fondue originated in Switzerland during the 18th century as a way for farm families to extend their supply of cheese during the winter. Don’t miss this wonderful European food if you’re in Switzerland during winter. It is also possible to get this dish outside of Switzerland. Search for European Restaurants near me and get Cheese fondue right away.

Fondue is traditionally made by melting Emmental and Gruyere cheeses together. After dipping bread into the mix, participants will eat them with a long-stemmed fork. Since the 1930s, cheese fondue has been designated the national dish of Switzerland.   

4. Fish and Chips From England 

You can’t go wrong with fish and chips at the seaside for a quintessentially English lunch. Despite the cooler weather, Britain has some beautiful beaches where you can enjoy this adored dish.

A traditional fish dish includes deep-fried battered fish with chips. For those who are American: these are thicker fries, not potato chips. The most common accompaniments are mushy peas, curry sauce, and gravy.

At one time, as many as 35,000 shops were dedicated to this local dish on British shores when it first appeared in the 1860s! During WW2, fish and chips were the only non-rationed foods, and Winston Churchill referred to the combination as ‘the good companions. 

5. Gyros From Greece

There is no doubt that Gyros are the most famous dish in Greece. Pork or chicken is usually used, and it is cooked on a rotisserie and served with onions, tomatoes, french fries, and tzatziki sauce. Pitta bread is commonly used to hold meat and salad as street food. Restaurants may serve gyros on platters.

Greek kebabs are especially popular with revellers flocking to Corfu and Mykonos, where they have been dubbed the ‘Greek kebab.’ After a heavy night, it is ideal for soaking up excessive amounts of alcohol. We can’t confirm or deny it.

Even though most tourists pronounce it ‘gear-rose, ‘jee-ros,’ or ‘gee-rose, these are all mispronunciations. In Greek, the letter G does not exist in a sense it does in English. Therefore, ‘Yeh-ro’ is the correct pronunciation of Gyros.

Final Words

Taste these European foods and experience this vast and diverse continent in a new light as you embark on a culinary journey of flavour, wonder, and awe. No matter where you are in Europe, be it a lake, mountain, village, or city, wholesome and spellbinding food can be found in abundance. By finding European food near me, you can enjoy European food even in your hometown.