Why is My Toastmaster Coffee Maker is Not Working

Reasons to Check Out Why is My Toastmaster Coffee Maker is Not Working

When we wake up and the first thing we think of is coffee. During the morning routine, the best thing to wait for is coffee and having it in the morning is happiness itself and a kind of enjoyment. Coffee keeps up energetic all day and our routine things work well when we start it with a coffee. The brain functions smoothly without any problem. And we feel easy all day.

But a day without coffee is not imaginable. When you want to have coffee in the morning as the daily routine, but you come to know that your coffee maker is out of order and you can not have coffee anymore, is the most irritating thing you face. And you want to repair your coffee maker.

So you must know that what kind of problems or issues can occur with your toastmaster coffee maker and you should know how to solve the issues that you can face.  There are a lot of electronics companies that make different types of coffee makers. But today  I am telling you about toastmaster.  Toastmasters have different types and different prices of coffee makers from low to high prices.

These are for different usage, some are for single-serve and some are for more than one serve. You can easily buy and use what kind of toastmaster coffee maker you need. I am generally telling you about toastmaster coffee makers that you can buy and can use. It is very simple and easy to use. It consists of main four parts with some other parts.

Coffee Maker Has the Following Parts  

(1) Water tank

(2) Filter basket

(3) carafe

(4) Filter

These are the main components that are present in the toastmaster coffee maker. It also has a lid that is not removable and it is made up of plastic that is singly used for both the water tank and filter basket. The water tank is used as a reservoir of water. The second part that is the filter basket is used for coffee and the third part is the carafe where we get fresh serving coffee. Problems can occur in any of these parts of the coffee maker.

If you are facing any problem using the toastmaster coffee maker, first find out the main problem and troubleshoot the component that is not working well and causing fault due to which the toastmaster coffee maker is not working from initial.

Potential Reasons

It happens due to many reasons. If you are facing this problem, it may be due to the electricity supply so first check your electricity connection. Check if the toastmaster coffee maker has a plug-in and electricity has no problem. There may be a clog or anything that stops water from the water tank to the filter basket. It can cause problems in the toastmaster coffee maker.

There may be an issue with the filter basket. sometimes filter is used and it doesn’t work anymore. So change the filter on time.

There is a spring and plunger in the filter basket. This allows coffee to enter the carafe. This is a one-sided system, it only allows the one-sided flow of coffee from the filter basket to the carafe. This fits into the carafe and the spring gets pressed. If this spring stop working, this plunger will not work. There is a rubber ring that allows this plunger to work. If you lost a rubber ring plunger will not work too.

There may be problems with the heating element. if the heating element is not working it may be faulty.  In order to track the problem, you have to open the bottom side of the basket. There are screws on the bottom side, take a small screwdriver and remove that screws. Keep them in a safe place so that you don’t lose them. Now remove the bottom side. You will see a filament rod that warm-ups the water. Water comes from the water tank through a small hole and enters the tube. This tube is connected to the heating filament. When water moves through this filament it becomes hot. Now, this hot water is transported to the filter bucket and then it mixes with the coffee. If this water is not hot then there will be a problem with heating filament. Check this filament and troubleshoot the problem that why it is not heading. There may be a problem with a wire or switch. To solve this problem.

The water tank contains two holes in its bottom. These holes are used for water movement. One hole transports water to the heating filament where water gets warm and the second hole transports that warm water to the coffee in the filter bucket. If anything occurs in these holes, there may be a water problem. In order to avoid this problem use plain white vinegar for descaling and removal of contamination. There is a single lid for the water tank and coffee filter bucket.

There can be problems with that lid you can avoid it by handling it in a soft way. The coffee filter bucket is removed able. It is attached to a hinge. That can be removed by taking out a bucket from the hinge. And you can clean it. Thoroughly clean the toastmaster coffee maker. So that it can work very well. This toastmaster coffee maker doesn’t have an automatic on-off button in order to start it or stop it. You have to do it manually.  Keep in mind if you keep it On for long, it can burn the element and you can face damage.


Sometimes when the filament is out of order it also doesn’t make the carafe hot. In regular working condition, it keeps the carafe hot for almost 4 hours but when it doesn’t work. it stops warming the carafe. Mineral buildup can also affect the working of the coffee makers. It is due to the high intensity of minerals in the water that add up in the coffee maker and due to this coffee maker stops working.

Additionally water enters the warming element and leaves it after shorting. So check if the warming element is short or not. If you can’t understand all these issues. please contact nearby customer care centers so that you can get it repaired.