How To Dispose of a Coffee Maker

Follow These Easy Steps on How to Dispose of Your Coffee Maker


For a variety of reasons, a time will come when you will need to get rid of your coffee maker. You might need to do this because the coffee maker is old, and probably damaged, and needs to be replaced. Or because you think you’ve had enough of it, and would just love to see it get replaced anyway. Either one of these reasons is valid, and no one would question you for getting rid of something that’s yours. That is if you do it right. So if that time is now, and you’re wondering how to dispose of your coffee maker, these easy steps will guide you on how to do that, and you’d be glad you did it the right way.


What Kind of Waste is a Coffee Maker


To effectively dispose of your coffee maker, you have to know the kind of waste it is, and how it should be disposed of. This is what will guide you on the most effective option to use, and avoid doing it wrong. Different types of waste have different methods of disposal. A coffee maker is considered electronic waste, and it should be disposed of as one. Electronic wastes indeed have their method of disposal which does not include throwing them in the trash. So while considering how to dispose of them, you simply need to rule out throwing them in the trash, because it could get you fined. Also, you need to go through your state’s guidelines on electronic waste disposal, to be sure of what’s wrong or right.


Ways You Can Dispose of Your Coffee Maker


  1. Donate: Of all the ways to dispose of your coffee maker, the first thing to consider is who needs it. You never can tell how much your waste can help someone out there. Even someone close to you. Especially if it’s still working, and needs just a few replacements. Check with your friends and neighbors to see who needs it, and you’ll probably be surprised to find out that someone close would rather pay to get yours fixed than get a new one, because it will leave them with a few extra dollars, which will go a long way to help them do other things. If it’s still in a good condition, you can get it washed and sell it second-hand. Take the time to check around you, and you’d be glad you could help someone.
  2. Recycle: Another cool way to dispose of your coffee maker is by dropping it in the recycle bin. Before you do that, please make sure to check that it’s okay to do that. This depends on the make of the coffee maker too. Most recycling companies do not take plastic coffee makers, because it’s usually stained, and it costs them a lot more than they would gain, to detach it. But, if your coffee maker is made mostly of metal, it’s most likely going to be okay to put it in the recycle bin. Again, check with your recycling company, to be sure if they would accept it. You could get fined if it’s not acceptable.
  3. Scrap metal pickup or drop-off: In the bid to dispose of your old coffee maker, you can place calls across to scrap metal companies, if they will be willing to pick it up. That’s if your coffee maker is mostly metal, by the way. If they won’t pick up, and there is a scrap metal yard around you, you can just take it over there, and they’ll get it themselves. If you have more metals to dispose of alongside the coffee maker, you can approach a profit scrap company, so you get a few dollars off of it. Just check around you.
  4. Local Goodwill stores: If none of the above solutions work for you, you can also try local goodwill stores around you. While some stores are limited t clothes, shoes, and the likes, some stores are not limited to only clothes and shoes, but they also take electronics, which they send for recycling much later. You can check in with them, or make a few calls to see if they will take your coffee maker. You’ll probably find one who will.
  5. Return to the store you bought it from: If you bought your coffee maker from a store, another option for you is to return the old coffee maker to the store where you bought it from. This option is applicable only if you bought it in-store rather than online. If you got yours online, this is impossible, so you’ve got to use another means.

What if None of These Options Works For You

Your last but very effective bet, if none of these options work for you is to reach out to the manufacturers. Some companies allow you to bring back their products that are no longer working. They take these back so they can salvage them and make something new with them. Some might even counterbalance you, in the process. Which is great. This is definitely a good way to dispose of your coffee maker if the brand accepts this. You only need to make a few phone calls to find out more about the company and their stand on this.



When disposing of your old coffee maker, you should always keep in mind that it doesn’t involve just you. It’s not all about you being rid of it, but also about you being rid of it in such a way that it doesn’t cause harm to someone else. Or even the environment. How do you do this? You can make sure you’re doing it the right way, by following the above-listed options. Think of it, when you do it the right way, you’re happier with yourself. You’re investing more in the environment and what it returns to you. So do yourself the favor, and just do it right. Everything will come back to you one way or another.