What is The Wattage Of a Coffee Maker

How To Know What is The Wattage of a Coffee Maker 

Every coffee maker uses electricity and I’m sure at one point or the other, you have wondered what the wattage of a Coffee maker actually is, that is, the amount of electricity your coffee maker uses. Well, you’ll get your answers in this post. For every watt of power that your coffee maker uses, you will be charged, when you get the utility bills. Though the amount you pay depends on the electricity company but most companies use a rate of 10-12 cents per unit. Maybe the cost of using your coffee maker might not be a significant amount but it definitely adds a few dollars to your bill. And if it can be minimized, I think it’s great, no matter how small amount. So I think it won’t hurt if you know the amount of electricity your coffee maker consumes, and how much you will have to pay for it.

What is Wattage


Wattage, simply known as watt is the measurement of electrical power that an appliance uses. It basically signifies the power of the appliance. It is derived by multiplying the volt by the amperes. You can find out the volt and the amperes in the specifications of your appliance. It is also referred to as kilowatts (kw) when it’s in thousands. That is, 1000 watts, makes one kilowatt. It is pretty simple, and this is what determines how much you pay for the electricity your coffee maker uses, and basically any other household appliance. Depending on how much the electricity company charges. If you can’t go through the stress of calculating the watts, you can get a power meter that will take the stress off you. 


How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Uses


According to Energy Star, the average electricity usage of a drip coffee maker is around the range of 100 to 150 KWh per year, and this amounts to about $13-$20 per year. It may not seem like a lot but if you’re looking for a way to reduce how much you spend on electricity, the coffee maker is a good place to start from. The few extra dollars saved can cover up for something else, or you can even give it out to someone else who needs it more than you do. A Coffee maker uses power for a variety of functions which include heating of water for brewing, and keeping the coffee hot, in case of coffee makers with heating plates. Most full size coffee makers uses about 750-1200 watts per brewing cycle. The way you use your coffee maker, and your coffee habits will affect how much power it consumes. If you’re a Coffee lover, and you brew up to three times a day, your coffee maker will definitely consume more, compared to someone who brews just once a day. A single serve coffee maker uses about 200-400 watts, while an espresso machine uses about 1000-1500 watts. So, yes, your type of coffee maker also influences the power used. A Coffee maker with heating plates, will use about 60 watts an hour to keep the coffee hot, except if you completely turn off the machine. 


Tips to Minimize Power Usage in Your Coffee Maker


Yes you can minimize how much you spend on your coffee maker, and it’s pretty easy to do.. To minimize the amount of power your coffee maker uses, the following tips will guide you

  • Keep the coffee maker clean at all times. The efficiency of a coffee maker is tampered with when it needs to be descaled. Mineral deposits on your coffee maker will make it use more time to brew. Hence, an increase in the power used. Keep it clean, and enjoy the efficiency of the machine at a reduced cost. 
  • There are specific kinds of machines that consumes a lot of power, so to minimize power usage, check the specs on the coffee maker and buy an energy efficient machine. If you already have yours, follow other tips. 
  • When your coffee maker is not in use, turn it off completely so it doesn’t use any power. Machines with heating plates will keep consuming power, even if it’s automatically off, because in that case the heating plate will be running, and that consumes power. About 60 watts every hour. 
  • Cut the habit of brewing coffee in small batches. Brew large amounts and store in a vaccum flask or thermos. This will help you avoid having to brew every time you need a cup of coffee. And that’s definitely a reduction in power usage. 
  • Hot seasons like summer, will come, and there will be days when you might not be in the mood for a hot cut of coffee. That’s an opportunity to cut down power usage. During those periods, try cold brews. Since it doesn’t require form of electricity, this will help you reduce power use in your machine. 
  • You can use smart plug. Smart plug allows you to control your machine from your phone. This analyzes the amount of time and energy your machine is consuming. It will also help you devise means to reduce the usage. 
  • Using a campfire or gas stove is another option, to avoid electricity use. But in this case, though the electricity cost is reduced, it will present an increase in the cost of cooking gas. And you will have to use other brewing methods like French press, or pour over. 



Your first responsibility in knowing the wattage of your coffee maker, is at the buying point. Before you buy your coffee maker, make research, check the specifications online, or if you’re buying in store, it should be on the carton. Buy an energy efficient one, and to keep power use in your coffee maker on the low side, make sure you follow the steps above. If you already have your coffee maker, follow those tips to know, and reduce the Power Usage of your machine. And I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.