How To Reset Clean Light On Kitchenaid Coffee Maker

This Is How To Reset Clean Light On Kitchenaid Coffee Maker 

Just as every person has their own challenges to overcome, so does every coffee machine, including the Kitchenaid coffee machine. A common issue some users may face is the clean light remaining on even after cleaning the machine. The presence of the clean light on a Kitchenaid coffee maker might raise concerns for users; therefore, we’ll tackle this issue here. This problem could arise due to a mistake on your part, or it might simply be the machine performing its expected function. Wondering how to reset the clean light in a Kitchenaid coffee maker? Continue reading to discover the solution. The persistence of the clean light is not necessarily a sign of a serious problem. It merely indicates that the coffee maker needs a bit more attention from its conscientious owner. Take action, and you’ll find that the clean light being on is hardly a problem at all.


Why Won’t The Clean Light On My Coffee Maker Go Off

The clean light on your Kitchenaid coffee maker can stay on for a lot of reasons. The major reason being that it needs to be cleaned. Which is the main reason why the clean light is a feature to begin with. In case you have cleaned the coffee maker and the clean light still stays on, it could be that you didn’t allow the clean cycle to be completed. You shouldn’t unplug the coffee maker during or immediately after the clean cycle. This will interrupt the clean cycle, and the clean light will have to stay on to let you know that the cleaning was interrupted, and the coffee maker needs to be cleaned all over again. Another reason why the clean light is still on is that you just finished cleaning your coffee maker. Most times, the clean light will remain on for some time after the clean cycle has been completed. In some cases, it might even stay on for up to three brews after the clean cycle. 


How Do I Reset The Clean Light 

Just as the name implies, the clean light is an indication of what you need to do. So what you need to do is to clean your coffee maker. So how to reset the clean light is by cleaning the coffee maker. If you already cleaned the coffee maker and the clean light is still on after some brew cycles, then you probably need to clean the coffee maker all over again. Make sure you do not interrupt the coffee maker when it’s cleaning, and in that case, you can be sure that the light will go off after the cycle. If you interrupt, the coffee maker will not recognize the clean cycle as complete and the clean light will stay on so you will have to start the process again. 


How To Clean A Kitchenaid Coffee Maker 

Cleaning a Kitchenaid coffee maker follows pretty much the same process as every other coffee maker. It is easy and requires only a few things. What you will need are as follows :

  • Vinegar or other descaling agents
  • Soft Damp Cloth 
  • Dry Cloth 
  • Clean Water

Once you have all these things in place, then you’re ready to start the clean cycle. Follow these steps to clean your coffee maker.

  1. Clean the exterior. Wipe down the body of your coffee maker with damp material. Make sure the material is soft and won’t leave any scratches on your coffee maker. 
  2. Wash the removable parts such as the carafe, and brew basket in warm soapy water. They are mostly dishwasher safe or you can choose to wash them by hand. Then you can go ahead and rinse them under hot running water. You should actually do this after every use. 
  3. Fill the reservoir with water and vinegar in equal parts. Close the reservoir and start a brew cycle without any coffee grounds. If your coffee maker has water filter, then you should take it out during the process. 
  4. Let the coffee maker complete the brew cycle then you can pour out the water and vinegar.
  5. Vinegar often leaves behind a strong smell so you have to run water only cycles to take it out. You can do that two or three times or until you feel comfortable with the smell. 
  6. After a while, if the clean light still stays on, then you should consider starting it all over again. 


How Do I Know When To Clean My Coffee Maker 

It is pretty easy to know when to clean your coffee maker. First the clean light will come on. But if it doesn’t, you will know that you should clean your coffee maker when it spends too much time brewing coffee. Usually, it will spend more time than it normally does. There is also a possibility that it will start making funny noises when brewing. You might start to see white scales on the visible parts of the coffee maker, and the coffee taste might even change. Ultimately, you should clean your coffee maker as often as possible. Clean at least once a month if you brew daily. How often you clean your coffee maker depends on how frequently you brew with it. 



A Kitchenaid coffee maker has a feature that allows the clean light to come on when it needs to be cleaned. This was designed for ease of usage and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. If your coffee maker clean light comes on, then the only thing that should be on your mind is how to get it cleaned. If you have already done that and it still stays on, then you have to repeat the process. It most likely will go off after that, or you can just give it some time just to see if it will go off. If you tried everything and the light still stays on, then it might be time to contact customer support for assistance. Just keep in mind that the clean light staying on is not an indication that the coffee maker is faulty and you shouldn’t be worried about it.