How To Reset Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Steps On How To Reset Cuisinart Coffee Maker 


At one point in your journey with your Cuisinart coffee maker, a time will come when you will need to reset it. Maybe it’s already that time now, and you’ve tried almost everything you think possible, and nothing has changed, don’t worry, it is something easy and you should not get alarmed because of it. Keep in mind that it happens to almost every Cuisinart coffee maker with a clean feature, and it is nothing you should be so worried about because it can be easily resolved. So rather than get alarmed, you should take action to get your coffee maker reset, which will be discussed in this post. Follow these very easy steps on how to reset your Cuisinart coffee maker. When the clean light comes on, it is trying to tell you one thing, that it needs to be cleaned, and you need to reset your coffee maker sooner than you think, though it might not directly affect how your coffee maker works at the time. But to prevent issues with using your coffee maker, you should get it cleaned and reset as soon as you can. 


Why Won’t The Light Go Off


The light, which is the clean light won’t go off because it is indicating to you that the coffee maker needs to be cleaned, and until something is done about the status, the light won’t go off. That is until you get the coffee maker clean, the light stays on. So if your coffee maker’s clean light is on, the first thing you should do is to get it cleaned, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning the coffee maker. The process is also quite simple, and it is your first line of action toward resetting your coffee maker. In some cases, the light stays on even after cleaning the coffee maker, and you keep wondering how to turn it off, don’t worry, we’ll get to that, keep reading. It’s also easy to turn it off. 


How To Clean Your Cuisinart Coffee Maker


Most models of Cuisinart coffee makers are cleaned in the same way, or maybe there will be a little bit of deviation, based on the model you’re using. Many of them have a clean feature and will indicate to you when it needs to be cleaned but some of them don’t. The manufacturers recommend that it should be cleaned at least once every three to six months, or anytime it has scale buildup from minerals. For coffee makers with the clean function, the clean light will come on to indicate that the coffee maker needs to be cleaned, but for others that don’t have a clean feature, there might not be any indication that it needs to be cleaned, so what you will do is to follow the time specification for cleaning, or you can clean when you notice a slowdown in the coffee maker efficiency or when the coffee taste starts to change. You can clean the coffee maker by;

  • running a brew with vinegar mixed with water in two parts vinegar and one part water.
  • Pour the mixture into the reservoir and let it brew, you might want to take out the filter because it should be in the coffee maker during this process. It has no tolerance for vinegar.
  • Clean all the removable parts, and wash them, either by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. This should be done after every use, to keep away dirt or old coffee grounds from your coffee. So if you haven’t done that already, I think you should get to it.
  • After the vinegar brew is complete, run the same cycle with water twice, to make sure there is no vinegar left in the coffee maker, after that, your coffee maker is clean ready for work again.

After the cleaning process, if the light is still on, then your coffee maker needs to be reset. You can refer to the instruction manual of your coffee maker for more information on how to clean your Cuisinart coffee maker. 


Easy Way To Reset Your Cuisinart Coffee Maker


After the cleaning process, most people notice that the clean light stays on, which is quite normal but makes the questions on how to reset the Cuisinart coffee maker come up. To reset your coffee maker, press down both the 8oz and 6oz buttons to dispense water, make sure you keep a cup beneath it so that it doesn’t drip on the coffee maker. The buttons should be pressed simultaneously, and the clean light will go off. Wipe down the coffee maker in case there’s spillage. You should always keep the coffee maker dry. If this method does not work for you, you can easily unplug the machine and let it stay that way for about 15 minutes, this will give the coffee maker enough time to reset too. Either of these methods works like magic, but if none of these methods works for you, then maybe it’s time to contact the Cuisinart help and support team for assistance. The coffee maker is most likely damaged and needs repair or replacement, but you will have to find that out from the support team. 




I would like to leave you with this. You should not get so worried about how to reset your Cuisinart coffee maker that you would have to do just anything to make to put it back in place. The coffee maker is quite easy to operate, and reset. Use the above methods and get your coffee maker back to its usual state. You don’t need to take it for repairs or anything, except if you think there’s a need to. Mostly what is wrong with the coffee maker is something that can be easily rectified. And if it does need to be repaired, your best bet is to reach out to the Cuisinart help and support team so they can guide you on the next step to take, which might involve getting your coffee maker replaced.