🥇☕Best Professional Grade Coffee Maker in 2024

As most people enjoy their cup of joe, not everyone loves the tedious coffee brewing process. The process of making coffee can be long and boring, and quite frankly, not a lot of people have tie time to do it. When making your coffee from home, the best professional grade coffee maker can make the brewing process a breeze.

If you do not have time to grind, tamp, and brew your coffee, the best choice you can make is going for a bean-to-cup coffee maker. These are professional-style home coffee makers that work with a 3-in-1 mechanism. They come with an inbuilt grinder for your coffee beans, an espresso maker and milk frother. These machines are made for the busy coffee enthusiast. They ensure you can enjoy a latte or cappuccino with the press of a button, even when you lack professional barista skills. Bean to cup coffee makers are usually fast enough to brew in a few minutes.

To enjoy the benefits associated with the use of a 3-in-1 coffee machine, you need to ensure you invest in the best one in the market.  This is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best professional grade coffee maker for home.

What to look for in a bean to cup coffee maker

Regardless of your preferred brand, there are certain features you must consider when choosing the best bean to cup coffee maker for home use.

Tank capacity

If you are the kind of person who drinks a lot of coffee throughout the day, or you live in a household with multiple coffee drinkers, it is essential to consider the water tank capacity in a coffee maker. Most coffee machines come with standard 1.5l water tanks, which works for most people. To avoid the need to refill the water tank after every brew, consider going for a coffee machine that has a capacity of at least 2ltrs.

Maintenance needs

Most people run on busy schedules and can barely squeeze in time to maintain their coffee makers. When choosing a professional grade coffee maker for home, you need to consider how often you need to descale the machine and clean the parts. The best machines need cleaning once a month and descaling once every few months. It is even better if you consider a machine that comes with a self-cleaning feature. If you prefer to manually clean machine parts, ensure you get a coffee maker that has removable parts.


Most modern coffee makers ensure you can still be part of the brewing process by offering highly customizable options for the brewing process. Even though they are automatic machines, you can play around with the settings to ensure the machine brews your coffee exactly as you want it. With such a machine, you will not need to worry about coffee measures and temping processes. With a press of a button, you can have your coffee exactly the way to prefer it.

If you prefer different coffee variations, an espresso machine would be the best choice. This is because it allows you to brew different coffee variations without the need for an extra machine.

The cost

Professional grade coffee makers for home use come in different sizes, shapes, and features. This means that different machines come with different price tags. When choosing the best professional grade coffee maker, it is essential to consider your budget and the cost of the machine. The best part about bean to cup coffee machines is that you can find them in different price variations. Whatever your budget is, you can be sure that there is a quality coffee maker for your needs.

Frequently asked questions about the best professional grade coffee maker.

How often should I clean my coffee maker?

Most coffee machine brands come with cleaning cycle recommendations. You can clean the steam wand after each use, while the removable part, such as the coffee filter, can be cleaned after a few cycles. It is also advisable to clean the grinder at least once a week. Remember to flush the coffee jug with water. Some coffee machines may require special cleaning detergents. By keeping your machine clean, you increase its lifespan and ensure you enjoy fresh, tasty coffee with every brew.

Do I need to connect my coffee maker to a water supply?

This depends on the type of coffee maker you have. Commercial coffee makers can be connected to a direct water supply for convenience. Home coffee makers do not need to be connected to a water supply as they come with water reservoirs that need refilling every few brew cycles.

Why do I need a bean to cup coffee maker?

Bean to cup coffee makers ensure you brew your coffee from freshly ground coffee. This improves the taste and quality of your coffee. With such a machine, the bean is ground whole and used to brew your coffee. This means that your coffee is rich in all the minerals and oils from your coffee beans.  Bean to cup coffee makers also offer convenience in home coffee brewing. You do not need to worry about coffee grinding or the brewing process as the machine does it all for you. They are also cheaper to use and save on kitchen counter space since you won’t need to invest in a separate grinder.

What is descaling, and why is it important?

Generally, water contains a lot of minerals that can buildup in a coffee maker over time. This lowers the lifespan of the machine and affects the freshness of your coffee. Descaling ensures that you get rid of any mineral buildup.

Most machines will require descaling tablets to get rid of the mineral deposits. Even so, there are other ways of descaling using vinegar and other natural products.

What coffee beans should I use with my professional grade coffee maker?

Generally, espresso machines work best with dark roast coffee. Oily beans can clog your grinder, which means it requires cleaning more often.


3-in-1 coffee makers the perfect choice for anyone looking for convenience and brewing freedom at home. With this guide, you are better placed to choose the best professional grade coffee maker for home use.