How to Throw Away a Coffee Maker

Do you Have an Old Coffee Maker?

Do you have an aged coffee maker and are wondering about your options for it? This piece has the answers you’re seeking.

When the coffee maker’s life runs its course, or you want to upgrade the model, it is normal to feel what to do with the old machine?

Does no one know what to do with an old coffee machine?

So here are two options for you. Option one- If it is in good condition, give it to someone you know who can use it.

Option two-Recycle your coffee machine. Remove the electronic components and turn the coffee machine into a pot. If you don’t have time for it, then many companies take old appliances for recycling.

Throwing away a coffee maker comes with many options in it. Nobody wants to contribute to e-waste.

How to Throw Away a Coffee Maker

Option 1-Donate your Old Coffee Machine

If your coffee machine is working perfectly, then give it to your friend or any family member who is in need.

Option 2-Give it to a Local Goodwill Store

Many goodwill stores offer e-waste services. So, pick up the phone and just give it a call. Some even offer home pick-up service as well.

Option 3-Return It to Where You Bought It

You can also return it to the same shop from where you have bought it. This is only possible if the shop is in the same state.

Option 4-Have You Tried The Manufacturer?

Many coffee makers manufacturer offer recycling programs as well. So, if you have any local manufacturer representatives around, do not hesitate to send the coffee maker there. Also, you can mail it to them if they do not have a local store around you.

Option 5-Sell your Old Coffee Maker Online

If you update your coffee maker and your old one is in good condition, then sell it online. Remember, the broken or worn-out coffee maker can’t be sold again, and no one will be interested in buying it.

However, if your coffee maker is in good condition, then you can quickly sell it online. Many websites deal with selling old appliances. You can quickly check them on google.

Option 6-Recycle your Old Coffee Maker at Home

Nowadays, there are many articles and videos available on how to recycle your old coffee maker. You can easily search them online and recycle your old coffee maker at home.

How to Prepare a Coffee Maker for Recycling

Step 1-Unplug the coffee maker for several days before recycling it to let it cool down.

Step 2-Tie up the power cord using either a twist tie or the cable itself. You can use tape as well. You don’t want to trip while carrying a coffee machine.

Step 3-Consider donating the coffee maker to a thrift store if it is working well. It is not essential to clean the coffee maker before denoting, and it is certainly appreciated.

Step 4-Removable parts like carafe and filter; if they are not made of metal, then there probably isn’t a recycling market for those. You can remove these parts before giving a coffee maker for recycling.

Can we Throw our Old Coffee Maker?

As we all know that e-waste is a global problem. Any device that can plugin and has a circuit is e-waste. So, it is not suggested to throw your coffee maker simply.

Many recycling centers will love to take your old coffee maker. So, instead of contributing to e-waste, it is better to give your old coffee maker recycling.

Are Coffee Makers E-Waste?

This question is widespread because people are not sure that coffee makers are E-waste or not. If you can plug the appliance in or include a circuit board, it will be considered E-waste if we see the rule of thumb. So, anything which is E-waste cannot be disposed of in the trash bin.

How to Dispose of E-waste?

According to a report, each person trashes about 44 pounds of electronic waste per year. It is recommended to use the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” approach.

  • Reduce e-waste through good maintenance and procurement.
  • Reuse by donating or selling functioning equipment.
  • Recycle any products that cannot be used again, such as through repairs.

There are many organizations and companies which can manage to recycle the coffee machine. You have to tell them to pick up the machine.

Bottom Line

If your coffee maker is in good condition, then throw it away rather than give it to someone in need. There are many salvos and charity places that would love to take your old coffee machine. Just make sure that you clean it well before donating. Many e-waste companies are there in the city every city around the world that recycles coffee machines.