What to do with Old Coffee Maker

Have you Ever Wondered What to do with an Old Coffee Maker?

The coffee machine has become a staple in nearly every home. Numerous individuals enjoy kicking off their day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

What if your coffee maker is old?

When you have had an old coffee maker for too long, it can get hectic to dispose of it off. E-waste is highly discouraged in some countries because landfills are filling up fast, and there is no space to take the E-waste.

The first option is to give the coffee machine to a friend, family member if it is not too badly off. Else, you can sell it in a second-hand option.

Many cities and towns have drop-off points to drop your old or beyond repair appliances like a coffee maker. So, you can also search on the internet about these recycling drop-off points.

Throwing off an old coffee maker is never an option. As global warming is increasing day by day, we all need to play our part in saving the earth. So, never throw your coffee maker as it will help to reduce e-waste.

What to do with an Old Coffee Maker           

Coffee makers are long-term investments. But there comes a time when they get old as well. If you are worried about what to do with an old coffee maker, here are some ways to deal with your old coffee maker.

1.Donate your Old Coffee Maker

If your coffee maker is good in condition and you want to buy a new model with advanced features, the most suitable option is to donate it.

You can give your coffee maker to any friends or family. This will help you to create goodwill as well.

2. Give your Coffee Maker to Goodwill Stores

One of the solutions is to give your coffee maker to any goodwill store—many stores take non-working appliances. Many people think that goodwill stores carry only thrifted items like shoes and clothes, which is incorrect. You can easily give your old coffee maker to them.

These stores recycle your non-working electronic appliances. So, give them a call and confirm it from them as well.

Also, it is essential to know that the Salvation Army does not take items meant for recycling, so don’t bother calling.

3. Take your Coffee Maker to the Store Where you Bought it

Another solution for your old coffee maker is to take it back to the store where you bought it. However, this option only works for those people who bought it from a local shop.

If you bought it online, like on Amazon or any other online store, then you are stuck with your old coffee maker.

For this, you need to call the store and ask them if they are ready to take the old coffee maker back.

4. Take your Old Coffee Maker Back to its Manufacturer

The third solution is to give your old coffee maker back to its manufacturer. Some manufacturers allow clients to mail back the old or broken electronic appliances for recycling.

So, call them or email and inquire whether they are interested in taking back an old coffee maker for recycling.

5. Sell your Old Coffee Maker Online

If you are updating your coffee maker and your old one is in good condition, then sell it online. Remember, the broken or worn-out coffee maker can’t be sold again, and no one will be interested in buying it.

However, if your coffee maker is in good condition, then you can quickly sell it online. Many websites deal with selling old appliances. You can quickly check them on google.

6. Recycle your Old Coffee Maker at Home

Nowadays there are many articles and videos available on how to recycle your old coffee maker. You can easily search them online and recycle your old coffee maker at home.

Are Coffee Makers E-Waste?

This question is widespread because people are not sure that coffee makers are E-waste or not. If we see the rule of thumb, if you can plug the appliance in or include a circuit board, it will be considered E-waste. So, anything which is E-waste cannot be disposed of in the trash bin.

Can we Throw our Old Coffee Maker?

As we all know that e-waste is a global problem. Any device that can plugin and has a circuit is e-waste. So, it is not suggested to throw your coffee maker simply.

There are many recycling centers that will love to take your old coffee maker. So, instead of contributing to e-waste, it is better to give your old coffee maker recycling.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, if your coffee maker is still in good condition, give it to any needy friend, family member, or charitable organization for Goodwill.

Before donating, make sure that the coffee maker is clean, it is not a requirement, but the receiver will appreciate it if it is cleaner.

Another alternative is to search for drop off by e-waste companies in your city or town. You can also mail your old coffee maker to these companies for recycling.

Some companies even offer a pick-up service as well. You just need to make a call, and they will pick it from the doorstep, which is indeed a kind gesture.